How to Download KineMaster Mod Tweaked on iOS?

Download KineMaster Mod on iPhone iOS 14 with these Tweaked No Jailbreak App Store which Lets you Get Premium App for Free.

Kinemaster for iOS is a very powerful Video editing tool for iPhone. The app is free to use and comes with a range of features making it a fully-featured video editing app on similar grounds to a PC video editor. Kinemaster is developed by NexStreaming Corp now Kinemaster Corporation. Kinemaster Mod is a simple yet powerful editor tool for Mobile which helps in creating some dazzling effects with the use of layers, transitions, voice envelopes, images, effects, and more. The app is simple to use and very powerful for creating deep edits.

Features of KineMaster

  • Multiple layers of video, images, stickers, text, handwriting video clips
  • Frame-by-frame trimming, splicing, and slicing
  • Support All versions
  • Instant preview anytime
  • Hue, brightness, and saturation controls
  • Speed control for video clips
  • Fade in/fade out sound (overall)
  • Volume envelope (Precise volume control from moment to moment within a clip)
  • Transition effects (3D transitions, wipes, fades, and more)
  • A variety of themes, animations, and visual and audio effects
  • Supports all the video formats.
  • Automatically optimize the unsupported videos.

How to Download KineMaster++ Tweaked on iOS?

Here are the Steps to Download KineMaster Tweaked App on iOS and Enjoy Premium Features for Free

Step 1. Open Safari & go to (The site has a number of click pop-up ads and redirects, make sure you click the download file till you see the install option).

Download the Signed file, if it doesn’t work download any other file on the site and check if it works.

Install Tutubox

Step 2. Once you click install, the TuTu App starts downloading and install on your app drawer. You can check the app loading and get installed on the iPhone home screen.

TuTuApp Loading App Drawer

Step 3. Now when you try to open the app and you will see the “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” pop message.
Untrusted Developer

Step 4. To fix the error message, open Settings and go to General, and check Profiles & Device Management. Here look for the Developer, you will see the app is being shown Unverified.


Step 5. Click the Developer and tap on Trust to confirm.

Step 6. Once done, close settings, and all running tabs, now open the app it will work without error.

Step 7. You can now download Kinemaster tweaked app on your iOS device for free from TutuBox


Note: When you click the “Get” button in the TuTuBox to download, you can check in the home screen app drawer to see the app downloading and installed.

The tweaked store takes some time on first open, so just be patient.

What if you Face any Issues?

  • Clear Safari Data and History
  • Reboot the device once the TuTuBox is installed.
  • Make sure any other unverified profile is not added to iPhone (If added remove)
  • Reinstall the TuTubox App
  • Download any other cert from the download page if the sign doesn’t work

Try Alternative Tweaked App Store

Apple regularly revokes the 3rd party app store certificates and due to which TuTuBox may not work, in these case you can try any other alternative tweaked app store for iOS.

  1. Just Download the Profile on your Safari Browser
  2. Go to Settings and Profile
  3. And install the profile on your iOS devices
  4. Go to the tweak app store on the home and search for KineMaster Mod or simple KineMaster Done!
  5. Download the App and if asked trust the certificates in iPhone Settings.

Conclusion: Looking to Download KineMaster Tweaked on your iOS device. Here are simple steps to download the app for free.

If you've any thoughts on How to Download KineMaster Mod Tweaked on iOS?, then feel free to drop in below comment box. Also, please subscribe to our DigitBin YouTube channel for videos tutorials. Cheers!

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