Download MicroG APK

MicroG is a tiny modified version of core Google services. The App can do all the required functions needed by most of the apps without consuming battery and data. It also helps in the privacy and security of your data. You can install MicroG on a custom ROM to directly avail of the features.

Micro-G App is required if you wish to sign in to your Google Account. The App will run in the background and it does not appear in the App Drawer. The App will Sync all your YT usage data and behavior to give you a complete conventional YouTube experience.

Note: If YT Vanced App Force Closes than just switch Installation Sequence,

  1. First install MicroG and then Vanced or Vice Versa.
  2. You can also try Closing all the running apps and Restart the phone.

MicroG for YT Premium v.14.21.54

Download MicroG for YouTube (Re)Vanced

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