Best Putlocker Alternatives to Watch Free Movies and TV Shows

Best Free Putlocker Alternative Sites to watch movies and TV shows. The sites listed below are both legal and illegal streaming platforms.

Putlocker is the world-famous online streaming media website that has been shut down by various Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Government authorities all over the globe, leaving all its die-hard fans deprived of enjoying unlimited access to their favourite movies and TV shows. The reason behind this gesture is to make sure that no website (similar to Putlocker) could provide access to movies and TV shows for free (illegally) without the permission of concerned organizations. However, regardless of this, it is being done widely! Several clones after the shut down were out, but authorities made sure their existence won’t last much.

The free broadcast of copyrighted content cost billions of dollars to the entertainment media and film production industry. Production houses are raising voice against all the unethical online content providers. Illegitimate websites are potentially harmful and malicious for your system and data, as they are capable enough to harass the privacy and collect sensitive information from your device.  Nevertheless, we are providing you with the list of 15 Best Putlocker Alternative websites, legal and illegal both, that you can opt for to binge-watch your favourite TV shows and movies.

The site has been under a lot of judicatory stretching and was shut down but many mirrors and clones of the sites are still working. Putlocker once held a rank of 250 in Alexa. 

Important Note – You can’t download and redistribute any of the movies from these mentioned websites, as it’s illegal, and might land you with some serious legal issues.

Best Putlocker Alternative Websites

Here are the Best Free Putlocker Alternative sites that you can Use to Watch your Favourite Movies and TV Shows.

1. SolarMovie


SolarMovie is a website that treats its viewers with astonishing content, fast speeds, and fantastic design. Whenever the user opens the website, they witness different categories of movies in trending, highly-rated movies, and the most viewed ones during that day. Also, registered users can create a list of their favourite movies and then can watch them later. You can also stream anime movies and TV shows for free.

SolarMovies hosts a number of shows from the UK, USA and from all across the globe. The content may take some time to load but once it starts you can enjoy some uncluttered watch experience. So, we believe that SolarMovie is the platform that can help our readers to explore more as a Putlocker Alternative.

Visit SolarMovie


2. Popcornflix

The first on the list is very popular “Popcornflix.” It’s a beautifully designed website with an easy to navigate UI. The website speed is fast, and it offers high-quality content across multiple genres, such as romance, comedy, sci-fi, horror, action, and on almost everything that interests their users. However, the best part is all the content on the website is in their original language! So this means many users can have a sigh of relief and need not worry about translation. So in our view, sit back, relax, choose your favourite movie, and enjoy it as Popcornflix won’t disappoint you.


Visit Popcornflix

3. 123Movies

The website “123Movies” is another very popular Putlocker alternative, with millions of users all over the planet. It is also among the best-looking online streaming media websites. With the extensive set of genres such as romance, comedy, action, drama, etc. 123Movies offers cartoons and a lot of anime episodes, to its viewers. Thanks to its forever-updating index, the platform never runs out of the latest content.

Now, talking about the best part, then the website offers all its content via third-party non-affiliated servers (links), making it fall in the category of legal streaming sites. Just simply click on the title that you want to watch and begin streaming on any internet-connected device. You can watch recently appeared movies with theatre print within a day of release. The service works by indexing torrents and online uploads.


4. Los Movies

If you are brave enough to deal with Pop-up hell, then “Los Movies” is the website for you. It has a massive collection of all the latest and greatest movies and TV shows. The website speed is fast, and UI is simple and easy to navigate. It also offers an immense number of genres ranging from romance to action and horror to comedy. In fact, the platform allows the user to search the title by its name. So if all of this appeals to you, you must download the ad-blocker first, and then open the website to enjoy the content though it may save you a little from pop-up ads.


5. Yesmovies

Similar to other Putlocker alternatives, “Yesmovies” is another impressive streaming media website. It has a beautiful UI and offers a blazing fast speed. All the content on the Yesmovies is of high-quality and is accessible from any part of the world. Apart from this, all the genres are arranged in a perfect manner, attracting millions of users every day. The engagement is so high that some people consider this as the best Putlocker alternative on the internet available until today.

