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  1. Keith says:

    Whats the url for them to install on firestick

  2. Robert says:

    The best is “BCE Premium TV”

  3. Pete julewarden says:

    Nice List very good finds – i would add as one of the Most reliable and oldest Sports Streaming Sites

    • Pete Dechamps says:

      yes you dont list the mother of all streaming sites in sports true – missing – nut amazing list anyways

  4. Jamie says:

    Any VPN free

  5. Hillary Clinton says:

    Watch Every NFL Live Online on NFLTVNOW . COM You can watch all 256 games live or on-demand, NFL Red Zone, NFL Network 24/7, the entire NFL Films Archive, and much more here >> NFLTVNOW . COM

  6. Zara islam says:

    Probably you already know, but I want to remind you that >> NFLQHDTV .COM << provides NFL online. It's only $29.97/yearly so go and buy subscription there .

  7. vebol says:

    I am always watching NFL on >> NFLSQTV .COM << website, good quality and good price , just love it. The best is NFLSQTV .COM TV”


  8. Fred. says:

    I would like to watch all sports live on internet such as football premier league UEFA formula one cricket. I am a pensioner living in S.A. only income is 1500/00 rands per month. Living in an old age home. So I cannot afford paying for live sports . Can you help.

  9. Fred says:

    When can I receive a reply. As I very anxiously want to see liverpool and Chelsea on Wednesday night play UEFA cup.

    • Nikhil says:

      try the 1st site, it works. Use VPN if not loading

  10. watch live says:

    you can watch live nfl all game* NFLATV

  11. Patrick Bowman says:

    ¬ NFLGTV ¬ can be good place for you. You also will have there very good lives with all season games.

  12. Alex1999 says:

    Fubo TV says it only has 7 channels, 3 of them are Bein. If that’s all it’s a waste of money when other sites have many more channels.

  13. Rennier Calderon says: (live stream wherever) beats them all. it is free, no registration, no popup, no overlay ads and no redirection. click and play stream.

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