YIFY / YTS Proxy List 2024 [Updated Guide]

Looking for YIFY or YTS Mirror Sites to Download Torrent Files. Here are the Best YTS Proxy Site List to Get Magnet Files

If you’re a movie enthusiast, you’re likely familiar with YIFY/YTS, a widely used torrent site that provides high-quality films and TV shows. Unfortunately, YIFY/YTS has been prohibited in many countries due to copyright violations, making it difficult for you to access their desired content.

If you’re looking for YTS proxies, it’s important to note that accessing content through unofficial means, including proxies, may pose legal and security risks. However, keep in mind that downloading copyrighted material without proper authorization may be illegal in many countries.

The good thing is, to get around these constraints, proxy sites can be used to access YIFY/YTS. This post will provide you with a comprehensive list of YIFY/YTS proxy sites, allowing you to download movies and TV shows from this popular torrent website. Read on!

What is YIFY?

YIFY or YTS, interchangeable names for this popular torrent tracker, has made a name for itself as one of the best places to download high-quality video content that doesn’t take up much storage space.

The story of Yify mx began in 2010 when the x264 encoding software using the H.264/MPEG-4 codec was employed to produce high-quality videos with minimal storage space.

With millions of titles updated daily, YTS remains the go-to destination for anyone looking to download all their favorite movies and TV shows offline in high quality and with little storage space. YTS.MX, also called YIFY Movies or YIFY Torrents, is the best place to search for and download movie torrents.

It offers various formats, including 720p, 1080p, and Blu-Ray. Unlike many other torrent services, YIFY is entirely free, attracting a large number of visitors.

Unfortunately, YIFY/YTS is blocked in many countries due to copyright infringement issues. However, you can access YTS by using YIFY proxy sites, which we will provide in this article.

You don’t have to worry about paying for the service, as downloading high-quality videos, complete with subtitles in multiple languages, is entirely free on YTS.

How YIFY Proxy Works

If you’re having trouble accessing YIFY torrents due to regional restrictions, a YIFY proxy could be your solution.

Essentially, a YIFY proxy reroutes your internet connection through a server located in a different location, allowing you to access the YIFY website from a different IP address. Here’s how it works:

When you try to access the YIFY website, your device sends a request to your internet service provider (ISP). Your ISP then checks if the website is accessible in your region. If it is, the website loads on your device. But if it’s not accessible, you’ll receive an error message.

Using a YIFY proxy changes this process. Your device sends the request to the proxy server instead of your ISP. The proxy server checks if the website is accessible in its region. If it is, the website loads on your device.

The YIFY proxy server’s location is different from your device, which allows you to bypass the regional restrictions imposed by your ISP. By using a YIFY proxy, you can access the YIFY website and download high-quality movies and TV shows without any restrictions.

YTS Proxy Sites Working 2023

Check out our comprehensive list of the best YIFY Proxy sites that are guaranteed to help you download YIFY torrents hassle-free. These proxy links are sourced from various corners of the internet and have been verified to be functional.

With our YIFY Proxy list, you can easily unblock YIFY domains and mirror sites from anywhere in the world. To ensure that these proxy links are always working correctly, we conduct regular weekly checks.

So, feel free to access YIFY torrents and download your favorite high-quality movies and TV shows without any restrictions.

  • https://www.yts.homes/
  • https://yts.rs/
  • https://yts.am/
  • https://yts.unblockit.date/
  • https://yts.mx/
  • https://yts.ninjaproxy1.com/
  • https://yts.unblockit.foo/
  • https://yts.unblocked.vet/
  • http://yify.rocks/
  • http://www.yify-movies.net/
  • https://yts.bypassed.wtf/
  • https://yts.unlockproj.club/
  • https://yts.sc/
  • https://yts.bypassed.ws/
  • https://yifymovies.me/
  • http://yify.is/
  • http://yify.live/
  • https://yts.gs/
  • https://www.yifytorrent.xyz/
  • https://www4.yify.is/
  • https://yts.bypassed.in/
  • https://yts.unblocked.pub/
  • https://yts.unblocked.vet/

Is It Safe to Use YIFY/YTS?

