How to Access a Android Smartphone using any Device ?

Hack and access any Android smartphones with this simple app trick. Get control on SMS, calls and much more without any complicated coding.

If you wish to access somebodies Android Smartphone then here I have come up with a simple method to do so. The method below is more of device control rather then a hack.

Note: The post below is for informative purpose only. Hacking is illegal and we do not endorse it.


  • Gmail ID and Passwords used in Android device
  • PC or any other device with internet access

How to Remotely Access Android Phone ?

  1. You should know the Google Account ID and password used on the Android device
  2. Open the Device manager website on your PC or any other smartphone.
  3. Log-in to Google account using the Google ID and password
  4. You are into it, you can wipe device data and lock screen

Get more Features to control

  • If you do not know the password or ID being used in phone then if possible add your own Google account in the smartphone.
  • You can try other 3rd party device manager apps with more remote features to access the device. Just download and install that app from Google Play Store.

Note: We do not support or endorse hacking, this method is helpful if used for personal use only. Comment below for any assistance.

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  1. nanahe says:

    really useful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I love these posts.

  2. Faizan says:

    Please let me 9 if my gps is then how can i track my phone

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