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  1. Ashkav says:

    I’ve tried all these tips you gave.
    My app used to work and the last few months no matter what I do even uninstalling and reinstalling, it doesn’t open it crashes even before it gets to open

  2. Pau says:

    I nees your help guys. So 1st time i download this app on my android tv box called MXQ 4k pro. But when i open it its always crashing. I tried to clear data but its always the same. Still not working. My box is nougat version. Can you please help me. Please. Thankyouuusomuch in advance.

  3. Raja says:

    On my phone I installed livenet tv 4.7 but I clear the chase clear data but still it say livenet tv stop working
    ! App info
    !app close
    I try any thing but it does not work uninstall reinstalling but not working still please help
    Secondly I install on my smart tv before it was working now if I want to watch it say
    Error fetching data(21×607)
    Please help

  4. Abdul Basir khan says:

    This issue start yesterday,before oneday I watch on live net tv south africa vs England first test match ,26/12/219 When I clicks on live net tv ,first show to me could not fetch data and then I clicks on live net tv show me on screen backup Authentication error,please solved this issues ,what is the reason sir please help me

  5. abdulbasir khan says:

    Thanks sir solved my problem of live net tv app ,bundles of thanks

  6. Kaushik Panchmatia says:

    I am trying to download it but not allowing me to install as gives me an error saying my ISP has blocked this options.What must i do now

  7. Richy Rich 2020 says:

    Installed v4.7 but the app crashes everytime I launch. Error message is “Live NetTV keeps stopping”. I have cleared cache and memory multiple times as well as reinstalling. Please help. (Device is a OnePlus7T).

    • Felix says:

      Live NetTV 4.7 has stopped working ever since I’ve upgraded my mobile to Android 10. please advise on solution.

    • Liam says:

      I’m having the exact same problem!!

  8. Steve says:

    Just updated to 4.7
    Can’t get it to work at all
    Previous version was perfect
    Tried reloading and using different drivers
    Is it working or not????

  9. Latricia Wooten says:

    I did everything that was listed under fetch data. Still says same thing. I already a vpn

  10. D says:

    Espn shows a preview of womens softball and won’t go away. Same on redboxtv.

  11. saqib Ali says:

    My phone is upgraded on Android 10 and after that, I am not able to use or install the LiveNet TV app. Can you please help? I hope it is not blocked permanently.

  12. Xnox says:

    When my phone upgraded android 10, problem start with livenet tv 4.7, i hope early short out this problem, thank you.

  13. Tom says:

    I’ve had my box for a couple month now. I have a HK1 max. I’m finding that I’m only getting a few channels. I’ve tried different players an still not getting the channels I want to watch. It’s only when I’m trying to watch live sports as well. Also sometimes I’ll have the picture without any sounds???

  14. Kristina says:

    Live Net TV was working at first. Now it says “error fetching data” and it is telling me that I need to reset the date and time. However it will not let me click on the button to do the reset. How do I get the time and date reset ?

  15. Navdeep Kaushal says:

    Hi. Live Net Tv Apk is not working with Android 10 . Please help.

    • Shaz Khan says:

      Same here bro, after updated my phone version 10.0 9.0 work well,,
      I’m using this app on my pc,

  16. Nama says:

    Stopped working on android crashed on launch prompting app keeps closing

  17. Rodgers says:

    App keeps stopping is the message I get when I try opening the App in Android 10, on my Nokia 6.1.
    Kindly advise on a fix

  18. Sandeep says:

    Hi I am in east Africa.. I installed live net TV app many time.but it’s refuse to start..I given all permission to it but still it’s same..what’s the reason I did all try but nothing

  19. BuuBu says:

    On my android phone, Live Net TV keeps closing and I don’t know how to fix this?

  20. Khushel Dsouza says:

    I have downloaded live net tv with link from my Ndroid tv on my note 9. I cannot open the app. Message displays ” Live net tv keeps stopping”
    Tried clearing cashe memory. Was not helpful. Need your advise

  21. jabuSA says:

    Hi my livenet TV on my android TV box says “unable yo play this link”
    I also tried using a VPN still nothing seems to work and I did love using it but if fails I’ll only just say am doomd.anyone who’s availble to help please

  22. Lincoln says:

    Tip #3 always works

  23. Mike says:

    My problem is app works better with Mx player. But the words and mouth don’t match up. Very annoying. Tried android player and words match up but stops working a lot.

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