While YTS may not be inherently unsafe, using any torrent website comes with potential risks. Torrenting involves downloading files from other users’ computers, making it possible to download viruses or malware unintentionally.

Furthermore, downloading copyrighted material without permission can have legal consequences. To protect yourself, it’s essential to exercise caution when using YTS or any other torrent website.

Use reliable antivirus software to safeguard your computer, ensure that you only download files from reputable sources, and check your country’s copyright laws to avoid legal issues. By taking these precautions, you can enjoy the benefits of YTS and torrent without compromising your safety or privacy.

Is YIFY/YTS Legal?

While YIFY/YTS itself is not illegal, downloading and distributing copyrighted material without permission is illegal in many countries, including the United States.

Although the YIFY/YTS brand has been linked to several websites that offer unauthorized downloads of copyrighted content, the brand itself is not a specific entity or organization that has been targeted by legal action.

It is crucial to be aware that downloading or sharing copyrighted material without permission can lead to legal consequences, including hefty fines and imprisonment in some instances.

It is recommended to acquire content through legitimate channels, such as streaming services or purchasing physical media.

Best YIFY/YTS Alternatives

1. Rarbg

Despite being plagued with ads and pop-ups, Rarbg has managed to remain one of the most well-known torrent sites worldwide. If, for any reason, Yify movies aren’t accessible to you, Rarbg is always an option for downloading torrents. It boasts a robust collection of torrents with plenty of seeders.

Rarbg is especially popular among those who use torrent sites to download movies, as this YTS alternative offers trailers of the latest films, as well as a dedicated section for downloading movies via torrent.

2. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents is a household name in the torrenting world and is widely popular among internet users.

Being among the best torrent sites, Kickass Torrents could serve as an ideal alternative to Yify for those who are unable to access YTS for any reason.

Although the original Kickass Torrents site shut down a while ago, several mirror sites have sprung up on the internet, offering a similar interface and options.

You’ll see the most known torrents, Top torrents, and torrent catalog category at the top, along with a tag cloud that provides insight into the most searched items on the site.

3. 1337x

This 1337x is an excellent alternative for those who want to download movies, apps, and software via torrent when Yify movies is not working.

The site has an attractive design, with everything from the index page to the search results page neatly arranged.

1337x is popular among torrent enthusiasts due to the categorization of torrents, making it easy to browse through different categories such as movies, TV shows, games, music, anime, and more.

In addition, there is a trending section on this YTS torrent alternative that displays all the popular and trending torrents, eliminating the need to search for them manually.

4. Extratorrent

Extratorrent was once among the leading torrent websites on the internet until it was forced to shut down in 2017, along with several other popular torrent sites.

However, in the aftermath of its closure, various Extratorrent mirror websites have emerged online. If the main Extratorrent website is inaccessible in your region, you can access it through Extratorrent proxy sites.

With a vast collection of torrent files, Extratorrent caters to a wide audience and can serve as a viable alternative to YTS for those seeking to download torrents.

5. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a well-known and widely used torrent website globally, and it’s back online and accessible via its original domain name, thepiratebay.org.

It is popular among torrent enthusiasts due to its vast library of downloadable torrents and user-friendly interface. As a YTS alternative, you can download torrents for movies, TV series, software, music, and more from The Pirate Bay.

Legal Alternatives to YTS or YIFY

There are several legal alternatives to YTS which are secure, dependable, and ethical. These alternatives offer movies and TV shows through a subscription model that is reasonably priced. These platforms adhere to the copyright laws and provide high-quality content to their users. Some examples of such platforms include:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Disney Plus
  • Paramount Plus
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Max
  • Peacock

Final Word

YTS is a trendy torrent downloader. It has a massive index of millions of torrent movie files. The Yify contents are well-known for their HD quality videos available in considerably smaller file sizes. The YIFY/YTS, proxy site list, offers a simple solution for accessing the popular movie torrent site. However, it’s important to be cautious and use reliable proxy sites to avoid malware and legal problems.

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