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  1. Reza eshgi says:

    I want a program where someone has hidden their situation from me and I want to see that person’s situation. Seeing other people’s secret situation in WhatsApp

  2. Dee says:

    No aero whatsapp? Are you joking?

  3. Brian Mwendwa says:

    Download aero Whatsapp it the best I have seen

  4. M Zubair says:

    I want to use same whatsapp qccount on 2 different cell phones so which whatsapp is the best one for that purpose…. please recommend me

  5. Ruggie says:

    Everytime I try downloading Whatsapp gb fm yo …it says expired on August 9 2020…..what should I do?

  6. Siddhika says:

    I am using GB WhatsApp pro then why U not mention GB WhatsApp pro here ?

  7. Surgives says:

    Which WhatsApp can be useful where someone has hidden their status from me and I want to see that person’s status?

  8. Rajen says:

    Gbwhatsapp mini v 9.90 is best, but i can’t install it in my device. Can anybody help me. Please tell me how to install it

  9. Mr Lee says:

    I have lots of what’s app contacts and lots of what’s app status updates from those contacts but I can’t update my status.. Am using GB what’s app pro.. Can someone help me or give me a good advice.. Thanks 🤕

  10. Ashwani says:

    Is there any whats app mod or editor which can modify or edit the sent messages in a chat from both sides ??

  11. Optimus says:

    I want to see deleted messages on whatsapp..any help???

  12. Zaya says:

    Please, which WhatsApp can make the text status background black and the text color will be white or different kinds of background other than the original WhatsApp standard

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