How to Find a Right GCam for your Device? (Guide)

Looking to Install Right Google Camera Port for your Non-Pixel Android Device. Here is the Simple Guide to Find Perfect GCam for your Device.

If you are thinking of how to find the right Gcam for your device, then you landed on the right guide. Here you find the correct Google camera port for your respective Android device. Gcam or Google Camera is the native camera app of Google Pixel devices. They are packed with some of the best features suitable for modern smartphone photography.

There are developers out there who have ported the Google camera unofficially for various OEMs that produce smartphones. Time-to-time, these modded Gcam APKs are updated to stay efficient for the respective device it was ported for. It is important to note that an Android device other than Pixel phones must have the Camera 2 API installed on them to run ported GCam app.

How to Know Whether Your Android Device Has Camera 2 API on it?

You need to visit Play Store and install this app named Camera 2 API Probe. Install the app and run it to know whether Camera 2 API is supported on your Android device or not.

List of Perfect Google Camera for Your Device

Here is the list of various GCam ports for several popular Android devices used globally. These ports are developed by developers on the XDA forum. So, these modded GCam APKs are safe to use as long as you are using the respective GCam meant for your Android device.

NOTE: Modding your Android device may cause some of the functionalities on the device to not work. Proceed at your risk and execute the modding only after thoroughly understanding the steps explained under the respective device threads for GCam APK on XDA. In case of failed modding on your part, DigitBin will not be responsible for any loss.

GCam for OnePlus Devices

     Device Model Link to GCam Port
 OnePlus 6/OnePlus 6TDownload
 OnePlus NordDownload
 OnePlus 8/OnePlus 8 ProDownload
 OnePlus 5/OnePlus 5TDownload
 OnePlus 3/OnePlus 3TDownload
OnePlus 7/OnePlus 7 Pro /OnePlus 7T/OnePlus 7T ProDownload
 OnePlus One Download

GCam for Sony Xperia

     Xperia Model Link to GCam Port
   Sony Xperia 1 IIDownload
   Sony Xperia 5Download
   Sony Xperia 5 IIDownload
   Sony Xperia 1 Download

GCam for Samsung Smartphones

     Samsung Device Model Link to GCam Port
 Samsung Galaxy A70Download
 Samsung Galaxy A50Download
 Samsung Galaxy FoldDownload
 Samsung Galaxy M31Download
 Samsung Galaxy Note 8Download
 Samsung Galaxy Note 9Download
 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (Exynos)Download
 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 LiteDownload
 Samsung Galaxy Note 20 UltraDownload
 Samsung Galaxy S7Download
 Samsung Galaxy S8/Galaxy S8 PlusExynos / Qualcomm
 Samsung Galaxy S9/Galaxy S9 PlusExynos / Qualcomm
 Samsung Galaxy S10 LiteDownload
 Samsung Galaxy Z FlipDownload
 Samsung Galaxy A7 2018Download
 Samsung Galaxy S10e ExynosDownload
 Samsung Galaxy S10e QualcommDownload
 Samsung Galaxy S9 Exynos Download

GCam for Nokia

     Nokia Smartphone Model Link to GCam Port
 Nokia 9 PureViewDownload
 Nokia 8Download
 Nokia 8.1 Download
 Nokia 7 PlusDownload
 Nokia 7.1Download
 Nokia 5Download
 Nokia 6Download
 Nokia 6.1Download

GCam for Realme

     Realme Device Model Link to GCam Port
  Realme 3Download
 Realme X Download
 Realme 2 ProDownload
 Realme X2 ProDownload
 Realme X3 SuperZoomDownload
 Realme 3 ProDownload
 Realme XT Download
 Realme X50 ProDownload
 Realme 5 ProDownload

GCam for Huawei

     Huawei/Honor Device Model Link to GCam Port
  Huawei P30 ProDownload
  Honor View 20Download

Google Camera for Lenovo Devices

     Lenovo Device Model Link to GCam Port
  Lenovo P2Download
 Lenovo ZUK Z2/Lenovo Z2 PlusDownload
 Lenovo ZUK Z2 ProDownload
 Lenovo K6/K6 Power/K6 NoteDownload

GCam for ASUS Phones

     Device Model Link to GCam Port
  ASUS ZenFone 3Download
 ASUS ZenFone 6/ASUS 6ZDownload
 ASUS ROG Phone 3Download
 ASUS ZenFone 7 and ZenFone 7 ProDownload
 ASUS ZenFone Max M2Download
 ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M1Download
 ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M2 Download

GCam for LG Phones

     LG Device Model Link to GCam Port
  LG G7 ThinQDownload
  LG G5Download
  LG G6Download
  LG Q7Download
  LG V20Download
  LG V30Download
  LG V40Download
  LG V50 ThinQDownload
  LG V60 ThinQDownload
  LG G4Download

GCam for Motorola Devices

     Motorola Device Model Link to GCam Port
  Moto G6Download
  Moto G6 PlusDownload
  Moto G7Download
  Moto G7 PlusDownload
  Moto G8 PlusDownload
  Moto X4Download
  Motorola Edge+Download
  Motorola One Fusion PlusDownload
   Motorola OneDownload
   Motorola One Power Download
   Motorola G StylusDownload
   Moto G5Download

GCam for Xiaomi Devices

   Xiaomi Device Model Link to GCam Port
 Mi A1Download
Mi A2Download
Mi A3Download
Mi 6 Download
Mi 8 Download
Mi 9Download
Mi 10Download
Mi 10 ProDownload
Mi 10 UltraDownload
Mi MixDownload
Mi Mix 2Download
Mi Mix 3Download
Mi Note 3Download
Mi MaxDownload
Mi Max 2Download
Mi Max 3Download
POCO F1Download
POCO F2 ProDownload
Poco X2Download
Redmi 3SDownload
Redmi 5ADownload
Redmi 10 XDownload
Redmi K20 proDownload
Xiaomi Mi 9TDownload
Redmi 7ADownload
Redmi 8ADownload
Redmi Y2Download
POCO M2 ProDownload
Redmi Note 7 ProDownload
Redmi Note 6 ProDownload
Redmi Note 4Download
Redmi Note 5 ProDownload

GCam for HTC Devices

     HTC Device Model Link to GCam Port
  HTC 10Download
  HTC U12+Download
  HTC U UltraDownload
  HTC U11Download


That’s it. I hope now you will be able to find the right GCam for your Android device. Drop into the thread of XDA linked beside your device model. Follow the steps mentioned there and install the Google Camera port on your Android device.

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