How to Fix No Signal, No Network on an Android Phone ?

Fix the problem of no signal bar or no mobile network on inserting SIM card on your Android device with this simple guide.

Android device has many minute bugs and glitches. And one such common problem is showing no signal bar for a given SIM card mobile network. This problem is quite general and depends on the availability of the network, signal strength, device and SIM compatibility.

How to Solve the Problem of No Signal Bar ?

1. Enter flight mode

Flight mode is the best choice when you wish to have a mini switch off. When flight mode is ON it is like a mini switch OFF  it will disable the SIM cards from power and then after few seconds on turning OFF the flight mode. The device will recognise the SIM networks and hence will show the network.

2. Select network

Many times device cannot automatically select network therefore in such cases you should manually select the preferred network.

Mobile Network Android

Mobile Network Android

Manually selecting a network on an Android OS handset
  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Tap More networks/Settings.
  3. Select Mobile Networks.
  4. Tap Network operators and then wait while your device searches for all available mobile networks in the area.
  5. Select the network and you are done.

3. Reboot device

If no other option left then just power OFF your device keep it OFF for a minute and Restart your device. This should fix the problem.

4. Swap SIM cards

And in extreme scenario, if you are not left with any other option then turn your phone OFF remove the SIM cards re-insert your SIM in other slot or swap between SIM slots for dual SIM devices. You can also insert the SIM in other device and check for signal availability.

Conclusion: I hope the post was usefull and helpful. Comment below for any suggestions or assistance.

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  1. marlyn says:

    How to this my phone no cignal using the wfi but no cignal sum how to? Plss help me

  2. damilare says:

    i tried all the methods but it didnt work? pls help me

  3. akiya says:

    need a greate help because i got many phones error on same case and sign but reason is due service provider z gov rijected our phones

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