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  1. Filesponge says:

    Awwww 🙁 I’m sad to see it go. Although as everybody knew, you could use it to access films illegally, I used it for finding things that seem impossible to find around any longer.

    First point is (1) if showbox is seen as illegal due to it allowing access to copyright material that simply finds its way on to it, then that makes google chrome and firefox illegal in exactly the same way – they allow you to search for and install/download just about ‘anything’ you want ha ha. Saying “That’s up to the person typing the weblink in” is the same logic as showbox having a search box that lets you seek out a film that’s just been released – If showbox shouldn’t let you search that way, then neither should an Internet browser! 🙂

    But anyway, since films started soooo many years ago, there’s been a constant supply, possibly dozens a day from around the world. But the way it’s all been set up doesn’t work – you had a better chance finding an obscure good film to watch back in the days of VHS tapes all crowded onto shelves in dark little rental shops.
    Blockbuster video saw to the death of that idea – and then folded themselves due to such a pitiful selection and horrifyingly dopey business approach!

    But try finding these 2 films for example, Rollercoaster (1977) and The Black Hole (1979 I think). While the technology has moved on, so should the methods of supplying films. Cinemas show popular films (that THEY choose as popular LoL) for a few days and then move on, so where do all the other dozens of films created each day go to ?

    I don’t the answer to make things work better, but I do know the world misses out on a huge amount of well created entertainment that they may never ever hear of. And as an avid film watcher, I feel that’s just sad effort by the actors & production staff.

    • Nikhil says:

      Thanks for your Thoughts.

    • Brandy L Anglin says:

      Very well said & I agree about the movie selection, 1 day on Xfinity it’s free, couple hrs later it costs to watch. I loved being able to watch Goonies with my kids, David Bowie’s Labyrinth, man, so many good ones gone, unless u pay out of your ears. Netflix dont always work & I pay $12.99 a month & it hasn’t worked. Smh. Again, very well said,

      Ps: Not every hard working family has $10+ a ticket per person plus snacks at Big Cinema places all over. They want their hard working fans back, stop paying the actors so damn much, lower movie prices for a whole family to go again & I bet sales will go back up. Smh… Rant over…

    • Linda says:

      Showbox I loved you😥. Agreed FileSponge, independent under the radar movies are the best. Most of the ‘popular’ movies are just testosterone filled propaganda bs from Hollywood

    • Briggs says:


    • Joseline Mayville says:

      This sucks. I need shoebox bacK

  2. ToneMane says:


  3. KingPirate says:

    its not permanently shutdown, showbox came back after two weeks. nothing can shutdown piracy, everything comes back online after a few weeks

  4. Andrew says:

    I still have show box and it’s working for the most part some of the tv shows wont work but most do

    • SBlover101 says:

      how? my SB is just blank, not even my favs show up anymore

  5. L'Ren says:

    Thank you for sharing what appears to be very informative.
    RIP ShowBox

  6. Mia says:

    My showbox has been down for a month now . And even before it shut down, it wasnt even showing there was new episodes on my favorites page. I havent uninstalled it yet. I also dont know how to use a VPN. Any help with that would be appreciated. Please bring SB back!! Best thing ever invented to stream movies!!

  7. Dr Smith says:

    That’s an absolute lie it’s run solely on ads! You all are savages! Get a life! Allow the general public, u know us poor people, have access to the movies and TV shows we want! This is quite terrible! Hope u all enjoy what you’ve done!

  8. Poor Disabled says:

    I live in a very low income home. I cat work due to chronic illness. Sadly I am unable to have much of a life due to the combo of the 2, but Showbox at least gave me my shows to watch. Even basic channels have a fee to watch them now without cable. I don’t believe they are hurting so much that even basic has a price. Ads have always paid for networks before. The greed everywhere is just sad. And trust me, people watching newer movies with subtitles or bad sound can’t afford the 10 plus per ticket cost, so they aren’t buying tickets anyway. When I am able to go to a full movie experience, it’s a 5 early show as a treat. Done that way with or without SB. Get over the greed people. No one on the other side really knows what money struggles are. It’s not people that use SB making ticket prices higher, it’s the ones who make in a few month of filming what most of us won’t see in a life time.

  9. Neil says:

    There are NO paid streaming services that offer what showbox did, even netflix is area sensitive as to what content you are offered.
    Sad that with the international following setbox has it could not provide a paid service that would allow real competition in the world wide market place. With the service showbox offered I’d pay them netflix fees.

  10. Ant says:

    Moviebox pro is as good (I think even better) than showbox. Similar content, looks more like Netflix and easy to navigate.

  11. elaine chick says:

    what will I do now. watched all my Tele on showbox even in hospital.

  12. Biteme says:

    I’m still not paying for cable, Netflix, or any of that other shit so fuck y’all. They have other free apps so jokes on y’all

  13. Theguyintheknow says:

    The ISP who spy on you shut down show box.
    As many people who stream a lot of data, the ISP buy bandwidth, and the IP addresses were logged.
    Thus pointing to where. The DNS (names) were taken down and then ports were blocked which the apps and players used, thus ensuring the end. Hence why install with a VPN was set out and hardly many bothered.

    Is that a joint effort to shut down and control the ‘public’ who think they’re free and have freedoms big bother is watching you and controlling, even when you don’t notice or think they are…

    The app development should have had keys and VPN and lb servers dotted about to run through. But popular and illegal draws many people and then draws attention.

    I like the we have no money and my health… Lol your on a computer and have a internet connection. You probably have a mobile phone too…. So that costs money.

    There are many video services, legal ones, there not a lot of money and some have ads to pay for some content or there is subscription.

    You can steal from people or businesses, that’s easy, but do you really want to be that much of a tramp?
    I support paid apps, and people should wait for the content to arrive. I used show box as it gave me content on my paid device/service in a small app.

  14. Celia Marshall says:

    Miss my show box. Well pisssed off good films

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