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88 Responses

  1. Keith says:

    Have downloaded Mobdro to my grandaughters mxq box (so she can watch Dr Who) big problem we have , its like watching a slow motion replay any ideas ?

  2. Jen says:

    Anyone else having issues with selecting a channel (specifically History) and it is actually A&E or Fox Sports? Very frustrating…

    • mike perry says:

      I’m having the same issue. Have you been able to resolve it?

  3. Brenda says:

    I have Modbro on my StreamTeam box; I have uninstalled and installed, but I still keep getting invalid date error. The date and time in settings is correct. What else can I do?

    • Nikhil says:

      Clear the Data of Mobdro

  4. Joe says:

    I get the blank screen also…. what I have been doing is clicking on the search icon (magnifying glass) then typing into the search bar the channel I want to watch… eg… Fox News or MSNBC or CNN …. then I click on the the icon and voila… the show turns up…

  5. BRENDEN says:

    Mobdro is one of best application i never seen before in streaming applications.
    you can get latest updates and version about streaming applications.

  6. Spencer says:

    Can’t pull up tnt on mobdro lately was working fine a couple of days ago.

  7. Spencer says:

    I cannot find tnt (English)in my channels for 2days now. When is it coming back? Is there something I can do to get it back?

  8. Marvel says:

    most of the peoples knows mobdro is one of the best. But there is lot of alternatives is there and it’s better than mobdro. kindly go through here.

  9. Nigel says:

    Been using mobdro fine for about a month now. Now today the app wont open on my phone. It starts the app but then it just goes back to home screen

  10. greg says:

    Hello, I’m having problems with Stream offline using latest ver of Mobdro 2.1.5
    I’ve tried deleting and dl older ver 2.1.4 same issue. So I tried using Mobdro with my paid vpn (PureVPN) connect to UK say now on stations all I get is a spinning circle like it’s doing something, but never does anything else. Help please, it’s driving me nuts.

  11. susan attwood says:

    as from today if I try to open a stream from “favourites” I get the oh no this stream is offline. I can open them from channels, but as soon as they are put into favourites—- no go. I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times, and even factory reset my box—- all to no avail.HELP!!!

    • Aus John says:

      I have same problem, favorites & history show off line but categories play fine.
      Problem started 19/12/2018 using ver 2.1.20. No upgrade was made.
      Tried clean install & another device (Android TV Box), no change.
      Suspect Mobdro have changed something their end.

  12. josé cunh says:

    muito bom

  13. dr says:

    How to get in contact with Mobdro?

  14. Zack says:

    I have mobdro on my firestick and when I try to watch a video it will work a little bit then start freezing up how can I fix this problem. I’ve stopped it and went back in and still same problem.

  15. Charlie says:

    Black and white picture with green line across screen

  16. Winston says:

    Mondeo hardly wore if ever it will always work on playback when racing is no longer of interest , can you fix the issue

  17. Roy says:

    Good info thanks

  18. Craig says:

    Mobdro worked perfectly on my older phone. Doesn’t seem to work properly now. The categories are there but when I click on them I get sent to the in-app browser for some reason. There seems to be no channels anywhere. I’ve downloaded both the newest and version 2.0.0 and got the same results. Please help!!!!!

  19. Lehanie Potgieter says:

    The Supersport Channels 1 and 2 in the Sport Section isn’t working, what is up with that?

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