10 Best Personal Voice Assistant for Android

Get Best Voice Assistance App for Android for Making your Personal Jobs Easy with the AI-Powered Chat Assistance Services for Android

Voice assistance is a technology where the user’s speech and voice are used to recognize the user’s needs and perform tasks. This technology analyses the speech patterns, volume, and language of the user to aid them. This technology usually integrates with AI (Artificial Intelligence), and voice recognition technology. When the user interacts with the AI, the system uses voice recognition technology and provides help. This technology is a blessing for visually impaired people. The technology is quite easy to use, with it gaining popularity after the arrival of Siri. Siri is the voice assistant tool from the iPhone.

From making a reservation on your calendar to looking up something on the internet, Siri does everything. Not only is this assistant efficient but also witty. But Siri is only available on IOS. With the increasing notoriety of Siri, all tech giants saw a huge opportunity to capitalize on voice recognition technology. So many voice assistant apps and software were launched. Here’s a look at the 10 best personal voice assistants for Android.

List of Best Personal Voice Assistant for Android

  1. Google Assistant
  2. Alexa
  3. Bixby
  4. Lyra
  5. Sherpa
  6. Robin
  7. Hound
  8. Extreme- Personal Voice Assistant
  9. AIVC
  10. Virtual Assistant Databot: Artificial Intelligence

Best Voice Assist Services

Here are the Best Personal Voice Assitance Apps and Services for Android

1. Google Assistant

Google Assistance

Launched in 2016, Google Assistant is a virtual assistant powered by Google. It runs on an AI-based technology. It allows users to have a two-way conversation with the AI. It is rated as one of the best in its category. According to Wikipedia, it is available on more than one billion devices today, with more than 500 million users monthly.

Users can do a lot of tasks with Google Assistant, which include setting up an alarm, making notes of important things and events, changing the settings of your device, making a phone call, writing a message, looking up directions, playing videos, and music online, and much more.

Users are also able to customize and modify commands according to their needs. With it being available in more than 90 languages, it is one of the best virtual assistants. Users can ask for help by saying ” Hey Google”; it is as simple as that. Google Assistant is the answer to all of your questions, literally! Users can ask any question, and it is answered by Google Assistant. For example, if you ask, ” What time is it in New York?”, It will answer your question within seconds. If someone wants to try out a voice assistant, then Google Assistant is perfect for them.

Download Google Assistant

2. Alexa Assist

Alexa Assist

Alexa or Amazon Alexa is a voice assistant developed by Amazon. It is a home automation/ smart home system that helps users by using its voice recognition technology integrated with AI. It is used with Amazon smart speakers like echo, echo plus, echo dot, and many more. It can be used with different devices like the Amazon Firestick, laptops and personal computers, etc.

It gets better the more you use it, with it memorizing and adapting to your speech methods and preferences. Although it seems like any other voice assistant on first glance, it stands apart when you take a closer look. It helps users transform their homes into smart homes, enabling users to control their light, thermostat, and lock systems.

Download Alexa

3. Bixby


Bixby is developed by Samsung electronics, especially for their devices. It claims to ‘learn’ the user’s preferences and habits to provide customized content. It also remembers the users’ voice and their commands to better understand their needs.

It handles things like booking a cab, checking in a location, opening tabs in split mode, etc. Though limited to Samsung devices, it is an impressive virtual assistant, which is a must-try if you own a Samsung device.

Download Bixby

4. Lyra


Lyra, previously known as Indigo, is another good voice assistant app. Launched in 2017, runs on both android and iOS devices. It can translate around 70 languages, which is a big feat. It is also able to have conversations on multiple devices. This app was launched to specifically compete with Siri.

Both Lyra and Siri are “female” voice assistants. It is a cloud-based personal assistant app for smartphones, computers, and tablets. It is fun and fast-paced.

Download Lyra

5. Sherpa


Sherpa is a unique voice and virtual assistant app that uses specialized algorithms to select pieces of information that will suit a user. It uses pre-existing data and searches to better its algorithm and provide recommendations.

Sherpa gives you tips based on your surroundings. It gives you updates on the topics of your interest. It gives you the information you need before you even look it up!

Download Sherpa

6. Robin

Robin, a virtual voice assistant is best described as a hands-free assistant, best used for navigation while driving. It presents users with directions, updates on traffic, the best route to take, and weather updates. It further provides users with social media updates too.

Although a new app, it is still a competent app. It also plays podcasts and songs when you’re on the road. It builds all user’s playlists based on their interests, be it sports on politics.

Download Robin

7. Hound


Hound Voice Search and Personal Assistant is a voice assistant app that professes to allow users to use their natural voice. It asks users to ask questions like one would ask a human being rather than having them frame their questions like a Google search.

It can also answer follow-up questions and uses speech recognition technology to help users with their queries. It also has “Houndify,” which is compatible with a few cars.

Download Hound

8. Extreme – Personal Voice Assistant

This one is for the diehard Ironman fans! Extreme- Personal Voice Assistant was created to imitate J.A.R.V.I.S from Ironman. Just like J.A.R.V.I.S assists Ironman, Extreme helps its users. It has a very attractive user interface and is perfect for geeks! It performs the basic functions of all voice assistant apps, like helping users call/message friends, giving updates on various topics, and answering phone calls.

It can additionally take a selfie, and make posts on Facebook.

Download Extreme

9. AIVC Voice Control

AIVC is basically speech-based support that will assist you to handle quite a few matters easily and quickly. You can ask the AIVC to  Say something like: “Remember me for my doctor’s appointment tomorrow on 10 pm”, “Tell my wife I’m coming later.”. Create tasks, write messages, set your alarm, dial phone numbers, and even more. And it will do it.

Well, you can also ask questions like the weather status, and birthdays of your friends and family, or just ask a joke and be excited about the answer.

Make your life easy by replacing manual work and triggering hardware instructions through voice. You can turn the light off in the living room, or let down the shutters.

Download AIVC

10. Virtual Assistant Databot: Artificial Intelligence

Virtual Assistant Databot is a handy app that runs on many platforms. It can be used on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Its best feature is its simplicity. Although this is quite similar to J.A.R.V.I.S. too, it is unusual in its way. It performs actual secretary-like functions like making summaries, presentations, making diary entries.

It also has a chatbot feature that improves with every interaction. Other features include a built-in dictionary, regular horoscope updates, and a huge supply of quotes and riddles.

Download VA Databot

Conclusion: Voice assistant apps use AI and voice recognition technology to assist users with their needs. These are the best personal voice assistants for android to help you make your work easy.

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