USTVGO.TV | USTV247.TV Shut Down: Sorry, We are Closed

Is USTVGO and USTV247 Down. Users are Facing Issues with USTVGO.TV with Message Sorry, we are closed. The site may be shut down.

USTVGO and its clone site USTV247 are Live TV Streaming Sites that allow you to stream 90+ live TV channels from the US. The site is clean, loads the Live TV quickly, and, importantly, does not bombard the user with Ads or Pop-ups. The authority of the site can be established by the fact that the site gets over 20+ million visitors per month.

The site offers over 80+ premium live tv channels like Cartoon Network, ESPN, Fox Sports, Discovery, NGC, History, ABC, Showtime, Science, NBC, TCM, CBS, CMT, Cinemax, CNN, Disney, WWE Network, Fox, HBO, truTV and other popular channels. The site worked in the US and around the world with a VPN.

Many users are reporting that USTVGO and USTV247 are Down or loading on their browsers; even Nord VPN users are facing issues with USTVGO. The Internet is on Crackdown to remove all the websites which stream illegal content for free without any licensing. In most cases, the developer of the website is the one who is punished.

Recently, the site has gone down with the message Sorry, we are closed. 

USTV Go Sorry we Are Closed

If reports are to be believed, the site is gone for good and its sister site USTV247.TV is also closed with the same error message. The USTVGO Twitter account is also suspended. The discord server is also gone.

USTVGO Twitter Suspended

The mysterious disappearance came as a shock to the users, some hoped that the downtime would be temporary, but it seems the service is dead. The site never appeared on the U.S. Trade Representative’s list of notorious pirate sites. Recently TV streaming sites have been targeted in DMCA notices sent by Sports networks, who all had their channels listed on the site.

The service of USTVGO and USTV247 are in a “non-clear” legal grey area. The service is free, but the broadcasting or distribution company may face losses due to free streaming. It’s up to you whether you want to risk the stream and watch the free content or buy a plan to watch it without any risk.

The site uses *.TV domain for both of its services, and looking at the way the social accounts have been suspended and the message not on its site, the service may have permanently shut down.

Reasons for the Sudden Shut Down

USTVGO.TV | USTV247.TV Shut Down: Sorry, We are Closed 2

Without any official word, we can only speculate the reasons behind the sudden closure. Obviously, some of the legal pressure surely would have made the site owner/s close down the service, or perhaps the owners are given a cease-and-desist notice.

Looking at the history of pirate streams, we can expect service to bounce back with an alternate name. Till then, you can look at some of the Alternatives to USTVGO.

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97 Responses

  1. Serman says:

    I’m really going to miss ustvgo, it was my everyday source for entertainment since a couple of years. Hope they come back soon. Please keep updating this page.

  2. Audrene says:

    I miss this service and hallmark and HMMS
    I watch very little tv but enjoyed those 2 programs the most.
    Please bring it back – thank you

  3. David Carter says:

    What I find incredibly ironic is that I live in New Zealand and I remember streaming CNN through USTVGO two years ago, and on CNN, I noticed one of their sponsors IS NordVPN, which low and behold, is a service I could pay to use to access a lot of the channels on USTVGO.

    It doesn’t really make any sense that networks like CNN would lose money to free streaming given that they have commercial breaks choc full of messages from sponsors?? That fact that Nord was one of them I just find hilarious.

    • Larry Glock says:

      David, if you were using this website to stream CNN, no loss, unless you really cherish and embrace hate, leftist propaganda and lies.
      As for your comment “networks like CNN would lose money to free streaming”….. CNN has been losing mass amounts of money for many years, and has just hit it’s lowest viewership in nine years. Why? As stated above, hate, leftist propaganda and lies.

      • George says:

        You are full of poop!!!!! Fox is the only hateful conservative commie channel out there!!!!

  4. HayRide says:

    why shut it down, they ran commercials people we getting paid, well all except DISH and DIRECTtv

  5. Wayne says:

    I really hope they come back with a new domain they were great.

  6. William Wyatt says:

    I am an old retired guy, living on my social security. The money I can spend is next to none. For several years I have been watching the science channel, and the car shows on USTVGO and USTV247 . It is a shame that I have lost one of the best resources of entertainment I had. No one else will be making any money from me, by stopping these free services. Such a shame.

  7. Chris says:

    The deep state and D.O.J are behind this for sure. I am sure the big media networks and cable companies put them up to it. Greed and evil are working everyday to screw the people who dare try and get a free ride. Just stop watching greedy sports teams and crappy tv shows with endless commercials! Go fishing instead!

    • John Cocktostenson says:

      shut the fuck up with your deep state bullshit… you ignorant fool. its business, but you are an uneducated sheep that is easily fooled by propoganda from a political party. We laugh at you…. Its all about the motion picture/TV industry has their content stolen/used without their permission. Its illegal, they lose money, we all know this. But dumb fvcks like you think its a political deep state issue. you fvkcing moron. go eat a bag a dikcs you conspiracy dumb shlt

  8. Kevin Morgenstern says:

    sorry, we are closed is a very strange way to express the situation. if I was “shut down” I would say, Sorry we have been permanantly shut down. But it doesnt say that. seems there could be more to this….

  9. DD says:

    Your comment referencing “It’s up to you whether you want to risk the stream and watch the free content or buy a plan to watch it without any risk.” is BS. So many times, have paid cable subscriptions (like Dish and DirectTV) shutdown channels because of disagreements with the providers over mostly money that as a paid subscriber lost and had absolutely no say in!

  10. Conrad hunter says:

    I hope this relieves a little bit of anxiety. I’ve been using US TV go from day one when there was only a couple 100 of us using it. And from my experience over the years it does go down every other year for maintenance. But I can guarantee you 110% it will be back slightly better than it was before. Meaning without a doubt there will be a couple of new channels added. Anyhow mark my words you heard it here first it will be back. Just keep checking. Cheers

  11. Tim says:

    Instead of saying ” Sorry we are closed ” it now says “This site can’t be reached” check for typo error, and if spelling is correct try running a Connectivity Diagnostics.

  12. David says:

    It really is disappointing that this service appears to have been pressured to shut down
    Combined with using a VPN ( anything other than NORD ) it is our only means of streaming live t.v. for free from outside of the U.S.
    Hopefully someone will start up a new service soon
    In the meantime the only alternative is which although some of the channels listed work many others don’t and buffering is an issue. Also the format is hard to use. The channels are not listed in order and there is no program guide.

  13. Debra says:

    please bring it back going crazy without it.. this is so sad.

  14. Checker says:

    USTV247 still works fine for me…

  15. dude says:

    there are better option out there I would post one but I know if I do it will go down quicker so sorry but can’t simply because I love this site and its 1000 better than USTVGO.TV…. BTW I,YES I was one of the first to post about USTVGO.TV now that I see how it ended I now keep good thing shut… Sorry if I don’t post

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