5 Best Scary Horror Games for iOS Mobile

Looking to Play Some Scary or Freaking Horror Games for iOS Mobile. Here are the Best Horror Games for iPhone.

Halloween is around the corner, and there is no better way to add spookiness than by playing games in the horror/scary genre. Get into the shoes of the player to fight off evil. iPhone App Store is a house to 100’s of scary games. If you are into the horror genre and love to play games. Here are the 5 best scary horror games for iOS mobile.

1. Eyes: Horror & Scary Monsters

Eyes: Horror & Scary monsters

You enter a villa at night. It’s massively big and confusing, like a maze. You’re trying to run, but there are scary monsters after you! Here begins the chase..you have to run to save yourself.

Persistence is the key to Surviving terror and scary monsters. confront the ghosts and set yourself free from evil. Going forward in the game, you will find chase through the haunted mansion. Lights flicker, books clatter on their shelves, and the scary TV bursts into static.

Mode: Single Player

Download Free in-app purchases

2. Antarctica 88: Survival Horror

Antarctica 88 (Horror Action Game trailer) Android, iOS, Steam

In this game, you will find yourself in the cold regions of Antarctica, where you can immerse into a scary story full of monsters, and adventures.

The story is set up at a place named station “Antarctica 1”.  An expedition team has been engaged in working on exploring prehistoric minerals found in the ice near the station. It has been a few weeks since the expedition stopped communication. You are a part of the rescue team, and, you need to figure out what happened there.

You will be thrown into situations to Solve puzzles, explore, and figure out the missing links in the story. An original plot with multiple endings. It has multiple endings based on your course of action.

Enter the camp of 7 different survivors, each with their own unique role and set of abilities: Basketball player, doctor, engineer, thief, mercenary. And you can play 4 different psycho roles of butcher, cultist, ghost, and beast.

Mode: Single Player

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3. Five nights at Freddy’s house

Five Nights at Freddy's - Android

You’ve just started working at a local pizzeria at minimum wage. The pizzeria is — Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza; your job is to watch the pizza joint from midnight to 6 AM.

Sounds good, right?

This could be the easiest job by far, but out of nowhere, you get a recorded call from the last security guard cautioning you about the restaurant’s animatronics moving at night. And it’s likely they’re going to put you inside an empty animatronics costume if they find you, killing you in the process., you can save yourself by two powered doors — and some cameras — all of which are running on budget cuts.

Mode: Single Player

Download for $2.99 in-app purchases

4. Into the dead 2

Into the Dead 2 - Out now on Google Play

Unravel your Journey through the zombie apocalypse in a race to protect your family.  yourself with an arsenal of powerful weapons and do whatever it takes to survive.

Just like the previous game, this game also features multiple endings based on the in-game choices.

Even the rewards differ according to the completion. With different areas/places, the level of zombie threat is different. So, carefully choose your game plan!!

Mode: Single Player

Download Free in-app purchases

5. Evil Nun: Horror at School

Evil Nun: Horror at school

You get an invitation to a summer camp, and you get kidnapped by Sister Madeline of Eagle’s Junior High School. You should try to escape ASAP, she’s got a wicked plan.

The only way to out is to solve puzzles and escape Sister Madeline’s evil gaze. The game USP is an interesting story and provides multiple escape routes from the school. You will have to put your head to use to solve most puzzles.

Mode: Single Player

Download Free in-app purchases

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