Change and Lock 4G LTE Bands and Increase Jio 4G Speed

Change and Lock 4G LTE bands in your Android Smartphone and increase your Jio 4G network speed to access high-speed internet.

Reliance Industries came up with a bang in the telecom sector giving a sheer setback to its peers. The offers, plans and freebies offered by the Jio can get you Goosebumps. After its so-called Beta testing phase and preview phase, the Jio is now in stores as commercial launch. It offers Voice over LTE (VoLTE), high-speed data and other quality services.

4G is Boom in telecom industry thanks for to its low price for data ratio which is bringing the revolution. 4G SIM doesn’t work in 3G devices. The device should be 4G LTE compatible to be running on 4G SIM in Android smartphones. Even in 4G devices, low 4G speed is very annoying. Today I have come up a couple of methods to change and lock your 4G band and increase your 4G speed.

Actually, different bands are clocked at different speeds here is the simple summary of Jio 4G bands.

Difference in Jio 4G LTE Bands

Best coverage: Band 5 > Band 3 > Band 40.

Best speed: Band 40 > Band 3 > Band 5

As you can see the band coverage and speed are inverse to each other. And Jio network switches as required to get best complimentary of speed and coverage.

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Important Notes

  • Tricks given below, they are only for informational purpose. Readers discretion is advised
  • DigitBin is not liable for any damage caused whatsoever. Perform the operation on your own risk.
  • This method may not work for all devices even if your device is compatible.

How to Lock LTE Band and Increase Jio 4G Speed?

Note: You do not need to alter anything for coverage, the phone will automatically change to best one.

Set LTE only Mode

  • Dial *#*#4636#*#* in your dialer.
  • Tap on phone information.
  • Select “Set preferred network type”.
  • Now select “LTE Only”.

Check Device Chipset:

  • Download CPU-Z App in your android device.
  • Install and Open it.
  • You will see device info and also device processor. Proceed forward with the following procedure according to your device processor.

#1. For Mediatek Processors

  • Now Download and install MTK Engineering Mode app
  • Now select MTK Setting’.
  • Select ‘BandMode’
  • Select SIM slot with Jio SIM
  • Select ‘LTE mode
  • Select the band 40 and band 5 for high speed and good coverage respectively.
  • Reboot your device

#2. For Qualcomm Chipset

  • Download and install Shortcut Master (Lite)
  • Now go to menu and open “Service Menu”
  • Then select “System App” to change LTE Band.
  • If the Code is *#2263#. Select ‘Band selection’ and change LTE.
  • If code is *#0011#. Now go to key input and enter Q & Ok followed by 0000 & Ok, wait for a couple of seconds, to get the popup.
  • Select UE settings from the Popup, select setting>protocol>NAS>Network Control>Band Selection>LTE Band> The Select “Band 40”. ( For other bands select other options)

Note & Conclusion: We do not endorse any products and Apps listed above. Perform the operation at your own risk. **DigitBin is not liable any damage caused.

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  1. dharani says:

    not support LTE network my micromax Q462 phone.please help?

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    the code *#0011# is working, but these codes ( Q & Ok followed by 0000 & Ok ) are not working.

    please help!!!!!

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    Swipe elite

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    Bhai Maine band 3 select kiya aur speed 3 maps ki aane lagi pehle 120 kbps ki aati thi


    I am using SAMSUNG GALAXY A7 2016 ? But never I am getting network signal in my area ? How can I get network signal that’s why I can use internet smoothly. Please anybody can help me in this regard?

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