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  1. Wesley Theron says:

    I have it on 1 and it happens all the time – Thinking of cancelling this sh1t

  2. Greg S says:

    I’m sick and tired of entering my correct password only to be told that it is incorrect. I then have to go through the motions of changing my password and logging in again.

  3. Kate says:

    We do not have 8 devices logged in to any account much less the all important Disney+! This is ridiculous!

  4. Afaqul says:


  5. Anna Hughes says:

    Pain in you know what! Sick of logging on every time I go to stream. Disney needs to fix this. I tried reinstalling app, before long it’s starts logging out again. BsS and so aggrevating

  6. Maya Cuppetelli says:

    It’s not even letting me log in, it’s making me make a new passcode which will change the passcode on all of my Disney apps

  7. Mike says:

    I got on the chat with a live person to have them help me with this. they told me to go find my payment platform in the exact date I started with Disney so that they can verify that I’m the account holder. I’ve had Disney plus since the beginning and I have no idea what that date is. I have auto pay for my bank account and that wasn’t good enough for them. So I can’t even get help in fixing this problem. I might just drop this channel.

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