How to Use Apple Maps on Android?

Looking to Access Apple Maps on Android Mobile. Here is the Simple Guide to Use Apple Maps on Android.

Apple Maps have made some significant contributions to this side when it comes to GPS navigation. And over the past few years, the application has introduced a lot of essential features as well. Now, if you are an iOS or macOS user, you must be familiar with Apple maps and most probably used to it. However, if you have recently shifted to an Android device or maybe you have a separate Android phone alongside, can you still use Apple Maps?

Well, the question has been frequently asked as users look for ways to use Apple Maps on their Android devices. And as we know, the native Apple applications are exclusively available for only Apple devices; the answer to it is generally ‘NO’. But what if we tell you about a trick through which you can use it on your Android device? Yes, today, we are going to reveal the trick to using Apple Maps on Android devices. To know more about it, be with us until the end.

How to Use Apple Maps on Android?

Apple applications are only available on iOS or macOS devices. Therefore, there is no way you can simply download the application on your Android device. Moreover, there are no third-party applications as well that might make it happen. Perhaps, the only way to use it is via the web application itself. The steps below define how you can seamlessly use Apple Maps using your Android phone.

  • Firstly, open any browser you like to use on your Android phone.
  • Search for DuckDuckGo search engine.

search duckduckgo

  • Once, you are on the DuckDuckGo home page, search for the location you plan to visit.


  • Now, click on ‘Maps’ just below the Search bar. It will open the directions to your destination on Apple Maps.

search for location on duckduckgo

  • You can now click on Directions. It will show you all the routes available along with the distance and time.

apple maps on duck duck go

  • You can click on any route you wish to take, and it will further show your route in a list-wise manner.

apple maps navigation on duck duck go

If you don’t want to experience the web-browser version, you may also download the DuckduckGo app on your iPhone, which offers the same map experience with better viewing and faster maps loading. Although the web version will not be as effective as Apple Maps, but it is the best you can get on your Android device.


This was the easiest and probably the only way to use Apple Maps on Android devices. Since DuckDuckGo uses Apple Maps to locate directions, the same trick is also applicable for using Apple Maps on Windows PC and any other non-Apple device. Let us know if this article has helped find what you were looking for. Also, comment below if you have any suggestions or queries about the same.

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