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  1. Devika says:

    My whatsapp ban ready i want usr my whatsapp again

  2. carol namukonde says:

    my number is banned from whattsapp I request you to unbanne it I didn’t know the tos please.

  3. elvis says:

    so whatsapp shows me, please help me

  4. Nuel says:

    My WhatsApp been banned since Christmas eve. Any chances I can return?

  5. Kigozi Maurice says:

    I have been banned permanently but I wanted to get unbanned but how

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      Please state the reason from the above listed in post, then I could help you.

  6. Nana Asumadu says:

    I have been banned from using WhatsApp
    But I didn’t do anything bad

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      Maybe you sent large bulk of messages for someone reported you.

  7. Upendra Rajwar says:

    My WhatsApp number has banned

  8. Zahid says:

    My WhatsApp number is banned dear sir please my WhatsApp number unbanned thanks

  9. Adu Appiah Seth says:

    Pls unbanned my WhatsApp for me

  10. sonia says:

    hi good morning please i was banned from using whatsapp an i have no knowledge why i was banned am so worried about my app so please am asking if you could please see me through

  11. Owusu prince says:

    I want my number to unlock

  12. phanuel says:

    Hi my number banned for using whatapp please help me by unbanning my number i can’t do anything without this app please

  13. Antar says:

    Plz hrlp me sir

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      What happened can you detail?

  14. Antar says:

    My whatapps account banned

  15. Prabakaran says:

    I did not know the ToS also the number is new to my Contacts. But I sent the messages only to the known people. I request you to please unban me

  16. Onke nkohliso says:

    I’m banned what can I do please help guys

  17. DHIRAJ Badgujar says:

    My whatsapp number has been banned plz help me to unbanned my number

  18. Shah says:

    I was in multiple pornography groups and thus in consequence got banned.
    Well I wasn’t a permanent member or admin of any group but randomly went from one group to other which resulted in ban.

  19. Kamran says:

    Please unband my what’s app number

  20. Ruth Bellarose says:

    Please unban my Whatsapp number, l promise not to violate your terms and conditions again

  21. Qamar Abbas says:

    Not knowing what happened to my WhatsApp for banned

  22. Eric says:

    My number has been banned from what how can i unbarn it please

  23. Cynderellah chidindi says:

    Please unbann my number ..It was not working so gave someone to fix it only to found out that he was using my phone …..please I beg

  24. preet says:

    my whatsapp no is permanently banned. please help me what can I do. ?

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      mail them and wait.

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