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  1. Tonia McMillan says:

    doesnt work for Netflix, Android issue

  2. Techy says:

    Works, but looks like the caught on to it. Jumps back to home screen after a minute.

  3. Chomper1 says:

    This sucks…..WTF? Useless. Jumps back to home screen after a minute.

    I want to be able to say, “Alexa, play Fortunate Youth, So Rebel on YouTube.”

  4. Joy says:

    I can’t seem to find the Google “privacy” once I click on Google search. Did it move? The only settings I see on the page are for Amazon. A screen shot of where the Google Privacy is would be helpful. Thanks

  5. Carly says:

    SO close to getting it to work on Amazon Show… it gives a “webpage not available” message when clicking a show/movie in Netflix.

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