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  1. maharazu zakaria says:

    please sir my WhatsApp has been banned please return it for again thank you

  2. 03452680300 says:

    please sir my WhatsApp has been banned please return it for again thank

  3. 03452680300 says:

    Hello! I’ve received an anonymous call and I was in hospital on duty didn’t really catch what were they saying and they send a msg I opened it since then I’m unable to use my what’s app. A msg constantly says that your number is banned from using what’s app but doesn’t say temporary or permanent. What should I do now😣

  4. partap singh says:

    My what’s up no banned

  5. Hamid Raza says:

    please i was banned from using whatsapp an i have no knowledge why i was banned am so worried about my app so please am asking if you could please see me through


  6. mudassar says:

    my what’s App number has been banned please turn it on again


    Hello sir, my younger brother has shared a video at the behest of someone, due to which my Facebook and Instagram account has been blocked and WhatsApp account banned, now help me to restart the account.

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      Contact Facebook and let them know that video was shared by mistake.

  8. Khalilullah says:

    stating that you were not aware of the mistake you were making and the violating the WA policies. Also, apologise to the WhatsApp for the mistake. You may regain access to your WhatsApp account.

  9. Avi Tapali says:

    “I did not know the ToS also the number is new to my Contacts. But I sent the messages only to the known people. I request you to please unban me”. You can also try any other message based on your convenience.

  10. Al-amin Adam says:

    My WhatsApp is banned and I’m using it legally. And I’m using WhatsApp from Facebook

  11. Javed says:

    Sir my all noumbars are band

  12. Sanjay varma says:

    Hello.sir Kya app Mera what’s app acoont unbanned Kara sakte ho

  13. Nikhila says:

    My WhatsApp is banned

  14. Krishna murthy says:

    Please unbanned my whatsapp number

  15. Hassan says:

    Pls unbanned my WhatsApp number

  16. maharazu zakariyya says:

    Dear sir my number WhatsApp has been banned please review and unbanned my number WhatsApp

  17. david says:

    how will i unbarnn

  18. Shamshad says:

    My whatsapp account has been banned more than 10 days now can help me

  19. Rejoice says:

    Pls my Airtel number has been banned pls I need a code to unban it

  20. eric minz says:

    My account has been banded i want to use my same account

  21. Ashok says:

    My WhatsApp account has been banned more than 3 day now can help me

  22. Jitu says:

    My whatapp number is bannied number unbannied please help me centre

  23. sunil patel says:

    I have tray your msg but till 8 day and my number is banned .

  24. Ijeoma says:

    Hi sir please my WhatsApp has been banned and l don’t know the reason why is so.please return it for me

  25. Roseline says:

    My number is banned from using Whatsapp, pls how can I get to unbanned my number so I can chat with friends and family.

  26. Pasindu says:

    I git my whatsapp number banned
    Could you please help to get it unbanned

  27. Rita gabriel says:

    Pls my WhatsApp was banned,pls help me unban it for some important reasons..

  28. Diether Escabusa says:

    Please unbanned my account

  29. Abhinav kholi says:

    I haven’t logged in watsapp with my dad’s number from few months I already checked all reason why watsapp banned people but I haven’t use watsapp longer than 1day with my dad’s number. But after some years I logged with my dad’s number it shows you are banned I checked last seen of my dad’s Wats app thats1 April 2020 but from the long time I haven’t use that number today is9april. Is someone hacked me but I checked my dad inbox there was no Wats app verification code solve my problem and please help

  30. Derick magaga says:

    Kindly my watsapp account has been banned, I even I don’t know the reasons behind it. Kindly can you assist me out to have my account back please. Thanks in advance

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