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89 Responses

  1. Udaykanth says:

    It can’t login

  2. Eddy says:

    Sometimes I can play videos with the screen locked, but most of the times the video plays for like 4 seconds then stop…anybody knows why?

  3. Marred says:

    it always

  4. Mihai says:

    After some struggles with the account sign in ,it worked . At long last the ads are gone. thank you !

  5. Wandy says:

    Cant connect to the internet. Tried both wifi and data.

  6. Jep says:

    Ir works perfect, funciona al 100% recomended

  7. john rafael says:

    when i install microG youtube vance is stop working

  8. Sam says:

    It worked fine for a day or two, now when I click on the app it freezes and then says “YouTube Vanced keeps stopping”. Now what?

  9. AlexD says:

    Thank you so much for this money saver! It runs wonderfully and saves nearly $200 a year! I was sooo tired of all the ads on the free version, plus I love how it runs in the background. Very greatful!

  10. PoliticsIsCool13 says:

    Vanced is working well bar the background video suddenly stopping all of a sudden at random times, and when I go out of the app, I have to start the video via pressing the play button. Is there a way to fix this?

  11. niki says:

    ir says somekne is not didnt install microG as instructed . i cant add an account 🙁 what is microG

    • Nikhil Azza says:


      Install MicroG and you can add Google Account.

  12. Eder says:

    I like but one problem is the login I’ve tried but it seems that it doesn’t want to load so I gave up. Also I have the micro g app so what do I do. 😕

  13. Nikhil Azza says:

    The download is not premium even on subscription 🙂

  14. Neupane udaya says:

    I liked og YouTube more than vanced apk but sad news is that the og project is discontinued

  15. Nandii says:

    Can I use the Music app without the YouTube Vanced app?

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      Yes! the download link is available in the post for YT Music Premium

  16. Ihsan Kurniawan says:

    kenapa aplikasi YouTube di play store tidak bisa didownload

    • Raz says:

      Other things work like can play in background, no ads, etc ( Like how Premium work )

      but there’s some video music still needed premium ( it say “this video music only available to premium members)

  17. Nogga bec says:

    It doeasnt let me download any videos it says purchase cancelled

  18. jiooooe says:

    my youtube always close when its on like outside mode or like music mode( ykwim) why is that? And when i download the micro g or smthing it wont download

  19. Mirian Geraud barbosa says:

    I have you tube premium, why are they charging $2,00 dollars more for me to download you tube exercise videos?

  20. DORVILUS JHENY says:


  21. tony says:

    Older version worked. Newer version giving no connection message. I have micro g installed however Google wont let me sign in. Just get loading bar at end of sign in?

  22. Yeah says:

    It is working!!!
    Thank you

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