How to Install YouTube Vanced 16.02.35 without SAI Installer?

Download & Install YouTube Vanced 16.02.35 with and Without SAI Split APK Installer and enjoy the latest version of YouTube Vanced Premium on Android

YouTube Vanced is a counterfeit version of the YouTube app with features like Dark Mode, Background Play, Pop-Up Box, Ad-block, and more for free. The app is developed by Team Vanced from XDA Developers. You get all the features for free without any complex installation process.

YouTube Vanced offers premium features of the app which you can access without any subscription or pay. The app uses YouTube API and is build on a YouTube framework, therefore it looks, feels, and works like YouTube. You won’t be disappointed with the Vanced as it works as an exact clone of the original YouTube App but with some advanced features.

YouTube Vanced is a counterfeit version of the YouTube Premium which is built using the original API sourced from a premium version of the app and coding it to form a feature-rich YouTube app. The latest version of YouTube Vanced Ver.15.05.54 is a split APK file with a base APK and config.arch APK. You will need a Split APK Installer (SAI) to install and run the Vanced app on your Android device.

Features of YouTube Vanced

  • Based on YouTube API — Core UI and Functionalities are exactly like YouTube App by Google. The vanced looks exactly like the original YT app.
  • Ad-Block — No pre-roll, mid-roll and sponsored ads as it comes with built-in ad-blocker
  • Background Play— You can just listen to music/audio in the background as the Vanced comes with background video play
  • PiP Mode — Pop-up video box for multi-tasking, you can watch the video while performing other tasks on the mobile phone with Picture-in-Picture Mode. On simple words, you can reduce the video to take a small portion of your screen so that you do other stuff on your device. (PiP mode is supported only on Android Nougat and above)
  • Save Offline — Exactly like the original YouTube App you can save the videos offline
  • No Root — The app works without root, you can use the app on any Android device without any issues of system access. Though there is a non-root version.
  • Parallel Use — You can use the app along with the default original app. The app has a different package and can run along with the original YouTube App. So, you do not need to uninstall the default YouTube app to use the YouTube Vanced
  • HDR Mode — You can force the app to use HDR or Forced HDR which will improve the video quality considerably. With Forced HDR you can force the app to use the HDR mode.
  • Vanced Settings — You also get customized settings for the vanced app with more detailed control over the video play and preference

How to Install Vanced v16.02.35 without SAI Installer?

You can Install YouTube Vanced 16.02.35 without SAI Installer just by using Vanced APK and MicroG. Just enable Unkown Sources when asked.

Files to Download

Here are the steps to Download and Install YouTube Vanced without SAI Installer

1. Download both the files on your Android device. (Enable Unknown sources if prompted).

2. Now first Install YT Vanced APK and then MicroG. (Both Apps need to be installed)

3. If installation fails than reverse the sequence of installation, first install MicroG, and then YT Vanced.

4. Open Vanced app and Login with your Google Account to access premium features

Note: If the Vanced app is not opening, just clear all the tabs and restart the app.

How to Fix YT Vanced App Not Installed Error?

You can fix App Not Installed Error on YouTube Vanced with the help of Vanced Manager. Vanced Manager is a YouTube Vanced Download Manager app which offers Compatible MicroG and YT Vanced App that you can directly install without any SAI Installer App and avoid the App installation issues.

Manager Download page

How to Install Vanced with SAI Installer?

Here are the Simple Steps to Install YouTube Vanced using SAI Installer.

Step 1. Download both YT Vanced and MicroG on your device.

Step 2. Now install SAI Installer from Google Play Store.

Step 3. Open the SAI app, click install APKs and locate the MicroG APK in the File Manager.


Step 5. Select the MicroG file and install APK with SAI.


Step 6. Once the MicroG is installed again in the SAI app, click Install APKs and locate the YT Vanced apks file in the File Manager. Right tick the YT Vanced.apks file and click Select.


Step 7. Once done you can now enjoy the latest YouTube Vanced APK for Android with all premium features.


How to Combine or Merge Split APKs?

You can combine Split APK files to merge them into a single file to avoid using the split installer. You will need a PC with reversing tools e.g. ApkTool or Reversing tool on Android e.g. apk editor pro. Split APKs consist of base APK + config.arch APK and we need a little file editing to merge them.

  1. Take the base APK and decompile it.
  2. Take the lib folder of the config.arch APK and add it to the decompiled base APK.
  3. Now open the AndroidManifest.xml in the decompiled base APK and remove this setup: android:isSplitRequired=”true“.
  4. Compile the base APK, sign it or make it unsigned with the META-INF of the base APK.
  5. Done

Conclusion: This app for sure is the best Forked Version of YouTube App given its features and stability. It works and looks exactly like YouTube as it uses the YouTube API to serve the videos, it offers premium features for free. The App has got a lot of features that we lack in the traditional YouTube App. We do not endorse the App nor are affiliated with it in any form. This post is for informational purposes only.

If you've any thoughts on How to Install YouTube Vanced 16.02.35 without SAI Installer?, then feel free to drop in below comment box. Also, please subscribe to our DigitBin YouTube channel for videos tutorials. Cheers!

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