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  1. Jamal says:

    I can’t open my Gmail

  2. Jillian Nicole says:

    Please help. My account was disabled but I have no idea why. I was not violating any policies and this has never happened before. I filled out the restore form and was denied. What else can I do? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  3. pal says:

    Hi, I am facing the following problem “Google Accounts are usually disabled because Google detects a policy violation” any help would be appreciated. I have filled the form but there is no response its been almost 15 days i am trying to get back to my account.Please do help.

  4. vidya sagar says:

    My kollividyasagar@gmail.com account has been stooped.I have so many important mails in my account.please activate my gmail account.i relay don’t know which bad thing has stooped my kollividyasagar@gmail.com.so please activate it.

  5. Account Holder says:


    Locked out of my account with no explanation other than ‘policy violation’. I can assure anybody I have not committed that.

    Pure junk-mail in forums because none of us know how to fix this one!

    Google’s telephone staff would not speak to me because I am not buying anything. Ermmm I can’t, they have locked me out!”

    Businesses SHOULD have a CONTACT US section. I used to love google, I would now love to see them begin to fail. Very poor indeed!

  6. Salvatore says:

    Locked out my account just few hours ago, I have never received any warning, just verification codes sent to my phone as I am forced to use a VPN at work and I can appear from different location, phone and computer have two different locations for example.

    I have important emails to read and communications that I can’t lose.

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