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  1. Hammad mirza says:

    My watsapp account has been banned please help me

  2. Shahzad turk says:

    My number is bended I don’t know not raciving warning sms please unbended may number this is may old account number please resolved my complaint

  3. Uzoma says:

    Please my number is been banned from using WhatsApp

  4. Rahul sharma says:

    Sir please open my permanently banned account tell me the process this ia very important to me that number

  5. ifeanyi says:

    How to get my banned account back

  6. Komal singh says:

    How to my WhatsApp number unband

  7. Samuel Isaiah says:

    My WhatsApp number is banned due to bulk messages. How do I get unbanned

  8. Jabiullah says:

    My Whatsapp is banned plz activate this no

  9. Comfort says:

    My WhatsApp number was blocked so I tried using my second number,that was also blocked pls what can I do should I use another number and why is this happening

  10. sana says:

    My whatsapp is banned. how i unbanded it

  11. Barry De Beer says:

    it doesn’t say anywhere what to do to unban account.

  12. Kunle oluwole says:

    My what’s sap number has been banned pls help me activate it back

  13. Rahul says:

    Sir please open my permanently banned account tell me the process this ia very important to me that number

  14. Selvi says:

    My whatsapp number banned. Already send emak still cannot open. Please help.

  15. Asia says:

    My whatsapp number banned.already send email but still can’t me please to unbanned my number

  16. Pappy says:

    Pleaae I need support on this,my WhatsApp was banned while using it! I noticed I was ask to verify my number like it has been log in on another phone.
    I try input my number again,the next thing that came up is your number as been banned from using WhatsApp

  17. Benjamin says:

    Sir my WhatsApp number has been banned and I don’t know the reason why pls help me to unbanned it pls sir

  18. Gautham Gowda says:


    Thanks for your message.

    1. We understand you’re currently unable to access WhatsApp and are working diligently to answer your request. We appreciate your patience and will get back to you as soon as possible. For more information, please read this article.

    2. Your WhatsApp account has been banned because your activity violated our Terms of Service.

    Be aware that we ban accounts if we believe the account activity is in violation of our Terms of Service. Please review the “Acceptable use of our services” section in our Terms of Service carefully to learn more about the appropriate uses of WhatsApp and the activities that violate our Terms of Service.

    We might not issue a warning before banning your account. If you think your account was banned by mistake, please respond to this email and we’ll look into your case.

    Note: WhatsApp reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate service for any reason without prior notice, at our sole discretion.

    3. We have reason to believe your account activity has violated our Terms of Service and decided to keep your account banned. We received a large number of complaints about your account and in order to protect our users’ privacy, we won’t disclose the nature of the complaints.

    Responses to this email thread won’t be read.

    I got these 3 reply from wa support group

    Is this temprovery or a permanent ban?

  19. UPENDRA says:

    Helf my whatsapp is banned if try again later my whatsapp

  20. Muhammad yamin Nawaz says:

    My WhatsApp account banned please help me

    • Prince says:

      Has yours been clarified

  21. Abba kyari says:

    I did not know the To also the number is new to my Contacts. But I sent the messages only to the known people. I request you to please unbanned me

  22. Dipo says:

    I mistakenly used my normal WhatsApp number to register for WhatsApp business, that was how the number got banned from using in the normal WhatsApp

  23. Joan says:

    Please my number has been banned from WhatsApp

  24. Ebuka says:

    Plsss what’s app my number is banned.. Plss help me

  25. Monika sharma says:

    Plss unban my whatsaap number plss solve this problem

  26. Saniya says:

    My WhatsApp number banned from using Whatsapp,I used the whtsapp from this number just 5 days and it’s bad in just 5days,why?😕..
    Please unban my number

  27. Monika sharma says:

    My whatsaap number has been banned please solve this problem… I will not misuse my whatsaap feature plss unban my whatsaap …i request you… plss reply me… As soon as possible….
    Thank you…

  28. abdul kanyarutokye says:

    my number was banned from using WhatsApp please I need help from you

  29. abdul kanyarutokye says:

    I need help

  30. Ganesh khairnar says:

    Hiii sir pls help me my WhatsApp has been banned permanently

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