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  1. Heinz Boyd says:

    Strange have two boxes…last night the Canada section only stopped working in the 4GB 32GB box. All other sections work. Other box 2GB 16GB and Canada section works. Tried to unistall and reinstall on the 32GB box and everything works fine except Canada section. Any ideas?

  2. Kando says:

    I have a strange problem. This App was installed in my android box by a friend while connected to his system. It works great at his place, but when I bring it home and connect to my system, it just does not work. It goes through the boot sequence, shows the Livenet Home page for 2 seconds, and goes back to the Android box menu. All the other apps on the box are working fine, so it is not related to my system settings. Please tell me what I should be looking for. Thanks.

    • Frank says:

      I have exactly the same problem, however if I double click a few seconds after the first click it reboots and starts up. Sometimes I have to repeat the process a couple of times.
      It’s not very reliable, how can I fix this?

  3. Janet White says:

    I used to be able to get ITV 3 but recently it says “Can’t Play Link”. Why has this happened? I have tried deleting the cache but has not fixed the problem.

    • Dash says:

      Change your video player to Android player , not mx player

  4. Hamzah says:

    Hi, having issues with live net tv on android tv box.
    i am running a 20 m line and sometimes video or audio just cuts out.
    Can someone please assist

  5. JD says:

    does the 4.6 update only work on android 7 and higher cause nothing plays on android 6.0 and lower for me any longer

    any help would be awesome thanks

    • Nikhil says:

      It supports anything above android 4.4 I recommend you to reinstall the App. And grant all the permissions under App settings.

  6. snehal shah says:

    hello.. since week no channel is working. can you please help me. i stays in dubai.
    please fix my problem. app opening properly. but no video streaming.

  7. Michael Turner says:

    Hi i have android 8 box and its installed ok but after opening app once ,when i try again i get kicked out,ive tried all fixes but getting nowhere,please help

  8. WILL says:

    Hello, link can not open on my 4G box. other box works ,want to know why? Also it’s can not open unless I clean data and cache before open every time.

  9. jim cooper says:

    red box and net tv stopped working i have a modern box

  10. ayn says:

    hi, since last 2 days neither any indian channels nor others like sports , music ,movies are working, is anyone can help pls…

  11. malcolm canning says:

    hi,live sports events option not working,any ideas?

  12. Anna Forbes says:

    Will try your recommendations but am getting constant unwanted ads (some at the bottom of the screen with no option to delete) These ads are causing problems with program streaming. I do understand that, fee program viewing will have the initial full page ad, which is easy to close but the bottom of the screen ones are really invasive. I am in S. Africa

  13. Nish says:

    Hi, is there a problem with the server for as I can’t get into it. The screen says it may be a server problem, my internet connection, or ISP may be blocking the service. If it is the ISP, how do i fix it?

    • Nikhil says:

      You need to use a VPN

  14. Babu Mistry says:

    I have issdue on livetv it keeps on frizing how to get to fix this problem

  15. Nazzy says:

    I’m using livenet tv with the firestick on a insignia television. It keeps freezing and closing out the channel every 2 minutes. How can I fix this issue? Would I follow the same steps?

    • Nikhil says:

      You Need to Change the Video Player and Test.

  16. Babu Mistry says:

    Hi can I get all the setting for Android box X96 mini, I have issue on frizzing the movies in
    Please send your guideline.

  17. Sowmya says:

    I can’t able install live net tv apk even i have give permission from unknown sources download. And did one mistake it asked me it is harm full file still download anyway or cancel i unfortunately clicked on ok from then its not installing what the solution for this.

    • AM says:

      Go to play store then play protect and un tick security scan. Then, try and re-install

  18. Samaneh says:

    Thank you
    But I can’t install it on my phone
    I don’t know why!
    My android version is 5
    Is it because of that? Please help me

  19. Hassan says:

    It is not getting installed on Huawei media tab M5 Pro although apps from unknown is enabled.

  20. Jim says:

    Can watch a movie but not any sport stream’s

  21. Steve says:

    Hi im using a firestick having trouble with the australian channel it wont load any channels it says network error any ideas?

    • Nikhil says:

      There is a new update install it

  22. samy says:

    After trying all your tips in overcoming the errors, still the cannot open.pls assist me. V4.6 was working ok but v4.7 is not working at all

  23. Lou says:

    How do I update my app?

  24. Sam says:

    I agree with Samy. Version 4.6 worked great, was forced to update to 4.7 and after agreeing to terms, all I get is a black screen or the logo. Any suggestions would be great as it’s frustrating

    • Nikhil says:

      Maybe fixed in future

      • Sam says:

        I don’t have a VPN on my box, and I wondered if this could be why I am now shut out of the app? Nothing has changed since 4.6 was installed. Just wondering what you think.

        • Nikhil says:

          You can surely give it a try

        • Bonny says:

          Try to use opera max vpn works great.

