How To Create A Custom Favorites Folder In Safari For iPhone and iPad?

Steps to create a custom Favorites folder to Group all of your frequently visited websites on the Safari browser to a folder under the default Folder.

Do you know that you can group all of your frequently visited websites on the Safari browser to a customized folder under the default Favorites Folder? In this guide, I will explain to you the steps to create a custom Favorites folder in the iPhone Safari browser and store the icons of the websites that you access multiple times in a day.

When you want to access multiple websites in a session, instead of typing their URL or searching them in the bookmarks, simply access the custom favorites folder and tap on the icon of the respective website to open it.

As you frequently visit certain websites, having them on the browser home screen always comes in handy when you need to browse something urgently. If you use multiple Apple devices then the Favourites folder you create on the Safari browser will sync across all the devices that you use.

Steps to Create Custom Favourites Folder

The steps in the guide are written and demonstrated using my iPhone. However, you can also follow the same steps on your Apple iPad.

  1. Launch the Safari browser app on your iPhone
  2. On the bottom right corner tap on the bookmark icon
  3. Next, tap on Favorites to expand it
    tap on favorites
  4. Now on the bottom right corner tap on the option Edit
    tap on edit
  5. Tap on the New Folder option on the bottom left corner
    tap on New Folder
  6. Give this folder a name and this folder will be your custom Favorites Folder
    name the custom favorites folder
  7. Type the name and tap on Done.
  8. Now you will see the new custom Favorites Folder appear in the list of default Favorites section
    custom favorites folder created
  9. Tap on the folder name to add your websites of choice to it
  10. Then tap on the website appearing in the Favorites section [as you frequently visit that website]
  11. You will see that website is categorized under the default Favorites section (not the folder which you just created)
    select any website
  12. You will see a tick mark besides Favorites denoting that the website is currently in the default Favorites section
  13. Simply Tap on Favorites to expand the other folders including the one you created above
  14. All you have to do is tap on the custom folder that you created
    tap on the custom Favorites folder
  15. Now the tick mark will appear beside the customized Favorites Folder that You have created. This means the website is now present in your custom Favorites folder instead of the default Favorites folder.
  16. You can repeat the above two steps for any number of websites that you frequently visit and are normally present in the default Favorites folder.

Now you can get back to the browser home screen and see the custom Favourites Folder present with all those website icons that you frequently visit.
custom favorites folder Safari

Simply open the folder with a tap and with another tap on the preferred website’s icon you will access the site in no time.

favorite websites

I hope that now you know how to create a custom Favorites folder on Safari and save websites on them for easier and fast access.

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