Secure your online Google Keep Notes with Password Protection

Officially there is no way to store and secure your your Google Keep notes using password protection, however, multiple online third party apps can help. You can also store in Trash can just in case.

If you think about the online notes taking apps, the first thing that pops up in my mind is Google Keep. There are some other notes taking apps as well as Evernote, OneNote, etc. but, Google Keep is still the best.

In this article, I’m going to introduce Google Keep, how to use it productively, and also how to Google Keep secured notes and password protected.

Google Keep is an extremely user-friendly service by Google that helps in taking notes and synchronizing in the cloud to access cross-device. There are different types of notes that you can actually make through Google Keep. The app is also available in Play Store as well as App Store for iOS devices.

Types of Google Keep notes

Let me share what all type of Keep notes you can make online, they are really simple and easy to use:

Simple Textual Notes

This is the most basic and textual note you can make it. It’s as simple as taking notes in notepad by adding a title and scribbling text inside it. Input the text as if you’re writing a document or running notes. And then hit on the Close button to save the note.
It also has a feature to set a reminder with desktop notification. You can even do collaboration and assign the note to anyone else you know to work on.

List Type

You can create a list like groceries, shopping list, etc. and keep it handy on your phone. Once the item is completed or purchased, you can check off from the list. The list type is very useful when you’ve too many things to remember – just like a to-do list. Just dump the items in separate lines and strike-through once done. Just like Textual notes, you have the ability to set up a reminder, collaboration, and adjust the colour of the tile.

Image Keep Notes

You can also insert an image or picture you’ve taken on your camera and save it as a note along with the text. This comes in handy when capturing a picture and write make a text entry against it, like a story or blog around the image.

I personally use this when I need to remember a medicine along with its chemical composition. It’s not practically easy for non-medico to remember the scientific names, however, Google Keep makes the job easy. Of course, the reminders and collab are available here as well.

Drawing Notes

I really loved the way Drawing notes can be added. All you need to hit on the pen icon and start drawing on the whiteboard. You can use different colours, change the size of the pen, erase and make quick edits.

Google Keep Notes Type

Access & Share Google Keep notes

Accessing and sharing a Keep note is quite easy and seamless. All the synchronization happens in the cloud instantly and available on the web as well as the app.

Google Keep on Cloud

Keep is a real-time Google Cloud syncing service that is available on all the devices and also available on browsers. Every note you add on your mobile will be instantly available on desktop login as well. Making it a complete cloud-based product service.

Google Keep on Phone

Keep is available on both the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store. It’s freely available for download on both stores, all you need to sign in to your Google account for synchronization.

Keep on Web Browser

You can quickly access Google Keep on any browser at It’s also available as a Google Chrome extension to download as standalone software that runs even when you’re offline and sync once you’re connected.

Sharing Keep notes within a network

You can easily share your Keep notes with any Google account. Hit on the “Collaborator” option available on each note and add the desired Gmail ID to share. The best part is that the collaborator and you can work in real-time on the same notes simultaneously.

Bonus Tip: If you like Dark or Night Mode theme, then you can easily enable Dark Mode in Google Keep site.

Google Keep Dark Mode

Google Keep Password Protection

You can store any type of information and notes in Google Keep. But, there is no in-built option to password protect a particular note or entire app service. However, you need to depend on third-party Android and iOS apps for securing the application with a password or pin. And for web browser access, you need to make sure that your Google account is secured with the Two Factor Authentication system. This will actually help in securing Google Keeps notes safely within the system.

There are few smart tips that you can actually follow to store Keep notes invisible to the third person, as mentioned below:

  • You can actually hide a secure note or keep in an archive folder that won’t be visible when someone else accesses. The archived notes will be available in the Archive folder, and these hidden notes aren’t visible in the Google Keep home window
  • You may also hide a note in Trash temporarily. The Keep note will be available in Trash Can for 7 days before it’s permanently deleted else you can’t restore it back

I know it’s really important to password protect Google Keep notes if you totally rely on it to save all confidential information. I think Google should consider adding some advanced security features.

Google Keep Security Questions

Here are some of the frequency asked questions that I thought you should know the answers.

Is Google Keep Secure and Encrypted? Of course yes. Its build behind the Google security firewall and very much secured as any online account.

How to lock Google Keep Notes? Unfortunately, there is no password protection or locking system in Google Keep. The Keep app needs to be locked with a third-party app for protecting Android phones.

