Top 6 Ways to Clear the Clipboard History in Windows 11

Looking to Clear Clipboard Data on Windows PC. Here is the Detailed Guide to Clear Clipboard History in Windows 11.

In this guide, I have shared some of the best ways to clear the clipboard history in Windows 11. A clipboard is a virtual space that contains the items you have copied for pasting. The purpose is to provide ease of using the copied item in the future so that you do not have to waste time doing copy-paste.

Sometimes, you may end up copying some sensitive data to paste. It may be a phone number, address, or any sort of password. It is not wise to keep such information available on a clipboard. What if someone has access to your PC and gets to see that information on the clipboard?

What if your PC gets hacked? The chances for that to happen might be slim, but you sure would not want to risk your data lying around on the clipboard for someone to see. So, it is a wise move to clear the clipboard history.

Best Ways to Clear Clipboard History in Windows 11

Here are some of the easy ways to remove the information present on your clipboard history if you are using Windows OS.

1. Use the Settings App to Clear the Clipboard History

Here are the steps to delete the information in the Windows clipboard from the Settings app.

  1. Press Windows + I hotkeys to access the Windows 11 settings.
  2. On the left-hand panel of Settings, click on System > Go to Clipboard and click on it.Windows clipboard
  3. Under that besides, the Clear Clipboard Data, click on the button Clear Data.
    clear clipboard history from the Settings app in Windows

2. Disable Clipboard History to Stop Saving Items on Clipboard

As you are within the Windows settings, let me share an interesting tip with you. You can disable saving any text item on the clipboard. You can turn off the clipboard history from its settings. After disabling the clipboard history, if you are copying any item, it will not stay on the clipboard.

  1. Launch Windows Settings by pressing Windows + I.
  2. Go to System > Clipboard.
    Windows clipboard
  3. Click the toggle beside Clipboard history to grey it out and disable it.
    disable the clipboard history in Windows 11

3. Clear Clipboard History Using Command Prompt

Command Prompt is another useful tool to remove items on the clipboard in Windows 11. Here is how to use it.

  1. Launch the Command Prompt as Administrator.
    run command prompt as administrator
  2. enter the following command.
    echo. |clip

    clear clipboard history using command prompt

  3. Press enter key.

4. Steps to Clear Clipboard History Using Windows PowerShell

You may also use the other command line tool PowerShell to issue a single command to clear the clipboard history.

  1. Launch the Windows PowerShell using Windows search. (Win+S hotkeys)
    open windows powershell as administrator
  2. Issue this command.
    Restart-Service -Name "cbdhsvc*" -force

    use Windows powershell to clear the clipboard history

  3. Hit the enter key to proceed.

5. How to Clear Clipboard History from the Clipboard Tab

The quickest way to clear clipboard history is to access the clipboard tab.

  1. Press Windows + V to launch the clipboard tab.
  2. Click on Clear All to remove the entire clipboard history.
    clear clipboard from the clipboard tab
  3. Otherwise, to delete any particular item on the clipboard history, click the 3-dot icon next to it.
  4. Click the Trash icon.
    remove individual item on clipboard

6. Create a Shortcut to Clear the Clipboard History on Windows 11

If you are a tech-savvy individual and want to get creative with deleting your clipboard history, then this trick is for you. You can design a custom shortcut in Windows 11 that, when invoked, can clear the clipboard history. Let us know how to create that shortcut.

  1. Go to your Windows desktop by pressing Windows + D hotkeys.
  2. Then right-click on the desktop and select the option Shortcut from the context menu.
    create a new shortcut Windows
  3. Within the “Type the location of the item“, enter the following value.
    cmd /c echo.| clip

    set location of shortcut item

  4. Click on Next.
  5. Enter the name of the shortcut.
  6. Click on Finish, and the shortcut will be created.
    finish the shortcut

This shortcut will be placed on your desktop. Now, all you have to do is simply double-click the above shortcut anytime and it will clear the clipboard history instantly.

You can even set a keyboard shortcut to invoke this shortcut. To set that up, follow these steps.

  1. Right-click on the above shortcut you created and select Properties.
  2. In the Properties dialog box, click on the tab Shortcut.
  3. Scroll to the field “Shortcut Key” and enter a keyboard keys combination. (any combination of keys of your choice)
  4. To finalize the settings, click on Apply and OK.
    set-keyboard-shortcut for clearing clipboard-history on Windows 11

Get back to the desktop, press the keyboard shortcut, and check if it clears out the clipboard history.

Keep that Clipboard Clean

These are the various methods that can help you clear the Windows 11 clipboard history almost instantly. You can remove individual items on the clipboard as well. It is so easy to implement and also keeps the sensitive data safe if you have copied them to the clipboard. I hope you found this guide useful.

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