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  1. Heinz Boyd says:

    Strange have two boxes…last night the Canada section only stopped working in the 4GB 32GB box. All other sections work. Other box 2GB 16GB and Canada section works. Tried to unistall and reinstall on the 32GB box and everything works fine except Canada section. Any ideas?

  2. Kando says:

    I have a strange problem. This App was installed in my android box by a friend while connected to his system. It works great at his place, but when I bring it home and connect to my system, it just does not work. It goes through the boot sequence, shows the Livenet Home page for 2 seconds, and goes back to the Android box menu. All the other apps on the box are working fine, so it is not related to my system settings. Please tell me what I should be looking for. Thanks.

  3. Janet White says:

    I used to be able to get ITV 3 but recently it says “Can’t Play Link”. Why has this happened? I have tried deleting the cache but has not fixed the problem.

  4. Hamzah says:

    Hi, having issues with live net tv on android tv box.
    i am running a 20 m line and sometimes video or audio just cuts out.
    Can someone please assist

  5. JD says:

    does the 4.6 update only work on android 7 and higher cause nothing plays on android 6.0 and lower for me any longer

    any help would be awesome thanks

    • Nikhil says:

      It supports anything above android 4.4 I recommend you to reinstall the App. And grant all the permissions under App settings.

  6. snehal shah says:

    hello.. since week no channel is working. can you please help me. i stays in dubai.
    please fix my problem. app opening properly. but no video streaming.

  7. Michael Turner says:

    Hi i have android 8 box and its installed ok but after opening app once ,when i try again i get kicked out,ive tried all fixes but getting nowhere,please help

  8. WILL says:

    Hello, link can not open on my 4G box. other box works ,want to know why? Also it’s can not open unless I clean data and cache before open every time.

  9. jim cooper says:

    red box and net tv stopped working i have a modern box

  10. ayn says:

    hi, since last 2 days neither any indian channels nor others like sports , music ,movies are working, is anyone can help pls…

  11. malcolm canning says:

    hi,live sports events option not working,any ideas?

  12. Anna Forbes says:

    Will try your recommendations but am getting constant unwanted ads (some at the bottom of the screen with no option to delete) These ads are causing problems with program streaming. I do understand that, fee program viewing will have the initial full page ad, which is easy to close but the bottom of the screen ones are really invasive. I am in S. Africa

  13. Nish says:

    Hi, is there a problem with the server for as I can’t get into it. The screen says it may be a server problem, my internet connection, or ISP may be blocking the service. If it is the ISP, how do i fix it?

    • Nikhil says:

      You need to use a VPN

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