How to Unsee Someone’s Instagram Story After Viewing It?

Wish to Hide Yourself After Seeing a Story on Instagram Accidently or Willingly? Here are Few Best Methods to Unsee Instagram Story after Viewing them.

Have you watched someone’s Instagram story and wondered how to unsee it in case the account owner gets to know that you have been stalking on their Insta stories or if you accidentally watched someone’s story that you didn’t want to. Then in this guide, I will tell you three cool tricks to unsee someone’s Instagram story after viewing it.

You do not necessarily have to be a stalker to end up watching someone’s Instagram story. Often by mistake, while scrolling around, you may end up tapping on the profile avatar, and if there is an active story, then you end up viewing it. It can be embarrassing for many who simply stalk a person and knowingly or unknowingly end up seeing their Instagram stories.

On a separate note, I must mention that we at DigitBin as a responsible platform do not encourage anyone to stalk someone else on the internet for any bad purpose.

Is There A Way to Undo After Viewing Instagram Story?

No, technically no such option is available, after viewing an Instagram story, your profile will be visible in the list of Instagram users who viewed that story.

While there is no way to revert this action, you can do a few things to avoid getting noticed by the user who posted the Instagram story.

3 Easy Ways to Hide Yourself Instagram Story After Viewing

To avoid getting seen as a viewer for a story, you can

  • Block the account of the person whose Instagram story you have viewed
  • Deactivate your Instagram account for a certain period.
  • View the Instagram story by disabling the internet connection.

I have explained all these 3 methods which work and will keep you safe from getting listed as a viewer of any Instagram story.

Block the Account of the User Whose Story You Viewed

Once you realize that you have seen the Instagram story, it may happen that the person who posted the story will know about you immediately. This may not happen every time, and the person may check at a later time regarding who all checked their Instagram stories.

In the meanwhile, you can block that user on Instagram. When you block them, they won’t be able to see your profile listed on their stories even though you had viewed them.

To block any account, here are the steps you should follow.

  1. Open the profile of the concerned user who you want to block.
  2. Tap on the 3-dot button on the top-right corner
  3. Then Tap on Block
  4. Confirm your action by selecting any of the two options that mention simply blocking that person’s current account or block all the accounts they may create.
    block user on Instagram

Keep in mind that, if you followed that person or vice-versa upon blocking, they/you will be unfollowed automatically.

Disable the Internet Connection and View the Story

If you are curious to stalk at any cost and watch other Instagram users’ stories, you can do that by disabling your device’s internet connection.

  1. Open the profile of the concerned user whose Instagram story you want to watch.
  2. Then disable the data option in the pull-down quick access tray(in Android) and tap on the Data button to disable it.
    disable internet connection
  3. Now, tap on the avatar or the story that a user has posted.
  4. Note that if a video clip is posted in the story, it may not run if the internet has been cut off.

If you are using the internet through WiFi, you can disable the same by tapping on the WiFi button in the Pull-down quick access tray.

You can even enable the flight mode and view the story easily without getting noticed.

Note: It is important to remember that after you view the story by going offline, DO NOT immediately go online on Instagram. Wait for 24 hours before using Instagram actively. Otherwise, your story view will be registered right in the Seen section of that concerned Instagram story.

24 hours is the time which an Instagram story will remain active in the feed. So, depending on what time the story was posted and when you viewed it, calculate the 24-hour window and stay away from Instagram.

On a separate note, I must mention that we at DigitBin, as a responsible platform, do not encourage anyone to stalk someone else on the internet for any bad purpose.

Deactivate Your Instagram

Another safe way to unsee someone’s Instagram story after viewing it is by deactivating your Instagram account.

Once you view the story, log into your Instagram from a PC browser or mobile browser. This is required as deactivating the Instagram account is possible only from the PC version of Instagram or through mobile browser-based Instagram.

  1. Tap on your Instagram profile
  2. From the menu, tap on Settings.
    instagram settings
  3. Under that, navigate down to the option “temporarily Disable My Account” and tap on it.
    click on temporarily disable my account
  4. On the next page, you have to specify why you wish to disable your account and enter the account password as well.
  5. Then confirm by clicking on Temporarily Disable Account.
    enter account password

As the Instagram stories are active for 24-hours, do not reactivate your account for that period; otherwise, you will be listed in the Seen section of the Instagram story that you viewed. To be on the safer side, reactivate your Instagram profile after 48 hours.

So, these are the various easy ways to unsee someone’s Instagram story after viewing it. I hope you found this informative.

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