Enable Gaming Mode on any Android Device even if your Phone Misses the Feature

Looking to Boost Gaming on your Android? Here is the Best Method to Enable Game Mode on Android Mobile without root and boost game.

There might be a scenario where you may feel that your smartphone is lagging, becoming slow, or even overheat during the gameplay. Yes, it’s true, this can happen, and the reason can be anything ranging from Poor OS stability or hardware limitations.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the high-end graphic games on your smartphone. There are some great game booster apps that a user can download and install on his or her smartphone, to maximize gaming performance.

What is Gaming Mode?

Game Booster Mode app simply limits the background activities of your system and put all force on your hardware resources to work for the game. In short, it forces the system to stop fetching email, messages, reminders, call data, and other unnecessary data or tasks from the background, and focus on one running gaming app for a better and smooth gaming experience.

Does it work?

As it limits the background processes, it forces all the Hardware mechanism to work for the game. The system is left with no option except to work for one running gaming app. They kill any unused background processes, increase RAM capacity by force closing auto running apps.

How to Use Game Booster on Any Android Device?

Here are the Steps to Use Game booster on any Android Phone to Increase the Performace of the Game.

  1. Download the Game Mode App from Play Store 
  2. Now Open the App and Click on + to select the game
    Select App Settings and More
  3. Launch the game from the App itself.
  4. The App will boost the game and restricts the background processes while playing the game.

The Game Booster app comes with the advanced Linux CPU management system, which allows device optimization for smooth gameplay. In this case, it’ll be your smartphone. Apart from this, it also has the App Booster to optimize any app without rooting the device.

Other Gaming Booster Mode Apps

1. Gaming Mode

The gaming mode does what native gaming mode does for inbuilt game booster settings on android mobile. You can use this app to enhance your gaming on mobile.

  • Auto Reject Incoming calls.
  • Block notifications.
  • Clear Background Apps to free up RAM & Boost Performance.
  • Disable auto-brightness & set it to your desired level.
  • Change the WiFi state.
  • Change Ringtone & Media Volume and more

You can manually select which all options you want to enable for the gaming mode to do its job

Download App

2. Game Booster – One Tap Advanced Speed Booster

This Game Booster – One Tap Advanced Speed Booster app is one of the most promising Game Booster apps available today. It’s the easiest and most elegantly designed app, with over the guarantee of offering the best gaming experience to its users.

It also offers a wide variety of features such as Gameplay Mode, Customizable modes, RAM optimization & Management, Advanced GFX settings, and much more.

You can even set Resolution, Control shadows, styles, render quality, etc. So, according to us, if you are looking for an advanced version of the game booster app, then there is nothing better than this one.

Download App

Conclusion: With the Play Store Apps you can Set Up gaming mode for any android phone even if your mobile lacks that feature the Game Booster Mode will do the job for you.

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