7 Best Live Wallpaper for Mac

Best Free Live Wallpapers for your Macbook PC to Use Dynamic Wallpaper Screensaver on your Apple Computer

There is no problem at all with setting your favorite anime character or your dream vacation place pictures as your wallpaper. However, it gets boring after a little while. Even if we can keep changing pictures from time-to-time, some motions and activities on the desktop might make it more interesting.

That’s where live wallpaper comes in. It gives a completely different look to your same old Mac and makes it look more fresh and alive. So, here are some live wallpapers for Mac that will blow your mind.

Best Live Wallpaper for Mac

Here are Best Free Live Wallpaper Screensavers for your Macbook PC

1. Blotter


If you are very much sensitive with your time schedule, Bottler is definitely something of your type. The wallpaper looks simple and doesn’t include much technical stuff on your screen. It normally displays a one-week calendar on your desktop, thereby informing you about all your upcoming meetings and deadlines. In case you have more than one calendar, Bottler covers you on that too. It allows you to multiple panels, each calendar showing a different set of information.

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2. Ticke Tack

Ticke Tack

Tickie Tack as the name sounds something similar to a clock is actually all about a big clock on the center of your screen. What’s interesting about this wallpaper is it updates the time on your screen in real-time and displays it in a much fashionable way. Instead of displaying a digital or analog-style clock, it shows the time in sentences.

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3. GeekTool


GeekTool is a perfect option for those who like to customize their computers beyond the limits. With the right wallpaper on the screen, the right components placed at the perfect position, you can give a whole new look to your Mac. Above all, GeekTool is a free Mac wallpaper loaded with tons of elements to give your system an ultimate look.

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4. PicStream


PicStream displays real-time photos of your friends right on the screen of your Mac. It checks in the picture of your friends on Facebook and Twitter and loads them onto your screen. Since it is a fully functional wallpaper, on clicking each photo, you will be able to see their captions as well.

5. Satellite Eyes

Satellite Eyes

This is a very simple wallpaper for Mac that hasn’t got too many features. However, it can make you feel great since it provides you with a view of the location you are in. Satellite Eye’s basically works via your GPS location. It tracks your real-time location and offers a bird-eye view. It feels more like a techy guy working under a secret mission and hacking the cameras to find what you want.

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6. Planets


It’s another fun wallpaper for your Mac. It not only shows you the planetary system but also provides accurate information such as the orbital period, mass, etc. Additionally, it also updates the live date and time of the earth as well. You can view each planet from different angles by scrolling the cursor and explore more about the space. So, if you have always been curious about deep space, you might just love this wallpaper.

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7. Mack Desktop

Mack Desktop

Mach Desktop has a great collection of short video clips of various scenic beauties, waves, tides, space, and so on. This makes your desktop look more active and interesting. Besides, imagine the feel of watching the clips of your dream places every time you open your Mac. Moreover, Mach Desktop also lets you upload your own video clips too.

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From Editor’s Desk

So these were some best live wallpapers that make your Mac look completely different. Each of these wallpapers resembles some unique features which attract users having interests in different fields. So, which one is your favorite wallpaper among these? Also, let us know in case we missed something more special.

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