Use YouTube & Netflix on Amazon Echo Show

Use YouTube and Netflix on Amazon Echo Show with the help of a hidden web browser and enjoy the content on without any issues with great audio quality.

Amazon Echo Show is a smart speaker that is part of the Amazon Echo line of products. Similarly to other devices in the family, it is designed around Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa. The Echo Show includes a 7-inch interactive and media display.

If you wish to watch YouTube and Netflix on Amazon Echo Show then today I will tell you a simple method to access the Netflix and YouTube on Amazon on Echo Show. The method works and loads streams easily but there are some limitations offered by Amazon itself. You can also use this method as a hidden browser to search other content on Amazon Echo.

Steps to Access YouTube & Netflix on Echo Show

Step 1. Pull down the notification bar and go to Settings of the Echo.

Echo Show Settings

Echo Show Settings

Step 2. Scroll down and go to Legal & Compliance

Legal & Compliance

Legal & Compliance

Step 3. Here click on Privacy Notice.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Step 4. Here look for the heading Examples of Information Collected

Step 5. Now click on the link Your Account

Step 6. Now you will be redirected to Amazon Store.

Step 7. Search Google in the search box.

Step 8. Here look for the product Open it.

Google Search

Google Search

Step 9. Scroll Down and click on Google Privacy Policy Link.

Step 10. Now click on My Account on the right top and then click on Search or directly click on YouTube icon.

Google My Account

Google My Account

Step 11. You can also open Google and search for Netflix.

Conclusion: With the method above you can watch YouTube Videos and Netflix content on your Amazon Echo Show. Apart from that, you can also use the above technique as a hidden Web Browser on your Echo.

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6 Responses

  1. Tonia McMillan says:

    doesnt work for Netflix, Android issue

  2. Techy says:

    Works, but looks like the caught on to it. Jumps back to home screen after a minute.

  3. Chomper1 says:

    This sucks…..WTF? Useless. Jumps back to home screen after a minute.

    I want to be able to say, “Alexa, play Fortunate Youth, So Rebel on YouTube.”

  4. Joy says:

    I can’t seem to find the Google “privacy” once I click on Google search. Did it move? The only settings I see on the page are for Amazon. A screen shot of where the Google Privacy is would be helpful. Thanks

  5. Carly says:

    SO close to getting it to work on Amazon Show… it gives a “webpage not available” message when clicking a show/movie in Netflix.

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