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  1. Filesponge says:

    Awwww 🙁 I’m sad to see it go. Although as everybody knew, you could use it to access films illegally, I used it for finding things that seem impossible to find around any longer.

    First point is (1) if showbox is seen as illegal due to it allowing access to copyright material that simply finds its way on to it, then that makes google chrome and firefox illegal in exactly the same way – they allow you to search for and install/download just about ‘anything’ you want ha ha. Saying “That’s up to the person typing the weblink in” is the same logic as showbox having a search box that lets you seek out a film that’s just been released – If showbox shouldn’t let you search that way, then neither should an Internet browser! 🙂

    But anyway, since films started soooo many years ago, there’s been a constant supply, possibly dozens a day from around the world. But the way it’s all been set up doesn’t work – you had a better chance finding an obscure good film to watch back in the days of VHS tapes all crowded onto shelves in dark little rental shops.
    Blockbuster video saw to the death of that idea – and then folded themselves due to such a pitiful selection and horrifyingly dopey business approach!

    But try finding these 2 films for example, Rollercoaster (1977) and The Black Hole (1979 I think). While the technology has moved on, so should the methods of supplying films. Cinemas show popular films (that THEY choose as popular LoL) for a few days and then move on, so where do all the other dozens of films created each day go to ?

    I don’t the answer to make things work better, but I do know the world misses out on a huge amount of well created entertainment that they may never ever hear of. And as an avid film watcher, I feel that’s just sad effort by the actors & production staff.

    • Nikhil says:

      Thanks for your Thoughts.

  2. ToneMane says:


  3. KingPirate says:

    its not permanently shutdown, showbox came back after two weeks. nothing can shutdown piracy, everything comes back online after a few weeks

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