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  1. Jamal says:

    I can’t open my Gmail

    • Mary says:

      My dad didn’t do anything to violate the policy and his was disabled. I was helping him with his account. He wanted it back to the old version and also wanted to see all emails on the same page as he has not been seeing some emails because of all 3 tabs. Which is STUPID to have a social and promotion tab anyway. He’s 82 years old and needs help with them. I have always helped him. So after I changed things to be better for him the disabled his account. So stop with the fricken BS lies!!!! Google/Gmail is disabling accounts on purpose for absolute no reasons!!!! Go find those people who send multiple spam emails. I’m shutting down my Gmail because I get anywhere from 600 to 700 spam emails within 2 days time!!! My dad has lost everything Thanks to you Jerks!!!! And I’m putting that mildly!!!

      • Hi says:

        Exactly like I didn’t even do anything to violate the

  2. Jillian Nicole says:

    Please help. My account was disabled but I have no idea why. I was not violating any policies and this has never happened before. I filled out the restore form and was denied. What else can I do? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    • Nikhil says:

      As you said you have filled the form, just wait for response

  3. pal says:

    Hi, I am facing the following problem “Google Accounts are usually disabled because Google detects a policy violation” any help would be appreciated. I have filled the form but there is no response its been almost 15 days i am trying to get back to my account.Please do help.

    • Nikhil says:

      try to get help from Forums

  4. vidya sagar says:

    My [email protected] account has been stooped.I have so many important mails in my account.please activate my gmail account.i relay don’t know which bad thing has stooped my [email protected] please activate it.

  5. Account Holder says:


    Locked out of my account with no explanation other than ‘policy violation’. I can assure anybody I have not committed that.

    Pure junk-mail in forums because none of us know how to fix this one!

    Google’s telephone staff would not speak to me because I am not buying anything. Ermmm I can’t, they have locked me out!”

    Businesses SHOULD have a CONTACT US section. I used to love google, I would now love to see them begin to fail. Very poor indeed!

  6. Salvatore says:

    Locked out my account just few hours ago, I have never received any warning, just verification codes sent to my phone as I am forced to use a VPN at work and I can appear from different location, phone and computer have two different locations for example.

    I have important emails to read and communications that I can’t lose.

  7. Brian Liebman says:

    I never received any notice Google Account has been Disabled by Google I have 3 G Suite accounts and have no access to any of them so all information, including all my contacts, documents, images, financial data and business related information is inaccessible. I own all of that information and it is not the property of Google, but I have no access. It has been 4 days and no response from Google. I can not run my business. Even access to my google phone number is blocked as well as my home google wifi as I cannot even login to use it. Can anyone please help me with Google and their unilaterally unacceptable tactics?

  8. Sharad rohi says:

    My account is disabled plz provide solution

  9. Bhupendra Thakulla says:

    My account is disabled by google policy while i am changing my birth date so please activate my account:
    [email protected]
    i want see my mail and saved google drive file, documents,chrome extension, etc.

    Thank you

  10. Nate says:

    I had Google say I strongly violated the guidlines and I wasn’t doing anything when it happened. The only thing I can think it was is if I got hacked. Idk?

  11. Salame Estufador says:

    my google account that i use since 2006 was disabled with NO warning no nothing, i lost my fave list from youtube , i will NEVER be able to find all that content again just by memory .
    wanna know why i got banned? i just said in a feminist video that feminist was spreading more hate against man than helping woman , i know that is it becase i noticed this commet was removed from the video, 6hour later ,boom all my devices are dislogued from the google gmail, my pc, my laptop, my andoid, all , no warning no nothing, i recovered my email but i cant log in youtube, google dont respond the tickets or wtf they are called, i am waiting like 13 days now .

  12. Stuart Fretwell says:

    My google search stopped i dont no why not done anything wrong

  13. Dhruv Kumar says:

    I received an email saying my google account is being disabled. I have never indulged in any illegal activity.
    They asked for a number and I provided it.
    The notice was sent on June 17 and the gmail is still up. So what should I do.

  14. Shannon Redlinger says:

    Disabled??For what? and when?everything is disabled.I received no warnings,you shut off everything!I cant even appeal?cause Every thing is disabled.not everyone has other emails accounts to do so.

  15. rajesh sawant says:

    my account is disebale

  16. Shankar kumar says:

    My account is disebale

  17. Laura says:

    My gmail was disabled so I submitted a request to restore it. They approved restoration and sent an email saying I need to log in ASAP to verify my account. Any time I go to log in it just keeps telling my it is disabled but I can request to restore. It will send me another approval of restoration email but I can never log in. Please advise!

  18. marc says:

    GOOGLE SUCKS! They disabled my account for no apparent reason. The CS’ers tell me I have violated their policy when I appeal.

  19. Rohtash says:

    Please solve problems

  20. Mohammed zeeshan says:

    I want before my account

  21. Khanimran khan says:

    I can’t open my gmail help me plzz my gmail was not open

  22. Dar adil says:

    I m not receive any receive any warring .i m student i suffer this mail problem. I m not volition any social networking sites.

  23. Marcus Samson says:

    please help and please let me use my account I didn’t violate anything at all! I just need to redeem my Google Play Card

  24. Sanu dutta says:

    Sir mera account disebol kese houa

  25. Karen says:

    Please help. My account was disabled but I have no idea why. I was not violating any policies and this has never happened before. I don’t know how fill out the restore form. What can I write? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  26. Max wilson says:

    Why is google account saying put your credit card number

  27. Gregorio Anderson says:

    Hello everyone so my gmail account also got disabled I almost cried out my eye balls, not until I came in contact with a recovery agent SNAP_RESTORE on Instagram he helped reactivated my account he’s legit and reliable

  28. Rajini says:

    pls open gmail

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