Phasmophobia Console Release Date: 2024 Roadmap

Phasmophobia for consoles delayed indefinitely, a 2024 roadmap is announced, which focus on improving gameplay experience.

When it was released in the fall of 2020, the popular horror paranormal game Phasmophobia took the gaming community by storm. In no time, it gained immense popularity among Twitch gamers and became one of the best-selling games on Steam for consecutive weeks.

While PC gamers continue taming the ghosts in the game, Phasmophobia for consoles has yet to become a reality. Officially, the developers of Phasmophobia, Kinetic Games, announced that the horror survival game will be released for consoles in August 2023.

Unfortunately, a fire outbreak damaged the Kinetic Games office. The developers pushed the console release of Phasmophobia to October 2023. However, the launch never happened that month. Kinetic Games cited unforeseen circumstances affecting the development, causing a delay in the launch of Phasmophobia for the PlayStation and Xbox.

Phasmophobia Console Release Date

Officially, as of now, there is no confirmed date regarding the Phasmophobia console launch. It seems Kinetic Games has met with developmental challenges to adapt the horror game for consoles.

They are busy optimizing the game’s adaption to PlayStation and Xbox. Instead of adding features, debugging the game, and optimizing after releasing a version of Phasmophobia for consoles, they intend to launch a feature-loaded stable version offering the best experience to console gamers.

Speaking of technicalities, the developers are focused on introducing new-level console models and improving the equipment tiers. They also aim to offer a good user experience for the Shop.

phasmophobia gameplay

The ghost AI is also being worked on making it tough for the player to comprehend the actions of the ghost. New ghost models and features such as hallucinations may be introduced in the full version of Phasmophobia for consoles.

Phasmophobia 2024 Roadmap

There are many speculations and doubts in social media communities about whether Phasmophobia will ever see a release for the consoles.

Kinetic Games has addressed that with a roadmap for 2024 that will possibly see three early-release versions of Phasmophobia. A full release for the Console will follow it.

To keep up the hype among the PS5 and Xbox gamers, the developers of Phasmophobia have not mentioned any date for the individual builds expected to roll out in four phases.

phasmophobia for console Roadmap 2024

Here is a detailed insight into the 2024 Roadmap of Phasmophobia.

v0.9+Eye adaption
Lighting Overhaul
Progression rate Improvements
Shop V3
Screen Space G1
Item Tier Adjustments
v0.10+New Tasks
Reward Changes
Video Evidence
New Optionals
New Equipment: Sound Recorder
v0.11+New Player Models
New Player Animations
Player Customization
CCTV Overhaul
v1.0 (Full Release)New Ghost Models
Haunt Overhaul
Event Overhaul
New Interactions

Note that the Roadmap chart from Kinetic Games mentions “Roadmap 2024 and Beyond”. With the time developers are investing in crafting the adaption of Phasmophobia for consoles, we assume that the release of v1.0 may stretch up to early 2025.

We are already around the first quarter of 2024 and there is no sign of v0.9+. Following the roadmap, we may anticipate the early versions of Phasmophobia for consoles by the fall of this year.

Let the Ghost Hunting Begin

While Phasmophobia for consoles is under development, you can try the game on the PC. Go to Steam and purchase it here. If horror survival games excite you, you can test your ghost-hunting skills by playing Phasmophobia.

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