How to Find WiFi Password on Windows 11? Also Change it!

Looking to Change Wi-Fi Password on Windows PC. Here is the Simple Guide to How to Find and Change WiFi Password on Windows 11 PC.

Want to know how to find and change the WiFi password on Windows 11 PC? Here is a detailed guide that covers this topic for you. Passwords are complicated elements composed of alpha-numeric combinations. Sometimes, you may forget it in case there is a need to share the WiFi with someone else to access the internet. Also, if the current WiFi password is hard to remember, you can change it and set a password that is convenient to remember.

In case, you have that unsettling feeling that your WiFi password has been compromised and there is a need to change it, then you can do that only when you know the password. Your PC must be previously connected to the Wi-Fi network. That way, the Windows OS will save the WiFi password in the network settings. Saving the password allows a smoother connection every time you use the WiFi. That saves you time and effort from entering the password every time you wish to use the WiFi.

How to Find WiFi Password on Windows 11 PC?

You can locate the WiFi password under the Network settings present within the Control Panel.

  1. Launch the Control Panel.
    open control panel
  2. Click on the option Network & Sharing Center under Control Panel.
    windows network and sharing center
  3. Unde View Your Active Networks tab, click on the WiFi Network name.
  4. In the WiFi status dialog box, click on the button Wireless Properties.
  5. A second dialog box with active WiFi network properties will pop up.
  6. Click on the Security tab.
  7. Now, click the checkbox Show characters, and that will make the hidden password characters of your WiFi network visible.
    see password of WiFi network

Yes, those hidden characters within the Network Security Key are the WiFi password of the network your PC is connected to.

Steps to Change WiFi Password on Windows 11

Now, you know how to locate and see the WiFi password on Windows 11. Let us see the steps to change the password.

  1. Go to Settings of Windows OS by pressing Windows + I.
  2. Click on Network & Internet  > click Advanced Network Settings.
    Windows 11 advanced network settings
  3. Under that navigate to More Network Adapter Options and click on it.
    more network adapter options Windows 11
  4. You will be redirected to the Network Connections window.
  5. Right-click on the WiFi network that is currently connected to your computer.
  6. From the menu that expands select the option Status to check the WiFi network status.
    WiFi network status
  7. In the WiFi Status dialog box, click on Wireless Properties.
  8. A second pop-up with WiFi network properties will show up.
  9. The password is in the Network Security Key box. Edit it and enter the new password.
  10. To save the new password, click on OK.
    change WIiFi password Windows 11

That’s it. Now, you have to enter the new WiFi password which you have set recently. This you have to do for all the devices that you will connect to the WiFi network. The old connection profile of the WiFi on those devices will be removed, and new connectivity will be established.

Often it may happen that due to accessing unsafe websites on the internet, someone may hack into your WiFi. So, it is a wise practice to regularly keep changing the WiFi password. Also, while resetting or changing the password, set it to an alphanumeric value that is convenient for you to remember.


That’s a wrap for this guide on how to find and change WiFi passwords on Windows 11 PC. Always aim for secure browsing through WiFi. Anytime you know for sure that your WiFi network password has been breached or you are finding it hard to remember, change it immediately.

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