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What is 123TV Now? Is it Legal? Is 123TV.Live Safe to Stream Live TV? Here are Answers to All the Questions Regarding the Free IPTV Streaming Service.

Online streaming has been our partner in coming out of the lockdown imposed around the globe. Not only this pandemic, but online streaming channels are also growing in number, we now have a wide variety of online streaming channels. Gone are the days, when we had to depend on the local cable network to buy a package and watch limited channels. Thanks to online free streaming sources, you can now stream any channel or content from any part of the world. And that too, without spending a dime.

123tvnow.com is one of the best sources of your entertainment, which is available for free. It offers over 80 channels that you can watch online and for that, you just need an internet connection. The content offered by 123tvnow ranges in a variety of family entertainment, Movies, and news channels. In this post, we will give you a complete guide and review on the 123tvnow website along with details regarding availability, channels, legality, interface, and more. So, with that being said, let us get straight into the article itself.

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About 123TV

  • Type of Platform – Online IPTV Streaming
  • Owner – Unknown
  • Commercial – Yes
  • Registration – Not Needed
  • Domain Registrar – Namecheap
  • Hosting – Cloudflare CDN
  • Written in – HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and PHP

Website Availability

123tvnow is a great website that has content to suit every need. Notably, all the channels are from the USA. However, you can stream channels from any part of the world. Meaning that even though the content served by 123tvnow is from the USA, users from any part of the world can stream the channels from this website. For some restricted regions, you can try using a VPN (Virtual Proxy Network) and then stream the content from 123tvnow for free.

Channels Available on the Platform

123 TV Channels

The channels, as already mentioned, range from family entertainment, Movies, sports, and news channels. You can watch and stream for free, over 80 channels on the website. Some of the popular channels that you can stream on 123tvnow include ESPN, Fox Sports Channels, NBC Sports Network, NBA TV, NFL TV, TBS, TNT, USA Network WWE Network, etc.

Content provided by 123tvnow is not restricted by a specific niche. You can also stream channels like Disney Junior, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, HistoryTV, FashionTV, and lots more.

  • VH1
  • AMC
  • WeatherNation tv
  • TBS
  • Disney XD
  • C Span3 American History TV
  • CNN
  • CBS
  • Oxygen
  • HBO
  • HGTV
  • Disney Junior
  • WWE Network
  • NHL
  • Fox Sports
  • Animal Planet
  • TNT
  • CNBC
  • truTV
  • Logo TV/
  • ESPN News
  • TVLand
  • MTV
  • The Country Network
  • Lifetime TV
  • Fox News HD
  • Disney Channel
  • BBC America
  • CW
  • ESPN
  • California Music Channel CMT
  • NFL Network
  • Bloomberg USA
  • Starz
  • ABC
  • History Channel
  • Golf-channel
  • Fox News
  • C-Span
  • Food Network
  • Free Speech TV
  • Voice of America VOA
  • Comedy Central
  • NBC
  • CBN News
  • Newsmax TV
  • Cartoon Network
  • Fox News LD
  • FTV
  • Sec Network
  • ESPN2
  • TLC
  • DIY Network
  • Infowars
  • NBA TV
  • Freeform ABC Family
  • SyFy
  • Adult Swim
  • Bravo
  • C span2 Book TV
  • Fox Network
  • Travel Channel
  • Bet
  • E-Network
  • Paramount Network Spike
  • AHC American Heroes Channel
  • AE
  • Fox Sports 1
  • Showtime
  • Nickelodeon
  • FashionTV Global
  • FX Live
  • The Weather Channel
  • CMT Country Music Television
  • Science Channel
  • National Geographic
  • Fox Business
  • USA Network

The Interface of 123TVNow

123TVNow Interface

The good thing and what I personally liked about the 123tvnow website is that even though it is a free source of online video streaming, the interface of the website is not cluttered with unwanted ads. In fact, the channels, unlike other websites, are not buried under several 100s of clicks.

You simply need to click on the channel that you like and Voila! The video stream will start. And since there are a huge variety of online streaming channels to choose from, the website has got all the genres covered. The interface is easy to use, uncluttered, less or no ads, and also feels like an online streaming platform.

The Site also has a dark mode button on the top right in the shape of a bulb. You just need to click on the icon to switch to dark mode and enjoy the streams at night.

Is the Website Legal?

Now coming to probably one of the most important questions that you may have in your mind. Is this website or source legal? Well, to answer that, 123tvnow is not a completely legal source of entertainment, it lies in the legal grey area. The website is not associated with any other website. It offers content and videos linked to other third parties websites like YouTube, Google, Dailymotion, etc., and many more which actually host videos.

Besides, it is clearly mentioned in the ‘About Us’ section of the website that, “123tvnow.com only and only provides links to third party video hosting sites which videos are uploaded by third party users.”

But that being said, the site distributes live channels which may be subject to copyright issues. The app also does not use a secure SSL certificate, this can make your IP public.

The website is neither completely legal nor safe to stream live tv channels, but you can stream live tv with the use of a good VPN. The site may face notice from the production houses and may shutdown, but as of now, it is working well without any issues.

Miscellaneous Details

As far as streaming ease is concerned, the website is right on point here. The steaming starts as soon as you click on the channel that you want. However, note that it also depends on the speed of your internet connection. But overall, with less clutter, the website loads the content pretty smoothly with no hiccups.

All the channels are live-streamed, and you also get a full list of the programs that will be broadcast during the day, which is a nice touch as you can mark your favorite show and watch it at the right time. Additionally, the program list contains the details of the program for the next two days as well.

The link sources are also reliable. So, there is a very low chance of your online streaming getting dropped or errors like source down. A plethora of sports channels also makes it a good source of feeding your sports needs.


So, there you have it from my side in this post. All in all, 123tvnow is a great source of free channels that you can watch for free. If you are interested in streaming free channels, then you can click the below button to watch the content for free.

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  1. tammy says:

    i can’t get logo on 123tv…any ideas why?

  2. Tim says:

    This 123tv site always freezes no matter what you do to correct it, especially CNN, it’s been this way for years. It also has a lot of trouble loading certain channels.

  3. Gene Ip says:

    Unable to stream CNBC – keep on spinning with “initializing the player . . “

  4. Steven says:

    why do they keep changing the channels on Fox News back and forth.

  5. Todd S Bullock says:

    this streaming service absolutely sucks you cant watch anything without it constantly stoping this service is not a service it is an absolute frustration!!

  6. AtiyaAfi says:

    Sorry, but I believe you are incorrect. 123 has not been working for 2 weeks now. On all my units – PC, iPad, Apple laptop (latest apple models) this site comes up as “site can’t be reached” with or without VPN

  7. Dijoun says:

    Same here

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