YouTube Vanced | Please Check your Internet Connection

With a couple of Simple Tricks Above you can Fix the Internet Connection Error on the YouTube Vanced App for Android Mobile.

YouTube Vanced is a counterfeit version of the YouTube app with features like Dark Mode, Background Play, Pop-Up Box, Ad-block, and more for free. The app is developed by Team Vanced from XDA Developers. You get all the features for free without any complex installation process.

YouTube Vanced offers premium features of the app which you can access without any subscription or pay. The app uses YouTube API and is built on the YouTube framework, therefore it looks, feels, and works like YouTube. You won’t be disappointed with the Vanced as it works as an exact clone of the original YouTube App but with some advanced features.

The common issue that users face on Vanced is an internet connection error. Even though you are connected to the working internet, the YT Vanced will show Connect to the Internet, You’re offline, Check your Connection.

The solution to Fix Internet Error on YT Vanced

Fix 1. microG Complications

I don’t know why, but microG sometimes causes the YouTube Vanced to not connect to the data. The internet connection error can occur suddenly even in a normal working YouTube Vanced App. The best solution is to uninstall the microG app.

Once the microG is uninstalled, open YouTube Vanced, and if the app loads the video, then microG is the culprit. No issues you can again download and install the microG app. You will not face the issue further.

If after deleting microG, YT Vanced force closes, no worries just clear data and cache of YT Vanced and install the microG, the internet issue will be solved.

You can make use of Vanced Manager APK for downloading the latest YT Vanced and microG.

Fix 2. Account Error

Another fix for the issue;

  • Go to microG App
  • Remove Google account,
  • Then go to vanced youtube and sign in.

Note: For some devices, go to Android settings → Account → Vanced Account → Remove Account; and again add Google Account on YT Vanced App

It will solve your problem. Thanks

I hope the solution will fix the internet connection error on your YouTube Vanced App for Android

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  1. Dansingh gurjar says:

    Sir yah sab kuchh karke dekh liya bar bar network error show ho jata hai

  2. Kj says:

    Turn on incognito then turn it back off

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      Thanks for the Tip 😀

      • Salma says:

        It worked.. Thanks a million 😍

    • DC says:

      Thank you brother… It works. Btw how did you find this ???? Just by trial??

  3. Fazal says:

    Did everything but bar bar wohi error a jata

  4. Jenny says:

    Yeahs its works thank you im glad its worls again

  5. Rrrrrrrricta says:

    I did unistall the microG app like u said but then I couldn’t open the YouTube app. So I installed again and it was OK again

  6. Renk says:

    thank you very much really, it was the only thing that worked

  7. Dr VT says:

    Reinstalling microG was the only thing that worked. Thanks a ton Nikhil!

  8. SD says:

    I have changed password in Google account how can I change in vanced

  9. Luka Babilodze says:

    Worked like a charm, thank you.

  10. Mew123 says:

    I tried to wipe the cache and storage,Buut it didint work,Youtube Vanced still forced it to close,Please reply me ti fix this issue,Thank you if you replied.

  11. Anees Fatima says:

    Thanks it works i was facing this issue for many days superb Thanks

  12. Lola says:

    Thx it worked after clearing cache

  13. Samir Ranade says:

    tones of thanks solve my issue with your guidance thanks once again.

  14. John says:

    HI guys,

    I have tried all the possible ways to fix the bug with internet connection but nothing helped:

    – deleted the account;
    – reinstalled Vance manager, Youtube Vanced and Micro G;
    – installed earlier versions of Youtube Vanced and Micro G.

    I even wiped my tablet a couple of times. Every certain period of time internet connection stops and I have to re-enable my WiFi. Maybe because it’s Android 5.0? I’m using Lenovo tablet 7.

    Any ideas guys? Maybe to root my tablet?


    • Moin Uddin says:

      Put MicroG in the exclude list of background killer application like phone master and allow in auto start list.

  15. Big johns says:

    Big thanks bro

  16. Mirek says:

    Thanks God for your help. Thanks very much and have a great day

  17. Legiana says:

    Its work

  18. Bhumkesh kale says:

    Thank you

  19. Linay says:

    Thanks it works..there is an account problem

  20. Tristan says:

    Awesome! You’re a life saver! Thank you.

  21. Man says:

    How to solve This Problem in Vanced App

    It is Different than Youtube Vanced
    And can be Found as Vanced apk

  22. Hilda Shani says:

    Thank You😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  23. Aprajita says:

    uninstalling and installing the microG worked for me .. the incongito mode method is not a complete solution as in that you can’t use youtube with your account that means no access to my subscriptions or downloads or plylists.

  24. ZarN4 says:

    Thank you sm! It ocurred before and i waited until it fixed itself or something, but now the first method worked perfectly, tytyty

  25. Karro says:

    Thank you! it works

  26. oneoftheusers says:

    Thanks wouldn’t be enough pal…
    The solution (Fix account error 2)described worked.
    Kudos man!

  27. Juan says:

    Mannn i uninstalled the micro g, installed it again and problem solved. Thanks so much

  28. Arun says:

    wow this works.. thanks a lot

  29. Maria says:

    Thank you very much! It works perfect.

  30. Abhi says:

    I didn’t find the option of Incognito. Can someone guide I’m facing the issue of No connection to Internet.

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