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  1. Jon Krol says:

    I have Live Net TV installed on my Firestick 4K and now I don’t have any audio. All my other live tv streaming app are fine and have audio. Is something turned off?

  2. Starr says:

    I want to know how to watch Indian movies with English subtitles on livenet tv .

  3. brett says:

    all channels work except for Australian channel fox league its the best channel and it won’t play any surgestions tried a vpn cleared cache still not working any help thanks

    • sam says:

      Same here was playing last two weeks awesome channel, Ive tried VPN as well no luck.

  4. Jay says:

    Still find the live streams freeze any ideas
    Annoying when watching sports

  5. Michelle Morgan says:

    Why there are so many tallanted people out there from hackers to streamers and still can’t make a app run smooth after all this time I do give these peaple a lot of respect for what that do but it’s still a bit rusty but don’t give up love what your doing

    • Jay says:

      I have no video but i have audio

      • Nikhil Azza says:

        Try changing video player.

  6. Paul says:

    Definitely does not work on A95Max box. I have two of them and both are the same problem. Works ok on all other android boxes, any ideas??

  7. J.C. Pons says:

    Have been using LiveNet TV for a while and was able to watch English Movies on their VOD.
    The English Moviest tab has disappeared and it only shows Indian – Pakistani – Heidi Dubbed Hollywood and Punjabi movies 🙁
    No more English Movies?

  8. Shiv Charan Das Sharma says:

    Sir, I have installed Livenettv ,allowed all permissions, use MX Player and tried my best. Yet it does not work , remains stopped. Kindly do the needful st the earliest.

    • Nikhil Azza says:

      The app is presently unstable

  9. SSEliot says:

    Same problem as Paul. Unable to complete installation of Live NetTV on A95X-MAX Android Box running Android Version 8.1 I get the following error message: “Could not fetch data. Check your internet connection and the restart app.” There is no problem with my internet connection. Live NetTV runs properly on my KD Links A400 Android Box.

  10. SSEliot says:

    Continuation of my previous posting: I can get Version 4.6 to run on my A95X-Max Android Box, but it constantly wants to update to Version 4.7 which won’t run. Does anyone know if a copy of Version 4.6 exists of Live NetTV that will run without trying to upgrade to the latest version?

  11. Ashkav says:

    I’ve tried all these tips you gave.
    My app used to work and the last few months no matter what I do even uninstalling and reinstalling, it doesn’t open it crashes even before it gets to open

  12. Pau says:

    I nees your help guys. So 1st time i download this app on my android tv box called MXQ 4k pro. But when i open it its always crashing. I tried to clear data but its always the same. Still not working. My box is nougat version. Can you please help me. Please. Thankyouuusomuch in advance.

  13. Raja says:

    On my phone I installed livenet tv 4.7 but I clear the chase clear data but still it say livenet tv stop working
    ! App info
    !app close
    I try any thing but it does not work uninstall reinstalling but not working still please help
    Secondly I install on my smart tv before it was working now if I want to watch it say
    Error fetching data(21×607)
    Please help

  14. Abdul Basir khan says:

    This issue start yesterday,before oneday I watch on live net tv south africa vs England first test match ,26/12/219 When I clicks on live net tv ,first show to me could not fetch data and then I clicks on live net tv show me on screen backup Authentication error,please solved this issues ,what is the reason sir please help me

  15. abdulbasir khan says:

    Thanks sir solved my problem of live net tv app ,bundles of thanks

  16. Kaushik Panchmatia says:

    I am trying to download it but not allowing me to install as gives me an error saying my ISP has blocked this options.What must i do now

  17. Richy Rich 2020 says:

    Installed v4.7 but the app crashes everytime I launch. Error message is “Live NetTV keeps stopping”. I have cleared cache and memory multiple times as well as reinstalling. Please help. (Device is a OnePlus7T).

  18. Steve says:

    Just updated to 4.7
    Can’t get it to work at all
    Previous version was perfect
    Tried reloading and using different drivers
    Is it working or not????

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