How to Fix an Instagram Account Disabled?

Is your Instagram Account Suspended. Here are the Best Ways to Unsuspend your Instagram Aaccount Sisabled for violating terms.

Instagram has become a lifeline for many as it offers an uncanny interface for sharing photos and videos and consuming seemingly infinite content posted by millions of users online. For any Instagram account holder, the worst thing that can happen is their account gets disabled or even suspended. Case in point, Instagram has specific Community Guidelines that it requires users to follow.

It can restrict certain features, temporarily suspend some users or even disable or delete their accounts entirely if they continue violating the terms of services and the Community Guidelines. Assuming that you are searching for a guide on fixing an Instagram account disabled or deleted, here is a procedure that you can follow.

Instagram Account Disabled

1. Understand why your Insta account Got Disabled or Suspended

Instagram’s Community Guidelines are pretty extensive, and I wouldn’t believe it if you have read it anyways. However, certain pointers could trigger account suspension. Some of the pointers are briefly explained below.

Multiple Devices

Up till now, I didn’t know using an Instagram account on multiple devices can trigger a suspension. Every device has an IP address, and since you are trying to use multiple devices to access the same account, Instagram might assume your account has been hacked.

Suspicious Activity

Suspicious Activity Instagram

Try following more than 100 people at once, and you will get a notification from Instagram stating that the “Follow” feature has been temporarily disabled for you. This is because it can come under suspicious activity. The same goes for unfollowing a lot of people in a short period, using bots and apps to automate actions, and so on. This is enough to give a negative effect on the account.


As an Instagram user, I can report if I don’t like something and tag appropriate terms to classify it. Turns out if you spam too much or someone excessive spams you, report your posts or account too many times, your account could be disabled or disabled.

These were some of the reasons why your account could be disabled. Follow the next steps to try and retrieve it.

2. Make a formal request to Instagram

This is probably the first thing you should do if you think your account was erroneously disabled. Note that accounts that were tagged with foul language, spam harassment, or any gruesome reports may never be able to see the light of day. You cannot appeal and get favorable results unless your account was erroneous or disabled by Instagram for no apparent reason.

First up, you need to fill in this form where you need to mention all the details asked, including why you want to appeal. You can send multiple forms in an effort that at least one of the reports is fetched by a human moderator at Instagram who will look into the matter.

3. Wait for verification

If your appeal goes through, Instagram will contact you by email, prompting you to verify it’s you. You can’t just upload another photo of yourself, but Instagram has something else in mind. It will give you a code that you need to write on a piece of paper. The usual verification requires the user to take his/her photo holding note with the secret code written on them. Add all necessary information asked in the mail to ensure everything is recorded well. Take a clear picture and upload it. This could take some time, so hold on.

4. Tweet Instagram for a faster process

Your Instagram account was disabled, but hey, you have a Twitter account intact, and it is a great way to communicate with brands. You can tag Instagram and request a faster process duration. There’s no hard and fast rule on how many tweets you should fire or when; the resolution depends on if they respond to your query or are inclined towards helping you get your account faster than others.

5. Wait to get your account back

The last thing you can do is to resort to waiting since Instagram will take some time to verify your appeal and the verification picture you sent. You should get an email announcing that your account is restored, and you can access it now if everything goes well. Note that the whole process is a bit time-consuming in some instances, so you will have to be patient with it.

Closing Words

This was a guide on how to retrieve an Instagram account disabled erroneously by Instagram. Again, accounts that have a tonne of complaints causing harassment or spam will have to wait longer, and in fact, sometimes Instagram might not even entertain their appeal, leading to permanent account removal.

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4 Responses

  1. Francisco Silva says:

    Good morning,
    My instagram has been deactivated for violating the terms. I’ve already been reviewing them and I don’t think I violated anything. I only have instagram to put my content (little) and view content from other friends, nothing more.
    I’ve tried countless times and ways to contact instagram through its forms, then sent the photo with the code they send and so far nothing. It’s been over 2/3 weeks and nothing.

    Do you have any more tip?

    Thank you for your help,

    • Victoria Sun says:

      Did you get your account back? If so, how? Currently dealing with the same issue..

  2. Jeneth says:

    Hello everyone I need help please

  3. Vivian says:

    Had same issue with my account
    Got it restored via snap_restore on Instagram he’s trustworthy

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