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  1. Len Beasley says:

    I am a Google KEEP user and love it. As you say it’s not a good idea to store passwords on anything that can be read by others. I use a system that I think is OK but I am interested what others might think. I only store the last 3 or 4 digits of me passwords. The first part of all the passwords I call my “Standard” something that I remember EG; FredDdy473 then add the last digits. The Password for Apple might be my ” Standard” + App.
    I am still interested if anyone has found a way to password protect KEEP.
    Regards BeezerUK

  2. Stephen J Marino says:

    I really like Google Keep but it needs to be password protected!

  3. Levente says:

    I personaly protect it with AES 128bit encryption, I know it’s a little slow to decrypt and read it.

  4. Marc Anderson says:

    How to store passwords securely on a cloud based system. Come up with say two words that you can remember like:. burrito and tecate.
    Then online , store your password like:
    Yahoo acct:. b8!t$ which means burrito8!tecate$
    Bank acct:. b@!T which means burrito@!Tecate (note t capitalized)
    Etc. You get the picture. This is totally secure and can be posted online or on the cloud since only you know what “t” and “b” mean.
    To improve security more, use obscure words or purposefully misspelled words.
    I have about 100 variations of the same password idea for different websites.

  5. Christy Paul says:

    I have 3 bank account and net banking credentials, i then have multiple mail accounts (personal/work). facebook, instagram etc… etc.. I save all my passwords in a text file, i.e., all my personal passwords. I then compressed it with password (password protected zip) using a master password.

  6. RS.Soni says:

    गूगल कीप में पासवर्ड की सुरक्षा प्रदान की जाय।

  7. M.akram says:

    Peels my unlock

  8. Jerry says:

    “I personally use an in-built hiding feature on my Android phone.” Do you mean “Secure File”???

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