YM broadcasts movies illegally, therefore, the site may be prone to switch its domain very often to evade strikes by the production companies. The homepage of the site beautifully presents you with a search bar where you are asked to search for your favourite programs or TV series you want to watch.

Visit Yesmovies


6. Watch Online Series

If you are a big TV shows fan, then “Watch Online Series” is a website for you. It has all the popular TV shows, and best enjoyed with an ad-blocker, as the website offers a lot of Pop-up ads. The UI is aesthetic and pleasing to navigate. Many users around the world love this website, as the shows offered on this website are of High-Definition quality. So all the TV shows lovers, go and checkout Watch Online Series.


7. FMovies


Similar to the popular search engine “Google,” FMovies is the search engine for movies. It has a minimalistic design and a beautiful layout. It’s a fantastic option for those who are searching for a particular genre or a movie. The website speed is fast, and offers no or fewer advertisements, making it a go-to option for all the movie lovers here. However, the best part is, you don’t need to register to enjoy its content. So feel free to jump in.

FMovies can be dubbed as a free streaming nirvana which offers all the Movies and TV Shows from all across the globe for free. The Site directly Streams movies from torrents and other global sources. Therefore, you can expect movies right after they are released in CAM quality. The Site also offers movies in HD with subtitle support.

Visit FMovies


Best Legal Alternatives to FMovies

8. IOMovies

IOMovies is a streaming site with the latest TV Shows and Movies. It is similar to other sites of the same nature. You get to watch new movies soon after there release. You can have access to the latest TV Shows and Movies from around the world. The Service is simple to use, just search for the program and play. The website has s very simple player with subtitle support. Also, it doesn’t take much buffer if you scroll forward or backwards. The web also has an alternate server, in case if you do not find the stream. You can also download movies in HD. There is also an option to create an account but I do not recommend that.

Goods About IOMovies

  • Simple in design
  • Quick load without buffer
  • Latest content
  • Sub support

Visit IOMovies | Free

9. GoMovies

If you liked FMovies, then “GoMovies” is the next best option to consider. We are saying this because it also has a beautiful layout with an addition to its night-mode feature. The site offers different categories of movies sorted by most viewed, trending, and IMDb rating slots. So if this one seems interesting, feel free to visit the link below.


10. 1337x

“1337x” is among the most promising Putlocker alternative sites here. It’s a well-renowned website in the US and other parts of the world. The UI is simple and interactive. Many use this as their primary source of movies and TV shows search engine. Speed is fast, and 1337x never disappoints its users when it comes to entertainment collection.

Visit 1337x


11. AZMovies

Well, “AZMovies” is the best known for its offering of most links. By this, we mean that it provides a large number of links to its every title. So you don’t have to witness the broken links or wait much to watch your favourite movie or TV show. The speed is fast, and UI is the most straightforward. Also, there is no registration required to watch the content, so don’t wait, and tap on the link below, to enjoy.


12. Netflix

You would be leaving in the stone age if you have not heard about Netflix. Netflix is the best place to binge-watch shows, watch movies and other highly rated programs. The service hosts most of the popular TV shows along with classics, animations, animes, movies, documentaries and its own originals.

Netflix needs no introduction or any surprise to be counted as one of the best Putlocker alternatives. This streaming media giant has taken over the online streaming media industry. No other streaming site is as popular as Netflix. It offers an immense number of movies and TV shows that are binge-watched by millions every day. It is also among the most used streaming site on the internet. Talking about its speed and originality of content, then we believe Netflix itself has no alternative at the moment.

Visit Netflix

13. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime

After Netflix, “Amazon Prime Video” is the second most trusted Putlocker alternative online. It also has millions of users. Prime Video by Amazon is an On-Demand subscription service. The Prime Video bagged rights to movies from some of the biggest production houses worldwide. Speed is fast, and UI is the simplest among all. Prime video offers all the latest content with its original series that are exclusive to prime viewers only.

Amazon Prime serves worldwide and holds country-specific rights to some of the premium local content and movies. Prime offers the option to set video quality and customise captions. It even has Amazon Prime music, enabling Prime Subscription members to enjoy music too.

