How to Download Cloudflare DNS for Windows and Mac PC?

Download Cloudflare DNS App for Windows & Mac PC for Free and Encrypt your Internet Data and Protect your Privacy on PC.

DNS stands for Domain Name Servers, it is like a phonebook for the internet where all the domains and IP addresses are stored. When you send data to your ISP they search the DNS to retrieve the answer for your query. Most of the time the DNS is not private and may have a slow server response. So, you can switch to some other Public DNS servers like Cloudflare.

Why Use DNS?

  • DNS is the only system that can help you browse the internet.
  • DNS provides a solution of converting domain or subdomain names to IP addresses
  • DNS servers are an important component for the security by encrypting your data
  • They provide faster server response

Why Use Cloudflare DNS?

  • They Provide Safer Internet by replacing the connection between your device and the Internet with a modern, optimized protocol.
  • offers a service named WARP. Your Internet service provider can see every site and app you use. You can try WARP to prevent snooping by encrypting the data.
  • If your ISP is not able to retrieve the data you can connect with DNS
  • Cloudflare has 155+ data centers globally giving an average Ping of 13.5 ms. Ping Global
  • The WARP+ with offers a quick server response with 30% faster on average

Minimum System Requirements

  • macOS Catalina – 10.15 or higher | 64 bit only
  • Windows 10 – 1909 or higher | 64 bit only

How to Download DNS App for PC?

Here are Simple Steps to Download and Install Cloudflare DNS App on your Windows and Mac PC

  1. Download the client from Cloudflare
  2. Navigate to the Downloads folder and double click on Cloudflare
  3. Double click on the Cloudflare the file that is extracted
  4. Follow instructions in the installer to complete
  5. Install the App on Mac
  6. Similarly, you can install Windows MSI file on your Windows PC.

Conclusion: With Cloudflare DNS protects your data and play games or browse online with greater security.

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