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  1. Ankit Suthar says:

    I am trying from last 10 days. also filled out security form but it doesn’t work.
    is there any customer care or any other through i can contact google?
    Please help me in this . Have very important emails and data.

  2. rio says:

    Best solution to install and keep on separate computer for 50 bucks price to own mail , dns and imap server and forget about to be in that case looking as a child 5 years old that do not have responcibility to say stop using me for 5 bucks cost and loose my data costing 5000 bucks. Be aan adult. Think and compare you save 2.5 bucks per mont per email account and get chance once per year loose data costs 5000 bucks. Install Windows DNS, IMAP, POP servers or Linux (there are whole ready to use packages ) and feel yours like you keep you life in your own hands.

  3. HemaKohli says:

    Pls restart my email id

  4. NaingAungAung says:

    Your account is temporarily suspended – as a result of this suspension, ad serving is disabled.

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