How to Reduce Ping in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)?

Facing High Ping on your Battlegrounds Mobile Game? Here are the Best Solutions to Fix and Reduce High Ping BGMI Game for your Smartphones

Battlegrounds Mobile India is an Indian version of the popular Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile. After the game was banned in India due to its Chinese interest. The South Korean company Krafton decided to launch an Indian market-specific PUBG Mobile Styled Battle Royale game by breaking the ties with Chinese Tencent.

Though the game has dedicated Indian servers, you may still face lag and ping issues due to various reasons. A poor ping in BGMI mobile may cause the game to lag and is very much frustrating. Many people believe that high-speed internet is helpful in reducing the Ping but it wrong Ping does not depend on internet speed but it basically depends on the server response. So, in this post, I will talk about how you can reduce the ping on your BGMI for smartphones.

Fix High Ping on Battlegrounds Mobile (BGMI)

Here are the Best Solutions to Fix High Ping & Game Lag on Battlegrounds Mobile India

1. Change the Network


Ping always does not depend on internet speeds but it depends on server response for the request sent from the mobile. An internet with low speeds may have a fast response time and vice versa. So, it is important to choose an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that provides you with a faster server response for a given location, as the response may vary for locations. So try to just change your network, switch data card, connect to a different Hotspot or Change your ISP and see if the network response is high and ping is low for smoother gameplay.

2. Change DNS Servers

Changing DNS Servers is not a very effective means to reduce the ping directly but can help to speed up the amount of time it takes to resolve domain nameservers. Thus changing the DNS can at times help to reduce ping indirectly. I recommend using by Cloudflare, the DNS has global servers thus help reduce the ping and also any other network issue which you may face while playing the game.

The DNS bypass the ISP and connect to a 3rd party server that may have a lower response as compared to your network ping.

Here are the Simple Steps to Set Up Cloudflare DNS

  1. Download Cloudflare DNS for your Android or iOS.
  2. Accept the Permissions and Policy.
  3. Now Simply just Enable the DNS and it will connect to a VPN
    Enable DNS
  4. Restart the Game and Enjoy the Game Lap Free.


Also, there are a number of apps on the Play Store which help in changing the DNS, you can try the popular DNS Changer App or Net Optimizerthis will do the trick. You can test the best DNS available based on your location and network to fix lag and reduce latency (ping time) on online games for a better gaming experience.

3. Change Location

A network consists of a number of intricate factors that can cause the ping to fluctuate. The location of your mobile or router is also one such factor that can cause high ping. So just try to change your location while playing the game. Look for places less crowded with objects, try playing closer to the router, change router location and play the game if possible at higher elevations in your house. This will reduce any congestion in your network and solve the ping lag for BGMI Game.

4. Use Game Booster

Many modern smartphones are coming with a native game booster application built-in. Game Boosters are powerful software that can help you enjoy the games seamlessly without any clutter or lag. Game Boosters limit the background processes, it forces all the Network and Hardware mechanisms to work for the game. The system is left with no option except to work for one running gaming app. They kill any unused background processes, increase RAM capacity by force closing auto-running apps. If your device does not have a native Game Booster you can try any third-party Apps.

Fnatic Mode

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Take for Example –  ‘The Fnatic Mode is a kind of enhanced gaming mode designed by OnePlus and Fnatic. Once the Fnatic Mode is enabled, your phone will block all notifications and disable the second SIM card to enhance the network of the main SIM card, thus increasing the server response and making the game very smooth without any lags’.

Conclusion: With the above available methods you can help your gameplay work much more smoothly. Just try any of the methods that suit you to fix the high ping issue on your BGMI and play the game smoothly with all green signals.

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    I used the DNS changer app and I used to have 159ms as ping now I play at 44 ping…thank you so much mate

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