Samsung Smart TV Apps List on Smart Hub

Here is the list of all the Samsung Smart TV Apps available on the Smart Hub in the tabular form for easy navigation and checking.

A Smart TV is a television set with the integrated Internet and interactive “Web 2.0” features. Samsung Smart TV is one of the most popular TV product. The Samsung Samsung Smart TV has a number of useful Apps to use and today in this post I have listed almost all the Smart TV Apps from Samsung’s Smart Hub.

Few apps may not be available for older TV series while few may not be available for newer series. The Apps below are most likely available for all the Samsung Smart TV’s

Most Popular Samsung Smart TV Apps


YouTube for Samsung TV is one of the most popular TV App. The App interface is very easy to use and it even lets users to Sign-in with the Google Account to synchronise the YouTube data.


Netflix allows you to stream videos from the web directly to our TV screen without an external gadget.

The Netflix app is usually pre-installed or can be downloaded in almost all Samsung Smart TVs. In this case, all you need is to search for Netflix from the installed app list, sign in and start enjoying.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Video is an Internet video on demand service that is developed, owned, and operated by Amazon. The Amazon offers some great exclusive content.

The Amazon video serves in countries like USA, UK, India and other European countries.

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now allows you to play a variety of PlayStation 3 games on your TV. The app manages the heavy loaded games by streaming them directly from Sony’s servers.

Few of the faster games may not be much responsive as if they are when running natively on a console, but good internet speed can reduce the effects to the minimum.


Hulu is another popular American subscription video on demand service offering some of the most popular and exclusive content to its user’s worldwide.


Are you a music lover? If yes then Spotify can turn your TV into a small music theatre with over 30 million tracks. It even lets you subscribe and edit the playlist to keep your songs organised.


Vudu is a video-on-demand service that let you pay as you go. Vudu is known for its higher quality video and sound, including the latest Dolby Atmos surround sound releases.

Here I have listed all the Apps on Samsung Smart TV, check for your favourite below. To find any of the below on your TV.

Web Search

The Samsung Smart TV App also provides Web search utility. You can search for your query right on the TV with Web 2.0 App from Samsung itself.

HBO Now/Go

Another VOD services, HBO is one stop destination if you wish to enjoy some premium flagship content like Game of Thrones.

Click on Smart Hub Button → Categories → Choose the category → Download the App & open it

To check your favourite Apps, you can press Ctrl+F and type the App name in the search box.

Note: Apps availability may vary subject to country and TV series, few many apps listed below may not be available or may be available as it all depends on your region and TV Model.

Video Apps for Samsung Smart TV

Below is the tabular data of all the video streaming Apps available on Samsung Smart TV.

Video AppsVideo AppsVideo Apps
1.3D Smart TvDigital TheatreHungama
2.3doo 3D PlayerDivan.TVKurdish TVs Plus
3.AirWire PayerDivine Indiamako TV
4.Al JazeeraDJIMentors Channel
5.Amazon Video PrimeDocuboxMercedes-Benz TV
6.AOL OnDS VideoMo Moviez VOD
8.Arirang TVERTMyChannls
9.Arpinet TVFamBoxmyGreeceTv
10.AudiFashionBox LiveNational Geography Kids
11.Baby ChannelFashion TVNetFlix
12.BalkaniyumTVFightbox LiveNetPlus TV
13.BBC NewsFilmBox LiveNFB Films
14.Bolly n BeyondFinancial TimesPhil.TV
15.Caribbe TVFridayMoviezPepsi MTV Indies
16.Chef TVGinx TVPluto TV
17.CineFunTV HDGoogle Play MoviePlex
18.College HumorGSS Media WWPorsche TV
19.CuriosityStreamHero TalkiesRedbull TV
20.Digital Concert HallHome TheatreRockaxis TV
21. UpdatedSCOOP!ShowMaxSmart IPTV
22. UpdatedTechCrushTEDTMZ
23. UpdatedTotal MusicYouTube/KidsYupp TV

Sports Apps for Samsung Smart TV

The sports apps may be video streaming based or just present data or scoreboard.

Sports AppsSports AppsSports Apps
1.UFC.TVMYZEN.TVCricket DL Calci
2.WWE NetworkWorkout Time RecorderVroom.GP
3.WRCPersonal Fit Stretching for RunningFishing TV
4.GoalSports Score BoardMLB.TV

Kids Apps for SSTV

Kids AppsKids AppsKids Apps
1.Best Kids SongsDS 04DS 10
2.Cat Trouble in Mouse VillageDS 05DS 11
3.Dibo's Playground PlusDS 06DS 12
4.Dibo's Storybook 01DS 07DS 13
5.DS 02DS 08English Kingergarten
6.DS 03DS 09Giggly English 1
7.GE 2GE 3Gingerbread Man
8.WordWorldSolar System PlanetsThree Little Pigs

