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  1. brendy says:

    it says app not installed… i want older version of fruit ninja

  2. shakthi says:

    i need for the uber driver app, i did all setup as you said but it showing you must upgrade the app

  3. Abhigurung says:

    it’s working Coc or not

  4. Don says:

    For hotstar it’s not working

  5. NKH says:

    Thanks so much…i love it!

  6. Cole says:

    It’s not Working for Bingo Blitz 🙁

  7. Blitzy says:

    cannot bypass the “this version has expired” popup – how can that be removed?

  8. m says:

    I do this I then I open my clash then it want to update this opinion doesn’t work help me the new update is stopin during the new clash help me plz ???? If u find the answer send to my Gmail

  9. sajid says:

    Dear i wanT change version of app. BuT common edit options is noT showing after click the APK editor app. Igot 3 options Decode all file, Decode partial files and 3rd option is for cancell. so why i can noT see common edit option. kindly help me i need urgently to change version. Thanks

  10. Hussain othman says:

    Thanks for this
    I am disabled some thing i need some one to learn me l have background just i need some help if you can please sent me e mail

  11. says:

    stupid samsung

  12. Sonali says:

    When I open the apk editor it does not show the option “common edit”

  13. Des says:

    Doesn’t work for Smule

  14. br says:

    App opens but keeps reading retry no feed

  15. JPaul says:

    It doesn’t work for my game Eternium bro I freferred to use the 1.4.13 rather than the latest which is the 1.4.16. Help me please, Thanks

  16. Bruce Louis says:

    I can’t find the “common edit” part hence being unable to edit the version name. Help me.

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