16 Best Music Torrenting Sites

Best Free Music Torrent Sites to Download Songs, Music, and Audio Files for Free with these Best Torrenting Websites

For many, music seems to be the ultimate healer to all their problems. While the genre might be different, from classical to Jazz or even Rock, yet many would nod their heads in affirmation of our above statement. However, when it comes to getting hold of your favorite songs, albums, or artists, it might prove to be a little bit challenging for some. If you also echo these thoughts, then this guide shall help you out.

Today, we will be listing out some of the best music torrent sites that beholds a plethora of songs spread across varied genres. But before that, we would like to make you aware that some of the below sites might be restricted in your region. In that case, you might have to take the help of a VPN service. Along the same lines, some of these sites might hinder your user experience with intrusive ads, which could easily be dealt with via an Ad Blocker. So keeping these points in mind, let’s get on with the list.

Free Music Torrent Sites to Download

Here are the Best Free Music Download Torrent Sites to Get Songs and Other Music Files

1. 1337X

While the site is usually associated with software and applications, yet its entry into the music genre is also quite commendable. The site has a dedicated music section that you could easily access right from its homepage itself. By default, you will be greeted with the most popular music torrents of the last 24 hours.

However you could further filter it via tags such as Popular Today, Popular This Week, Trending Today, Trending this week as well as a Top 100 This Month section. Well, this is something that you wouldn’t find in most other sites in this list and has hence resulted in the site’s topmost position.

Visit: 1337x

2. Pirate Bay

This site has already established itself as among the topmost contender for the best torrent sites. And when it comes to music, it wouldn’t leave you disappointed as well. The option to use the search filter streamlines the entire process of finding your preferred titles. Along the same lines, you could even download high-quality FLAC songs without any issue.

Likewise, it has neatly categorized each song in alphabetical order. As far as the song information is concerned, you might have to be on the behest of the uploader. The site will only let you know the type and size of the file, the rest is usually taken care of by the uploader under the Description section.

Copy: thepiratebay.org/

3. Soundpark

From the basic MP3 and 320kbps up to Blueray Audio 1080i, you will be able to find music across the various quality. Likewise, when it comes to the Genre section, this site is probably hard to beat. However, what impressed us the most is its handy user interface that lays down album cover for individual songs. This makes identification much easier.

Furthermore, for each song, you will be able to get hold of other useful information as well. These include the release date, singer’s name, Codec, File Type, Total Duration, Country of origin among others. Likewise, Soundpark has also uploaded most of these tracks to YouTube and embedded the same in the song’s description page. As a result, you could listen to the preview before going ahead with the download.

Visit: SoundPark

4. Torlock

The site stands by its USP of uploading only the verified torrents, and it has expanded this to its music segment as well. So while you may not be able to enjoy the plentitude of music that other sites could brag about, the ones that this site has to offer would have passed their verification process.

Furthermore, its depicted music page has been arranged in order of Most Popular Music, which could be toggled to display the recently uploaded music files as well. Then the fact that it also lists out the health of each music torrent and your job of finding the perfect torrent file becomes all the easier.

Copy: www.torlock.com/music.html


This torrent site is entirely focused on music. As a result, it is twice than likely to fulfil your needs as other torrent sites with a wider range of offerings. When it comes to the site’s scope, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Reggae, Classical Core, Rhythm and Blues, and Jazz Folk are just a few of the most popular genres.

Its most distinctive characteristic is that each music it uploads is accompanied by a giant poster. As a consequence, in the vast majority of situations, you can identify the uploaded music just by glancing at the thumbnails, without having to read the tiny language.

Visit: RARBG

6. Katcr

The revamped version of the popular Kickass torrent, it has carried forward the lineage of the latter pretty nicely. So if you are looking for a site that just about does without ringing any bells and whistles, then this site should be on top of your priority list. With a clean and easy to navigate user interface, it proves to be a handy music torrent site.

Copy: kat.sx/music/

7. Torrent9

Hard Rock, Techno, Electro, Dance, Metal or HipHop, you name it and this site will have it for you. It also has a dedicated Music section for song enthusiasts. Furthermore, you could also sort your song-searches based on the date added, size, seeder as well as leechers. Likewise, you would also be able to find entire albums of your favorite artists under one package, thereby saving your clicks in finding and downloading individual tracks.

