10 Best Free RPG Games for iPhone

Looking to Play Free Addictive role-playing games on iOS and iPad Device. Here are the Best Free RPG Games for iPhone Mobile.

We are all aware of the tremendous craze for the best RPG games on the market. They certainly have the potential to make you spend long hours on different quests and interesting storylines. And as we talk about the best RPG games for iPhone, they have a separate place in our hearts.

The RPG genre somewhat falls behind when it comes to representing iOS devices. However, if you go searching for them, you will still find a lot of titles on the list. But it is no news that not all of them are worth the time you spend. Moreover, as it cuts down to only the free titles, you would hardly find anything considerable. And that is exactly where we come in.

We have gone through several such titles to specifically find out the best free RPG games for iPhone. So, today we will be looking at the top 10 RPG games you can spend your precious time in, that too for free of cost.

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Best Free RPG Games for iPhone and iPad

Role-playing games can be extremely addictive, especially if they are backed by a good storyline to follow. Unfortunately, it is a very tough job to find such precious gems while digging in for free titles. But here are the 10 best RPG titles that every RPG fan must try if they are looking for something extraordinary for their iPhones.

1. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact - RPG game for iPhone

Genshin Impact deserves a mention without any doubt. This open-world action game brings in a lot of incredible stuff making it worth a try. The game is completely free to play but also includes a premium version to unlock the premium characters and a few other interesting stuff. However, the free characters are also powerful enough to tackle all the troubles to forward in the storyline.

It includes a decent storyline. Moreover, with each update adding a new chapter, it will keep up your excitement levels till the end. In a nutshell, Genshin Impact will provide you with all sorts of RPG flavors in a single storyline.

Play Genshin Impact

2. Evil Lands

Evil Lands - free iphone RPG game

Ever dreamt about playing a console-quality RPG on your iPhone? Well, Evil Lands will fulfill all your wishes delivering you with a top-notch RPG gaming experience. Become the hero of your dreams and fight against the evils as you advance in the storyline. It provides multiple quests where you have to defeat dark creatures such as monsters, dragons, bosses, and so.

What’s more captivating about this game is its stunning 3D graphics. It also comes with a real-time multiplayer gaming mode and PVP mode as well. You can easily install it from the app store or click the link to download it right away.

Play Evil Lands

3. A3: Still Alive

A3: Still Alive rpg games iphone

As we know the importance of classes in any RPG, A3: Still Alive does a pretty good job in that section. The game allows you to select from 5 different classes to unlock a new set of powers. You can explore through the various open worlds the game has to provide.

A3: Still Alive mostly emphasizes PVP battles making it perfectly worth it for the PVP RPG fans. You will be exploring a much darker world with evil creatures trying to hunt you down. It also provides a royale battle mode, i.e., basically a 100 vs 100 battle mode with non-stop entertainment.

Play A3: Still Alive

4. Rogue Wizards

Rogue Wizards is a highly-rated game that can be played on the iPhone. It is a rogue-lite, dungeon-crawling RPG that allows players to battle various creatures, collect valuable loot, learn and master magic spells, and build their own Wizard Tower sanctuary.

The game offers include

  • Randomly generated dungeons.
  • The storyline centers around fairness and equality.
  • An array of weapons and spells
  • Equipment imbued with magical powers
  • A blend of martial and magical combat options

Play Rogue Wizards

5. Punishing: Gray Raven

Punishing: Gray Raven - RPG games iOS

Coming to our next RPG, Punishing: Gray Raven takes it to the next level of mobile gaming. Talk about stunning graphics, pithy concepts, or a cultivated storyline, this game will provide you with the best of all.

The game is entirely based on a conflict between humans and mechanoids. This provides a strong base for Punishing: Gray Raven which further stretches to a virus in the later parts. The spectacular hack and slash combats followed by the complete storyline make it one of the most interesting RPGs you have ever played.

Play Punishing: Gray Raven

6. Eternium

Eternium - best iPhone RPG

Eternium is a classic action RPG with much more complex gameplay as compared to the others. It is popularly known as Mage and Minions and certainly gives you the chill of playing Skyrim on your iPhone. It does a pretty satisfactory job considering its graphics and follows a decent storyline that will keep you engaged.

Moreover, the best thing about Eternium is that it can also be played even without an internet connection. The game is based on an interesting concept that will ensure you won’t get bored in the long run. You will also get a handful of resources to fight every combat which is a pure blast of this game.

Play Eternium

7. Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5 RPG for iPhone

If you are into RPGs, you must have heard about the Dungeon Hunter series, a very popular one within this genre. It is an action RPG with a superhit storyline that backs it from all sides. As you dig deeper, you can witness different types of missions that will blow your mind. Each time you can get a new experience in Dungeon Hunter 5 which will motivate you to keep going as your journey starts.

Play Dungeon Hunter 5

8. Shadowblood

Shadowblood RPG game in iPhone

If you prefer fast-paced RPGs, Shadowblood is perhaps the best mobile RPG you should go for. It provides you with skilled combats that might even remind you of DMC as you keep going. While you will be busy in combat fighting different bosses getting loots and more, you will also notice the fascinating story behind it. The game is a star pack of all key elements that will fulfill all your desires from a mobile RPG.

Play Shadowblood

9. Arcane Quest Legends

Arcane Quest Legends RPG game

Looking for a complete package of RPGs on your iPhone? Arcane Quest Legends shall put a stop to your search. The game features almost each and every element you could ever ask for from an ARPG. It is even considered one of the very best RPGs on mobile. Although you will see a new set of controls and functions in this game, it will take some time to get used to the environment. But once you equip all the essentials there is hardly any stop to it.

Play Arcane Quest Legends

10. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery RPG iphone game

Being a Harry Potter fan, we all miss those long waits between every other sequel. But here’s a chance to build yourself up and start your new journey to Hogwarts. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is an RPG that will remind you of the story and all the lovable characters from the series. You can learn magic spells from professor Dumbledore, Snape, and others which you will be using later as you explore the mysteries hidden under.

Hogwarts Mystery also allows you to select your preferred story, create your own character, and so on. This makes the game even more interesting for every Harry Potter fan.

Play Hogwarts Mystery


Although it seems like the options are quite narrowed down when it comes to RPG for iPhone, it is exactly the opposite. With the gaming industry getting so advanced, new games are introduced more frequently than ever. Hence, today you can find a bunch of RPGs even for iPhones and iPads as well.

However, to narrow down your search for quality RPGs on iPhone, this list provides you with some of the best RPGs you can play on iPhone. So, let us know your thoughts on these games and also tell us if we missed out on something.

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