    • Sudarshan says:

      Sam – I am getting same issue. Could you please add steps if its resolved for you

  25. naseer says:

    I agree with Samy. Version 4.6 worked great, was forced to update to 4.7 and after agreeing to terms, all I get is a black screen or the logo. Any suggestions would be great as it’s frustratin

  26. Steve says:

    Unnistall the version 4.6 and the version 4.7 works great!

  27. Samy says:

    Still does not help. In fact I uninstall the previous version and reinstall the new version but still does not work. I did that a no. Of times but does not help. It is frustrating.

  28. Ajay says:

    Version 4.6 worked great, after updating to 4.7 and after agreeing to terms, all I get is a black screen or the logo. Android version is 4.4.2. Please advise if any fixes?? Thanks

  29. Kathy Sawyer says:

    All I get is livenettv.Com
    Won’t load channels
    Tried all fixes

  30. Muhammed nizar says:

    Me have same problem, after updating 4.7 its not working?

  31. Bazil Johnson says:

    I get all channels on my PC but have no video feed

  32. Eric says:

    Same issues. 4.6 was working fine now with 4.7 I can only get movies to play none of live channels will work for me

  33. SZ says:

    The feeds with 4.6 were much stable. I used android player as default. Now with MX player number of channels are not playing. Please make it compatible with android player.

  34. Sajal says:

    I downloaded 4.7 version…everything’s is running but getting no sound or voice..pls help

  35. James says:

    Hello – Sound stopped working for all channels, any idea why?

  36. Saik says:

    Live net tv 4.7 opens and shows only blank screen on android 5.1.. y is it happening so

  37. Clive says:

    If getting no sound, go into mx settings and have a play with audio settings, you will eventually crack it

  38. Russ says:

    Live Net has been working perfectly for months, however the audio just stopped working – picture is unaffected. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled a number of times but without restoring the sound. All other apps work perfectly. I’ve gone through the settings on both smart TV and app but cannot see anything glaringly wrong – but I’m not a technical expert. Help?

  39. Russ says:

    Further to my early request for help, after reading other comments experiencing the same lack of audio in Live Net, I went into MX Player Pro Settings (as suggested) – General – Reset Settings and that restored the audio. Delighted.

    • Sajal says:

      Thanks russ…I did that

  40. waseem warsi says:

    live net tv app is not working from tomarrow, is the server daown when workin,

  41. Nurhusien hasen says:

    My live net tv ap error

  42. andrew clayton says:

    I am trying to download live net to my phone and it downloads open the app and all i get is a black screen. I ticked unknown sources.

  43. Darryl says:

    Hello, I just bought a new android box. I have 3 other boxes including a Nvidia Shield and i have never had an issue with Livenet TV. But this new box… A95X Max i just loaded. I download livenet 4.7. I open it… allow the permissions… it starts to load and the Livenet TV symbol pops up… and then crashes back to home screen. Every time! I have uninstalled and reinstalled from official site and 3-4 alternatives. It keeps crashing o the load. Can anyone help??

    • Yas says:

      I have same problem. any help please?

  44. John Spooner says:

    Same box, same problem. I have it installed on an mxq Pro box, works OK but slow loading due to low spec. Works OK on phone s6 and lenovo tab, but on A95x logo shows on centre of screen and a few seconds later just returns to h ome screen. Really frustrating because image quality is vastly superior to Mobdro and the possibilities much greater. With the 4/64 rating it should be brilliant on the A95x but………

  45. George Waldkirch says:

    I dont get any English VOD. I am using firestick on 2 seperate TV’s and the English VOD disappeared and I only get Indian, Pakistani, and two other categories

    • Dash says:

      Shut down your VPN. Clear data and cache and the livenettv and restart it. English VOD should show then.

  46. Doods says:

    all links when i select cannot be played and its say unable to play link. im using H96 android tv box 7.1

  47. D K says:

    I get msg ” live net tv is not responding. Do u want to close it. Wait .Ok”
    And it never starts
    I tried all the options uninstall…clear data cache…reset app preferences…but same result
    I am using an android tablet
    What do i do

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      They are facing some issues will be fixed soon

  48. D K says:

    But it works pefectly on my mobile…but never opens in my samsung Tab 2 7.0 with android 4.2.2
    It was giving same error so i formatted my android tablet and updated android version but same result always “Live net tv is not responding.Wait.Ok”
    What do i do ?

  49. basit says:

    sir i have problem in my TV box error fetching Data(51*607) how can i solve

  50. flowerlady says:

    hi i am using fire tv stick and I’m getting a message saying the live net tv user id blocked.
    how to fix this problem?

  51. Jon Krol says:

    I have Live Net TV installed on my Firestick 4K and now I don’t have any audio. All my other live tv streaming app are fine and have audio. Is something turned off?

  52. Starr says:

    I want to know how to watch Indian movies with English subtitles on livenet tv .

  53. brett says:

    all channels work except for Australian channel fox league its the best channel and it won’t play any surgestions tried a vpn cleared cache still not working any help thanks

    • sam says:

      Same here was playing last two weeks awesome channel, Ive tried VPN as well no luck.

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