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  1. H.C.Foster,III says:

    This list is, I assume, for Samsung smart tvs running Android, correct? The vast majority of these apps are not available on new Samsung tvs running their proprietary OS, TIZEN.

  2. Fran says:

    Need help installing Espn + on Samsung smart tv

  3. Timothy says:

    ITV hub would be nice

  4. Sue Macdougall says:

    I can’t seem to get the Sky news app ?

  5. J. Scheetz says:

    This app store is very limited.
    It’s a shame that none of the high end TV companies use the Roku smart system. I was burned once by buying a TV that didn’t include some of my favorite apps so I’ll stick with Roku TVs. I can’t see the sense in paying for a smart tv and then having to add a Roku to it.

  6. JOHN RUPPLE says:

    Will Fox News and Fox Nation be add to the app list?

    • Maria Santiago says:

      Will Disney plus app be able to be downloaded on my Samsung smart TV Hub

  7. Chris wynter says:

    Can we have 10 All Access in Australia

  8. Howard J. Fiske says:

    Why don’t you have the BYUTV app?

  9. Peter says:

    Cash keeps changing to cash?

  10. Herb says:

    Where is Disney Plus. Seems like it is available to everyone but Samsung tv
    I have an older smart tv. Model UN4OF6300.

  11. Cheryl watson says:

    When is the CBS all access app going to be available for Samsung smart TV’s?

  12. Richard Wilson says:

    NFL Game Pass.
    Anyone know if there is an App for watching the NFL games on a Samsung Smart TV. NFL says there is but it might or might not work depending on the age of the TV. Samsung says their TV does not support whatever it is that the NFL streams their video image in. I have paid for the present season Game pass and can watch it on iPad or desktop computer but not my telly.

  13. Pam Stringer says:

    How do you turn off microphones, camera, and collection of personal information

  14. Gary Gipson says:

    What happen to hallmark channel, is on my Samsung QLED, purchased a new 70″ 4k UHD and no app?????????????????

  15. Debbie says:

    I don’t see an app for spectrum cable tv

  16. Paul Christensen says:

    Why the EFF would you want Fox News?

  17. Brian Noel says:

    Why does Samsung not include DAZN in it’s app’s on it’s smart TV’s?
    This is the only App that allows anyone to watch the Premier League in England.
    I am trying to find a TV that will download the App.Presently I have the app on a tablet which a computer friend of mine attached to my older Samsung smart TV.

  18. Rich says:

    waiting for Disney+

  19. Tom M says:

    I can’t seem to find YouTube TV, I’m an amateur I know but could use the help

  20. Vincent S says:

    What about the NHL TV app

  21. Antony Pearson says:

    Any chance of the gopro app?

  22. Kathy Pavlik says:

    What about Disney app?

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