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  1. hardik says:

    I am using office 365 to send emails from my domain only for account activation and password recovery. This mails are being sent as spam when receiver is from gmail. SPF entries are correct as i got it verified with multiple sources. What could be the possible reason? and how can i convince gmail that this email i am sending is because the user requested it!


  2. Wes says:

    Hardik; I’m also sending from office365 with all the spf/dkim setup correctly… have you discovered a solution? Thanks!

  3. Chris Whalen, CPA says:

    Great article. I keep getting this message when I received a contact form from a new customer from my website. These are not spoofs of course. Is there any way to turn off the big message that comes up on each email I receive in this situation?

    • Nikhil says:

      Hi Chris,

      You can add the sender’s email ID as your Google contact to avoid this error.

  4. says:

    “Be careful with this message. Similar messages were used to steal people’s personal information. Unless you trust the sender, don’t click links or reply with personal information.”

  5. Randal Barrett says:

    This is censorship! You are not trying to protect us! You are discrediting legal established businesses based on censorship!

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