Visit: Torrent9

8. LimeTorrents

With a dedicated search bar and an easy to navigate user interface, it has made the entire process of finding and downloading your favorite music torrents a cakewalk. Apart from the usual seed and leechers information, it also displays the health of each torrent file. This will make it easy for you to stop your search for that ‘perfect’ torrent file.

Visit: LimeTorrents

9. TorrentDownloads

Probably the site with the most diversified collection of music, Torrent Downloads caters to the need of every user base. Be it the Classical, Western, Hardrock, Karaoke, or even albums of the amateur/upcoming singers, there’s no dearth for music. All in all, there are over 40 categories that you could browse through. Then the fact that it only uploads verified torrents earns him a few more brownie points.

Visit: TorrentDownloads

1o. ETTV

Another pretty popular player in the torrent domain, ETTV is mostly recognized for its high-quality movies and TV series. However, it seems to slowly but surely its place in the music segment as well. Not only the popular segments, but you will also be able to find music spread across regional languages. Likewise, it provides audio in both the widely supported file extensions aka MP3 and FLAC.

Visit: ETTV

11. Torrent Funk

While there isn’t anything funky as such, but it does its job quite effectively without any issues as such. It gives you the option to browse your favorite music torrents via its initials. However, if that is asking too much, you could also check out its Recently Added or Top Uploader music torrent tabs. Then the fact that it only uploads verified torrents proves to be the icing on the cake.

Copy: torrentfunk.com/music.html

12. Rutracker.Org

Well, it probably boasts of the largest collection of music segments. Consider this, its Music section alone has around 15+ different segments including the likes of Classical and contemporary academic music, Folklore and Ethnic, R’n’B, Age, Soundtracks, karaoke among others.

Along the same lines, Popular Music section, Jazz Blues music, Rock music, Electronic Music, etc each with its subsections. All in all, it could prove to be your one-stop place to satisfy all your music needs.

Visit: Rutracker

13. Dirty Torrent

As opposed to its name, it probably holds the cleanest user interface of any torrent music site. This straightaway translates to the fact that it has the fastest loading time as well. Apart from its search bar, you could also filter your results based on the top torrent for the past day or all time.

Likewise, you could sort the results based on Uploaded Time, Seeds, and Peers. So if you are looking for a site with a simple user interface that doesn’t lead to much bandwidth consumption, then this site is worth a visit.

Visit: Dirty Torrent 

14. MixTape

This one is sure to bring in the weekend vibes. It is strictly focused strictly only the DJs, so the party tracks, rock, and pop, and Hip-Hop are the ones that you are likely to be treated with. On the site’s left-hand bar, you could get hold of over 100s of popular and not-so-popular DJs. Likewise, each track is provided with large arts that give it the perfect DJ touch. The Folklore, Ethnic, and Contemporary music lovers might probably have to look elsewhere!

Copy: mixtapetorrent.com

15. Seedpeer

A separate section for music across varied genres, then another section for the verified music torrents and it manages to tick mark the prerequisites in quite some style. If only its UI/UX would have been a little more user friendly, it would have found a much higher position in this list. Keeping that aspect aside, it has quite a rich collection of songs.

Copy: seedpeer.me (Mirror Link)

16. TorrentFunk

Listen to the latest music and download them from TorrentFunk. If you search for quality uploads, click on the verified only box, and only waited torrents will appear. Only repeated and verified contributors are allowed to upload them. You will find audio torrents in high-quality formats as well.

Visit: TorretFunk


With this, we round off the list of the best music torrent sites. Each of the aforementioned names has its noteworthy features as well as a few caveats. It ultimately boils down to the individual preference as to what it defines as a ‘perfect music torrent site’. With that said, we would love to hear your opinion about the same in the comments section below.

If you've any thoughts on 16 Best Music Torrenting Sites, then feel free to drop in below comment box. Also, please subscribe to our DigitBin YouTube channel for videos tutorials. Cheers!

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