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  1. Thapelo says:

    Ned to unban my WhatsApp number

  2. thabang says:

    my number are banned from WhatsApp

  3. Samiullah says:

    Please unbanned my whatspp number

  4. maharazu zakariyya says:

    my number has been banned by WhatsApp company please review and unbanned my number
    thanks you

  5. Adeniyi Mubarak says:

    My number is banned from WhatsApp please unban me

  6. Andyarjune says:

    Hi my whatspp number is ban an i can’t get accest to my kids kindly help me unbaned it thank

  7. Dennis says:

    Please unbann my WhatsApp number someone mis used it ,thank you

  8. Nitin Gola says:

    Hello siir my account is banned plz help me i suffers lot in my business plz guide me to reopen my phone no

  9. Sizzle says:

    My Whatsapp number is banned but for bulk n spam I suppose help me unban it

  10. Koushik says:

    Please unbanned my whatsapp thanks fou yoi

  11. Thabo says:

    My number has been banned from using whatsup please turn it on again I don’t know what happened.

  12. Claries says:

    My whatsapp is banned and i don’t know the reason.Am sorry if i violated any of your rules,please unban me.

  13. 0818723826 says:

    please remove my number from banned whatsapp

  14. ugochukwu C says:

    Please I need my number to be unbanned …why is my line just banned without being notified…this isn’t fair

  15. Amarjeet says:

    Hi can you please help me yo unban my number

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