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  1. Thomas Allen says:

    This issue is driving me mad! I have followed and tried all the solutions above. However I am still having to clear the DNS resolver cache as often as once every hour! The error drops my internet connection thus disconnecting Skype and any website or people I am working with. I am running Windows 7 on this dektop PC, the issue has only begun over the past few months. It does not seem to affect Windows 10 on my new laptop, yet!

    Surely there must be a permanent solution to this nonsense or does Google know best?

  2. Manisha says:

    Excellent!!! Thank you so much. My issue got fixed after months. Solution 3: Change Protocol DNS Settings worked perfectly for me

  3. Daniel J Sutton says:

    have done all and still NO positive result. Even uninstalled Norton and Chrome to NO effect. Also now unable to access I still be the one in a round room looking for a corner to pee in.

  4. D. Snead says:

    This Chrome issue was driving me crazy on my Windows Seven laptop. I tried all of the above suggestions with no success. Disabling the Microsoft Virtual Miniport Adapter in device manager took care of the issue.

  5. Pranav Parag says:

    Last one worked for me

  6. Geoff Green says:

    Thanks for all the help here. This is becoming a major issue – I shut down my PC and restart which gives me about 10 / 15 minutes of v quick web page downloads and then the dreaded ‘Resolving host’ message appears – in Chrome and Edge. A total pain – pages can take several minutes to load or they tome out. Tries many of the solutions here and still no permanent solution. HELP!!

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