Apple releases iOS 14.3 with New Features

Apple has released the new iOS 14.3 update. The new update has everything, from bug fixes to improved features.

Apple has released the new iOS 14.3 update. The new update has everything, from bug fixes to improved features.  The iOS 14.3 has also added support for the new Airpods Max and Apple Fitness Plus. The new update will reportedly fix some issues that users have been facing.

Who will Receive the Update?

The phones that will receive the new iOS 14.3 update include the iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus,iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR. The Apple Tv plus will also be receiving the update along with the iPad.

Features We Can Expect

The iOS 14.3 update has a treat in store for the iPhone photographers! The much-awaited ProRAW mode has been added. The ProRAW mode has people excited for it because it gives the user the RAW image as the output. The raw image can then be edited as per the user’s need. Not only does the new update has the ProRAW mode but also the 25 FPS video recording feature. The mirror option for photos has also been added. Like mentioned earlier, the update has also added support for AirPods Max which are the new premium range headphones launched by Apple.

Siri has also received new sounds. Be it an animal or a musical instrument. Siri can now imitate all sounds. The health app has also been altered. Now, it has a brand new section for tracking menstrual cycle, lactation, and pregnancy. The Weather app will now show Air Quality Index Information after the update. Although the feature is only limited to India, the US, UK, Mexico, and Germany. The web browser Safari now has Ecosia too. It will allow users to set it as their default web browser.

The App Store has also become more accessible because now it will display the privacy information of various apps. Launching App clips has become easier because now users can launch it by scanning clip codes directly. The Music app has also received new animations.

Furthermore, iOS 14.3 has many bug fixes. Recently, users around the world encountered problems like service drop, charging issues, and issues with the Photos App. Users failed to receive notifications of text messages and also failed to send and receive MMS. The charging issues were quite inconvenient as some users were unable to charge their phones completely. Certain other issues were folders not opening, problems in connecting and setting up wireless accessories.

The new iOS 14.3 might just be the solution to all these problems. The improved features are sure to please iPhone users worldwide.

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