How to Fix Corrupted Files Windows 11?

Are there Corrupt Files on your Windows PC. Here are the Best Methods to Fix Corrupted Files Windows 11.

Are you facing issues like app crashes or your Windows computer shutting down? Maybe the PC is restarting out of nowhere, right when you are in the middle of some work. This may happen due to the presence of corrupt files on your Windows computer. In this guide, I have discussed some simple troubleshooting methods to fix corrupted files on Windows 11.

Corrupted files can also stop the installation of any application. It usually happens when you get an application from unofficial sources. There is no guarantee that from the source where you are downloading the application, they have included all the files required for that app to install and run smoothly on a computer. So, when you try to install, the absence of certain files can hinder the installation.

Even if the application gets installed somehow, it won’t run, stating that some file is missing or has become corrupted. We will learn more about files getting corrupted in the next section.

How Do Files Get Corrupted?

Now, there are a few things that can corrupt the files. Let’s say you are installing a software update or installing the Windows OS. If the installation is interrupted in between, such as the PC crashes or internet disrupts, then that may lead to file corruption.

While it won’t entirely affect the PC, later, you will notice that the computer is rebooting randomly. Ceratin apps would crash until you uninstall and reinstall them.

If you have copied or downloaded some installation files for some game or other apps, from unofficial platforms, you may end up not being able to install the app. The source itself has uploaded corrupt or modified files required for the installation of the app. Then, with certain files lost or modified, the app is not going to install or run.

Another reason for files getting corrupted can be attributed to disrupting the process of copying files. If you are copying files while it is in progress and the PC crashes, it may cause the files to get corrupted. It doesn’t happen all the time, but always considered a possible reason for the presence of corrupt files on Windows.

Best Ways to Fix the Corrupt Files on Windows 11

Here are the troubleshooting tips to Fix Corrupted Files on Windows 11 PC

1. Scan for Corrupt files and Fix Them

You can use the Sfc command using the Command Prompt to search for corrupt files and fix them. You do not have to do anything. The tool will take care of everything once you invoke it.

  1. Open the Command Prompt [administrator access is preferable]
    windows 11 command prompt
  2. Type the command sfc /scannow and press enter.
    perform system scan
  3. Depending upon how many files and apps are installed on your computer, the scan and fix process will take some time. Make sure not to interrupt the process while it is in progress.

2. Use DISM Commands to Replace Corrupt Files

DISM stands for Deployment Image Servicing and Management. This is a command-line tool which means you can implement it through the command prompt.

This will search for corrupt image files associated with various Windows services. Then from the Microsoft server, it will download the latest images and files and replace the corrupt ones.

  1. Open the Command Prompt.
    windows 11 command prompt
  2. Give the command,
    DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
  3. Press enter.
    perform DISM check
  4. Do not stop the process and let it finish. Timing depends on the volume of files you have on your PC.
  5. Restart the computer. This should necessarily fix corrupt files on Windows PC.

3. Replace the Corrupt Files Manually

This applies mostly to certain apps and games that you have installed on your PC, but they are not running due to the presence of corrupt files. Let me explain in detail.

Let’s assume you have installed a game on your PC. Now, you have modified some of the game files to install a cheat code. However, you did not execute that properly, which ended up corrupting the game files such as the dot exe file or any similar such file. Now, the game won’t run.

You can simply replace the file which you edited with the original file. The question is, where to get this original file? Well, that you may find in various gaming forums over the internet.

I once faced such an issue and ended up corrupting a few files of a game. I simply looked up the files on the internet that got corrupt during editing to insert some cheat code.

I found them on a gaming forum. Usually, whoever posts regarding such files creates Mega links or Mediafire links. So, such files are safe to download and use.

  1. Download the necessary files.
  2. Open the directory in which the app that is crashing is installed.
  3. Delete the corrupted files which you modified during editing.
  4. Copy and paste the files to the app’s directory that you downloaded earlier.
  5. Close all applications and restart the computer.

Note: Download files at your own risk. Properly check the forum and see if other users with corrupt file problems similar to yours have found those files useful. Then proceed for download.

4. Reboot the Computer in Safe Mode

You may try to run your computer in Safe Mode and check if you are still coming across crash issues or other glitches caused due to the presence of corrupt files. While you are running the PC in safe mode, you may also, again, run the SFC scan.

  1. Press Windows + R.
  2. Once the run box shows up, type in msconfig and press enter.
    open msconfig
  3. The System Configuration dialog box will open.
  4. Go to the Boot options section.
  5. Select the option Safe Boot.
  6. Then click on Apply and click on OK.
    enable safe boot for Windows 11
  7. Now, close everything and restart your computer.
  8. Once the computer restarts, open the Command Prompt.
  9. Run the command
    sfc /scannow
  10. Let the tool look for possible corrupt files and fix corrupted files.

Once everything is solved, access the system configuration as shown in the steps above. Then simply disable the Safe Boot option by unchecking the check box. Again, restart your PC, which will be a regular restart.

5. Use the Restore System Feature

If you are facing crash issues or corrupt files giving you a tougher time in using Windows 11, then you can restore your system to a point in the past where everything was running smooth. Yes, to get back to that state of your PC, here are the steps you have to follow.

  1. Press the Windows key to bring up the search console.
  2. Type System restore.
  3. An option Create a Restore Point will show up.
    create restore point settings
  4. Click on Open to view the System properties settings.
  5. Click on the tab System Protection.
  6. Next, if the System Restore button is greyed out, then click on the drive name under Available Drives and click on Configure.
    configure restore settings
  7. Another dialog box will open.
  8. Click on the option Turn on System Protection. You can selectively do this for all the drives present on your PC or any primary drive on which you have your data.
  9. Click on Apply and then click on OK. Now, you will be able to see the System Restore option.
    enable system protection
  10. Click on System Restore if you have previously created a Restore Point.
  11. If you are visiting this setting for the first time, click on the button Create Restore Point.
    create restore point right now
  12. Type in a description for that particular restore point.
    add description for restore point
  13. Now, the restore point creation will start. You will see a progress bar.
    restore point creation in progress
  14. You will see a pop-up informing you that the restore point has been created successfully.
    restore point created successfully
  15. Once you have a restore point, you can perform the System Restore, which is already described in Step number 10.
  16. Select the restore point you just created or another one [if you created one previously]
  17. Then your PC will revert to the same point in time [the restore point, I mean].
  18. Hopefully, during that time frame, no corrupt files were present on your PC, and you will be able to smoothly use your PC and the installed apps without any hassles.

So, follow these troubleshooting tips and fix the corrupt files on your Windows 11 computer.

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