Fix Microsoft Store error 0x803f8001 [5+ Methods]

Facing Issues with Microsoft Store Error Code 0x803F8001? Here are the Best Solutions to Fix the Loading Issue with Windows Store for PC.

Microsoft Store is the place from where you can download a variety of apps straight on your Windows laptop or PC. Moreover, you can also update all the apps that are installed via Microsoft Store, just like you do on an Android device via the Play Store. However, there are several user reports that have highlighted the issue of Microsoft Store error code 0x803f8001.

This error showed up for users when they were trying to update the apps through the store. In case you are also facing this Microsoft Store error code 0x803f8001 issue, and are unable to fix it, you have landed in the right place. Because, in this post, we will give you some effective solutions that you can apply and hopefully fix this issue. With that said, let us check out the methods to fix the Microsoft Store error code 0x803f8001 issue.

What Causes Microsoft Store Error 0x803f8001?

Microsoft Store Error code 0x803F8001

Before we begin and go through the solutions, it is always better to understand the possible reasons behind the issue. As far as Microsoft Store error 0x803f8001 is concerned, after checking all the forums and support pages, here are a few possible reasons we were able to deduce for this issue:

  • Due to enabled proxy server
  • Unwanted cache files
  • Microsoft Store is unable to identify the location of your system
  • Due to antivirus software
  • Setup language or region not selected correctly

The reasons for this issue may vary, but these are some of the reasons which have been reported by users facing Microsoft Store error 0x803f8001. Now, that you have a bit of understanding regarding the reasons behind this error, let us check out the solutions to fix it.

1. Disable Antivirus

Although antivirus software is meant to disable or prevent infected apps from running or entering your PC, sometimes they can act pretty weird and prevent necessary apps from functioning properly. Ultimately, this could lead to errors such as Microsoft Store error 0x803fe8001issue. In order to fix this issue, you may need to disable your antivirus tool. Here are the steps to do that:

  1. Head to the navigation pane on the Taskbar down below and select Windows Security.
    Windows Security
  2. Click on the Virus & threat protection option.
    Virus and Threat protection
  3. Then click on the Manage Settings option, which you will find below by scrolling the mouse cursor.
    Manage Settings
  4. Under the Manage Settings option, you need to toggle off the Real-time protection switch.
    Turn Off Real Time Protection
  5. Simply reboot your PC. Open Microsoft Store and see if it fixes the issue or not.

2. Reset Microsoft Store Cache

Unwanted or old cache files can prevent the app from getting updated or work properly. So, it is a good habit of clearing the cache data of any app from time to time. Many users have reported clearing of Microsoft Store cache did the job for them and fixed this issue. Here’s how you can also clear the Microsoft Store cache data:

  1. From the Taskbar, right-click on the Windows icon and select Settings.
    Open the Setting app from the Start menu
  2. Now, select the Apps option.
  3. Head over to the Apps and features section and search for Microsoft Store.
    Apps Windows 11
  4. Click on the Advanced options link.
    Advanced Option Store
  5. Tap on the Reset button to clear all cache data.
    Reset Microsoft Store
  6. Once the process is done, try opening Microsoft Store and see if this fixed the error or not.

3. Run the SFC

Microsoft technical support has mentioned a method to resolve this issue. The first one involves running the System File Checker or SFC scan on the PC.

  1. Open the Command prompt, either through the Run command or by search Command Prompt on the Windows search menu.
  2. Make sure to open Command Prompt as an Administrator.
    Windows Key + S and then look for CMD
  3. Enter “sfc /scannow” command and hit Enter button.
  4. It will begin checking for issues and also fix them during the process.

4. Allow Location Access

As already mentioned, several users were getting this Microsoft Store error code due to restricted location access. You can try enabling the location option and let the Store have access to it and see if this fixes the issue or not.

  1. Press Win+S keys and type Location privacy settings.
  2. Under the Allow apps to access your location section, you need to Turn On the toggle switch.

5. Disable Proxy

If your system has a proxy server enabled, it could prevent Microsoft Store from downloading the latest updates or function properly.

  1. Open the Run command and enter “inetcpl.cpl” and hit the Enter key.
  2. In the Internet Properties window, head over to the Connections tab.
  3. Select LAN settings.
  4. Unmark the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” checkbox. You can enable the “Automatically detect settings” options.
  5. Press the OK button.

6. Use DISM Tool

You can also make use of the Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool, in short, called the DISM tool to fix most of the issues in your PC. It basically repairs the damaged files and scans them for any issues.

  1. Press Windows Key + S button and then look for “CMD” or Command Prompt to open as administrator.cmd run as administrator
  2. Copy and paste “dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth” and hit Enter.
    DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
  3. The DISM tool will begin the process and will scan for damaged files. Besides, during the process, it will also fix the damaged files.

7. Reset Language and Region Settings

During the Windows setup, if you have provided the wrong language or regional settings, then this could cause the Microsoft Store to misbehave. Here’s how you can change the settings and correct them:

  1. From the Taskbar, right-click on the Windows icon and select Settings.
  2. Select Time & language and then select Region from the left pane.
  3. Now, select the correct region.
    Change Language
  4. Then from the left pane, select the Language option. Under the Language menu, select the correct language.
    Preferred Language
  5. Close the Settings app and see if this fixes the issue or not.

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