Visit Amazon Prime Video

14. Hulu

“Hulu” is the popular American streaming media giant contesting as the best Putlocker alternative here. Similar to “Netflix” and ”Amazon Prime Video, Hulu offers exclusive content to its users, you can watch limited content for free which includes more than 150 movies and TV Shows. The services of Hulu into Live TV started in 2017, prior to that it just use to host a series of TV shows both old and new, movie and other infotainment programs.

It works as a hybrid of Sling TV and Netflix, offering both TV Shows as well as Live TV to its users.  The only downside so far is, HULU is available in the US only. So those who are living in different countries can stream Hulu using only a VPN. Also, it’s a subscription-based website.

Visit Hulu

15. Apple TV+

There’s also an option for Apple fans naming,” Apple TV+.” For those who invested heavily in Apple’s ecosystem, can enjoy Apple TV+ as the best alternative of Putlocker on their devices. It’s an exclusive service for Apple users, and no other can use this without owning an Apple device. The speed is fast, and UI is impressive and appealing for many.

Visit Apple TV+

16. Disney+

Disney Plus

The fairly new addition in the online streaming industry,” Disney+” made quite a few headlines by achieving a good number of subscribers, suddenly. It’s a massive hit in all the European countries. All its subscribers are under the age group of 15 to 25. It offers exclusive content on movies from Disney, Star wars, Marvels, Pixar, and much more. The speed is fast, and UI is user-friendly. So in our opinion, Disney+ is also among the best Putlocker alternative you must consider.

Visit Disney+

17. MovieRulz

MovieRulz and similar sites can be dubbed as a treasury of Movies. MR is not a legal streaming or download site so you can expect all Movies and Shows available here for free. Any new release will soon make its place in the MovieRulz Site. The site is regularly blocked as government and production houses sought to crack down on pirated sites.

But the service rolls back with a new tweaked URL or Domain and again serves millions of users worldwide. MovieRulz is one of the most popular free content delivering platforms which primarily focuses on Indian Movies and Shows with Hollywood Dubs all for free download and streaming. If the site is not working Try This Method.

Visit MovieRulz

18. WordFree4u

WordFree4u is another similar movie streaming and download site which lets you access pirated movies and shows for free. It is specifically curated for the Indian Audience with Bollywood and Hindi Dub Movies. New movies are accessible through the site in CAM quality soon after its release.

The site also has originals and web series from other popular streaming sites like Prime Video and Netflix. Worldfree4u could be one of the oldest sites of this kind and you can get all the movies which you are aiming for right away with a few clicks.  The site streams content and TV shows for free without any account or subscription. Just open the site and click on the play button to start watching the content for free.

Goods About WorldFree4u

  • Large Library
  • Regional Indian Movie and Dub
  • Direct Download Links
  • Latest Releases

Visit Worldfree4u

Data Security and Privacy Concerns

The free streaming websites which are not the legal content providers are always on the critical due to data breach and privacy invasion issues. The cyber rouges are always in a search for innocent netizens who could fall prey. The use of free non-legal streaming services may also be a crime in your region due to litigations imposed by law. You may need a VPN in case the site is not working or blocked.

The litigations vary from country to country, it also depends on the material being presented. Streaming copyrighted material that you don’t own without permission or paying for it is illegal. But mostly the governing bodies target the developers of the site.

If Site Do Not Work Use VPN

VPN is a type of online services which hides your data by sending your web usage to another secure location. It forms a secure tunnel to provide end-to-end protection. Therefore, your ISP will not know what you’re up to.

In other words, it sends your data to a 3rd party country, making it difficult for the service provider to determine the internet behaviour of the user. Also, you can access websites which are country restricted by using the proxy services.

Hola Proxy VPN Chrome Extensions will do fine if the site is not opening. You just choose any country and the proxy will unlock the site for you to access.

Conclusion: So these were some of the Best Putlocker Alternatives available online. You can check out all of them and then comment down below about your experience.

If you've any thoughts on Best Putlocker Alternatives to Watch Free Movies and TV Shows, then feel free to drop in below comment box. Also, please subscribe to our DigitBin YouTube channel for videos tutorials. Cheers!

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