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  1. Bjørn says:

    How can one see the current resolution running on the TV (tv info) when input comes from an AV receiver and other external devices. I cant seem to find a button to show resolution + hz.

  2. Wally says:

    I’m tryiny to figure out to have the tv startup with my direct tv when I turn it on. It always is on an antenna channel when I turn it on & my wife has a difficult time switching it to be correct hdmi port to watch direct tv.

  3. MARY L MAYO says:

    Good article!!

  4. Victor Salva says:

    Thanks very helpful. Would like to know why I have so many screensaver HD movies on my Samsung and where I can thin out the older ones.

    • Wayne says:

      Our TV is connected to the AV equipment and works fine on live TV. When using Prime Video or Netflix there is no sound.It is connected via the optical cable. I have been in to settings and checked that the sound is in opt output and it is . The TV is a 7series 7400.
      I have tried our other TVS on the system another Samsung, Sony Bravia and an old 10 year Techna and they work fine. Any ideas.

  5. Michael Floyd says:

    Samsung have now blocked Iptv which ain’t good

  6. Sharon says:

    Do they have PureFlix as an app on the tv?

  7. Amanda Rae Lockwood says:

    This is a great service and gives much help Highly recommended than you

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