Education Apps for SSTV

Education AppsEducation AppsEducation Apps
1.7Wonders of the WorldCodeConverterHuman Evolution
2.ABC Monster FunConstellationsKiddyMatch
3.Alphabet 2012CrorepatiLearn & Play
4.Alphabet GamesDiibo's StickerbookLearn French
5.AstrolmagesFolk TalesLets Learn Grammer
6.Awesome GlassesFun With MathsLetter Bubbles
7.Baby BeetlesGiggly PhonicsMatchTheFlags
8.Baby's toy RCGiggly Them DictionaryMath Man
9.Best Kids SongsGRE Flash CardsMensuration Made Eas
10.BookofEtiquetteHuman Anatomy SysMi Perro Chocolo
11.Millenium MathsMorseCodeNursery Island
12.Poror's Stricker Book 1Rulers of IndiaTEST4U

Information Apps for SSTV

Information AppsInformation AppsInformation Apps
1.The Weather NetworkDNRDTV Kindergarten
2.Bloomberg TVPressReaderAll About Hairstyle
3.AccuWeatherABP NewsThe Dating Theory
4.DirigentTUT.BYPictorial Biography
5.Web BrowserLottoNostradamus
6.euronewsColor Blindness TestThe History of Rome
7.RFE/RLNo More SmokingHistory of America
8.42Net Smart PlayerAll About PerfumeDIY Child Products
9.The Weather ChannelAll About Diabates100YearsCalnder
10.Remote Shop Care HubAll About Mixing DrinksThis Day in History
11.Money ControlMercedes-BenzEMICalci
12.Deccan ChronicleTaxCalciDid You Know
13.Samsung SPSNSEMANAAaj TaK
14.Top Beauty
15.TOIBMI CalciIBN Live
16.QuikrQminder ConnectRTP Play

Lifestyle Apps for SSTV

Lifestyle AppsLifestyle AppsLifestyle Apps
1.Blue SkyFacebook SamsungLive Wallpaper
2.Broken TVFacebookAlbumModalisboa
3.Calm RadioFunny SoundsMyDigipack
4.Chinese AstroGetting Rid of BugsNatGeo Images
5.Chrismtas CarolsHajjNDTV LifeStyle
6.CloudMeiAN TVPixtory HD
7.CookingInteractive StoryRaaga
8.DeezerKomfort Cloud TVRed Karaoke
9.Digital ClockKrbRoulette
10.Disco LightsLearning WuduSamsungMyRecipe
11.SantaBanta BollySmart LEDSound Effect
12.Size ConverterThe Karaoke TVUHD ZOO
13.vTuner Internet RadioWallpaperWorld Clock
14.YuuZooSony Playstation

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14 Responses

  1. techie says:

    This is what makes Smart TV’s not very smart. You are at the mercy of the manufacture. I mean Samsung, you don’t even have a ESPN app, what a joke, or any major movie players like HBO, Showtime, etc. Where are Sling TV options. A RVU TV to support directv, but not a directv app? At best the option of a smart tv is mediocre when the manufactures control or limit it’s ability to expand. Smart TV’s are pretty much useless when it comes to apps selection and installation. The bottom line is you have to buy a smart device like Roku or a Firestick to get the most wanted apps. The Smart TV and manufactures are actually pretty dumb, which limits the ability to perform as smart tv. Just a extra waste, to the make the consumer think there getting more. If it’s smart then don’t limit the consumer or just don’t bother to add the feature.

    • Nikhil says:

      Thanks for your thoughts.

    • J says:

      Also, Sling TV app is indeed also included on Samsung TV app directory (and I just searched for it and installed it to make sure). Again, I’m also not sure why the original author didn’t correct this, or why his post above is so incomplete.

    • J says:

      DirectTV Now is also available for Samsung TV by via the HBO Go app (you install and launch the app, then select Direct TV Now as the carrier and log in with your credentials, and then Direct TV Now is available on your Samsung TV. Again, the list above is way incomplete.

    • B says:

      FYI, the Samsung TV SmartHub actually does have apps for HBO Now, HBO Go, Showtime, ESPN, Sling TV, DirectTV Now (log in via the HBO Go app), and MANY others. If there are any other services you’re wondering about being available as apps, please reply and I’ll search and check for you. (As a side note, since getting a Samsung UHD 4K TV, the only time I ever use my Chromecast anymore is when I want to stream a local video file from a laptop using Videostream in Chrome, since every other possible app I’d ever use with Chromecast is now available in the Samsung TV itself.)

  2. Stephanie says:

    No Sling tv available? Ugh! What’s the point of a smart tv if they have minimal apps available?

  3. D says:

    I think apps also vary from Samsung model. I get get fox now on one of my Samsung TVs but not on all of them. That’s frustrating to me. I searched for apps I already had on an older model (2014) that weren’t available on my newer one (2017).

  4. Lu Wiltz says:

    Will you have History & ID channels in the near future

  5. Mike N. says:

    Hi, Seem to rhyme here. I am in need of an app from Smarthub that matches the ability of Mobdro streaming app. Any leads to have this app is appreciated.

    I tend to agree with the previous comments that a smart TV is just supposed to be smart… allow for that flexibility of customisation pretty much like a phone does… Hope our good manufacturers will read this.

  6. Ron P. says:

    So if Sling is available where is it or how do I find it because I sure dont see it anywhere?

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