An alternative to Google Keep for Password

If you’re looking to store passwords, then I would suggest using Google Passwords instead of Google Keep notes. You may not be able to enter the username and password entries manually in a site, but whenever the Chrome prompt whether to save the password, you can just allow and keep your password synced within Google account sign in. This password sync can help to remember the saved password across all the devices that you’ve logged in with the same Google account. It works seamlessly on the Chrome browser.

How do you keep your Google Keep notes secured?

First of all, I don’t store any confidential or passwords in Google Keep. Trust me, it’s quite unsafe to store any passwords online in any system. Instead, I memorize it or follow a definite pattern which varies from website to website. I personally use an in-built hiding feature on my Android phone.

It helps a lot to keep it away Google Keep visible from the menu or apps drawer list. I also have a very weird pattern lock that hard to learn or catch in a glimpse. 😉

Now it’s your turn to share how you’re securing your notes? or are you using any other noting app? Please feel free to share, I’d be really happy to learn more. Thank you!

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Kushal Azza
Kushal is a Bachelor of Engineering, a Certified Google Analytics & IT Support Professional, and a Digital-Tech Geek. He has over a decade of experience solving tech problems, troubleshooting, and creating digital solutions. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

15 Responses

  1. Len Beasley says:

    I am a Google KEEP user and love it. As you say it’s not a good idea to store passwords on anything that can be read by others. I use a system that I think is OK but I am interested what others might think. I only store the last 3 or 4 digits of me passwords. The first part of all the passwords I call my “Standard” something that I remember EG; FredDdy473 then add the last digits. The Password for Apple might be my ” Standard” + App.
    I am still interested if anyone has found a way to password protect KEEP.
    Regards BeezerUK

  2. Stephen J Marino says:

    I really like Google Keep but it needs to be password protected!

    • Alan Bardsley says:

      I second the need for password-protected notes. It’s a pity that 3rd party products are needed for this basic security feature.

    • Gregg Carr says:

      Totally agree – That where one note wins

  3. Levente says:

    I personaly protect it with AES 128bit encryption, I know it’s a little slow to decrypt and read it.

  4. Marc Anderson says:

    How to store passwords securely on a cloud based system. Come up with say two words that you can remember like:. burrito and tecate.
    Then online , store your password like:
    Yahoo acct:. b8!t$ which means burrito8!tecate$
    Bank acct:. b@!T which means burrito@!Tecate (note t capitalized)
    Etc. You get the picture. This is totally secure and can be posted online or on the cloud since only you know what “t” and “b” mean.
    To improve security more, use obscure words or purposefully misspelled words.
    I have about 100 variations of the same password idea for different websites.

  5. Christy Paul says:

    I have 3 bank account and net banking credentials, i then have multiple mail accounts (personal/work). facebook, instagram etc… etc.. I save all my passwords in a text file, i.e., all my personal passwords. I then compressed it with password (password protected zip) using a master password.

  6. RS.Soni says:

    गूगल कीप में पासवर्ड की सुरक्षा प्रदान की जाय।

  7. M.akram says:

    Peels my unlock

  8. Jerry says:

    “I personally use an in-built hiding feature on my Android phone.” Do you mean “Secure File”???

  9. Mark Vecchio says:

    Well, as I guessed, there are others who would like their Google Keep Account Password protected. I do not store passwords on Google Keep, however there are allot of things I keep on there that are private amd confidential. Honestly, in my opinion Google Keep is no different than any other google app as far as security is concerned, I feel it should have had the option for creating a Password to protect it from it’s very day of creation! But again, that is just my opinion. I am glad to know others share this feeling with me! Thanks everyone! 😊

  10. Bill Fisher says:

    About protecting password lists:

    I use the ColorNote app for lists and note taking, very simple and easy to use. It does have a “locking” feature for lists using a password so I store my passwords on a locked list. Your article suggests that’s not a good idea. Being among the memory challenged, I can’t even memorize that single password, so I hide it elsewhere on the device.

  11. Dhanvi says:

    My dad is 60 and he doesn’t remember all the passwords… He’ll need some way to keep passwords handy in some app

  12. Sludgebuster says:

    Google Keep has Major Letdown , You Can’t Print it Out.

  13. jon Bayliss says:

    I agree, Keep needs to be able to be Password Protected. The whole App but also the individual notes by title.
    Being able to print individual notes would be invaluable.
    Can these comments be sent to Google with a request for installation in the next release?

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