Top Best Web Browser For iPhone

Looking to Browse the Web Fast, Smooth and Secure on your iOS Device then here are the Best iPhone Web Browsers to Surf the Internet.

Apple app store is loaded with a variety of web browsers claiming to offer an excellent service. While some features an easy-to-use interface, others come with dedicated security configurations. However, when it comes to a feature-rich overall performance, many of them fail to offer a promising service. Besides, it is always a tough choice to go for the perfect browser that will fulfill all your requirements.

That is why we have grouped together a list of the best browser for iPhone. The list contains some popular names, while some must be unheard. Most of these browsers come with an overall excellent performance rating, and some are well known for providing much-enhanced privacy. So, keep reading to find the perfect pick for your iPhone.

Best iPhone Browser to Surf

Here are the Top Best Web Browsers for iPhone to Surf the Web on your Apple Mobile

1. Safari

Safari iPhone

This built into iOS, Safari was a sure pick on the list that comes with certain features to level up your browsing experience. The most important part is it keeps you within Apple’s ecosystem. Hence, nothing seems unfamiliar to iOS users.

Since Apple doesn’t allow a global setting for changing default apps, Safari will perform as your default browser every time you open a link directly. Besides, the browser intact all other Apple services and applications such as Apple Pay and more.

2. Google Chrome

Chrome for iPhone

Since Google Chrome was first introduced in 2008, it has grown as the most popular web browser around the world. The best thing about Google Chrome is, it lets you sync your browsing history, bookmarks, and other data across all devices and platforms.

Other highlights of this browser include web page translation, voice search, and an incognito mode as well. Moreover, the user interface is pretty slick, and multi tabbing seems much efficient with Google Chrome.

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3. Mozilla Firefox

FireFox for iOS

Just like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox comes with all the efficient qualities that make it an ideal web browser for iPhone. An interesting feature of this browser is a link sharing from Safari to Mozilla, which works as a great workaround since we cannot change the default browser on iPhone. Besides, it features all other basic requirements like password sync, bookmarks, history, private browsing, etc.

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4. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser for iPhone

Dolphin browser is a smart, fast, and personalized web browser that comes with a substantial amount of overall features. The browser basically focuses on providing a much simplified and enriched mobile experience. It is extremely compatible with iOS 11 and 12 and shares tons of features. Some of its exclusive features include gesture browsing, sonar search, one-tap sharing, speed dial, tabbed browsing, cloud sync, and more.

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5. Opera Touch

Opera Touch for iPhone

Opera Touch doesn’t come into the list of feature-rich web browsers, unlike Chrome or Safari. It is still one of the most efficient browsers for faster browsing and privacy-related concerns. It offers top-notch end-to-end encryption to ensure the utter protection of your data.

In addition, it includes certain features that seem truly important for more efficient internet browsing. It comes with both type and voice search features, a smart barcode scanner, and a built-in ad blocker to offer an uninterrupted browsing experience.

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6. Microsoft Edge

Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge can even be considered as a considerable alternative to Google Chrome. The browser is sleek, smart, and extremely fast. The web browser is powered by a Chromium engine, providing it a super-fast browsing performance.

Moreover, it is highly customizable and offers a much-personalized browsing experience. It also supports Chrome extensions over the Mac version, which makes it a more proficient option over the others.

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7. Snowbunny Private Web Browser

Snowbunny Private Web Browser

Snowbunny is an ultimate private web browser that provides a much smoother experience. First of all, it has got a user interface which looks pretty much like that of Safari. Hence, it is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

This free web browser offers fast and secured full-screen web browsing. On enabling the private mode, it will erase all your data from the history, cookies, and other login credentials as you exit the application or switch between others.

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8. DuckDuck Go Browser

DuckDuckGo for iPhone

If I were to select a web browser that is more concerned with the privacy of the data, I would ask for Duck-Duck Go. This private web browser lays extra attention to privacy and offers enhanced security features to ensure complete protection of your data. It further blocks all third-party trackers and makes all your browsing sessions a promisingly private one.

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9. Maxthon Cloud Web Browser

Maxthon for iOS

Maxthon is a lightweight yet feature-rich cloud web browser for iOS devices. The browser comes with support for data syncing across various devices. Besides, it further allows you to install other extensions in order to increase its functionality.

It comes with a built-in ad-blocker that helps you with a more clean web browsing plus; it includes an attractive Night-mode, incognito mode, smart image display, and many other features.

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10. Puffin Browser Pro

Puffin Browser Pro

The Puffin Browser is a robust iOS browser that is perfectly compatible with your iPhone and iPad. It does a great job while working with a heavy browsing load by shifting it to the cloud servers.

One of its major highlights is the Puffin browser uses a certain algorithm that helps it reduce your bandwidth by up to 90%. Apart from that, it offers a strong encryption system to ensure the safety of your data from hackers and unauthorized sources.

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11. Aloha


Aloha is not one of those perfect web browsers. However, it is a complete package in itself. The browser contains certain features that give you the best-uninterrupted internet browsing experience.

The built-in ad-blocker saves a lot of your time by blocking unnecessary ads while browsing. Besides, it comes with a reliable VPN letting you explore more on the internet. It even includes all anti-logging policies and supports VR players and a complete file manager.

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12. Brave

Brave Browser

Another privacy-focused web browser, but a much-refined name on the list. Brave comes with all necessary configurations or extensions by default, unlike other private browsers.

The application is very helpful and provides a lightning-fast browsing speed. It comes with all the required privacy and security-related features such as script blocking, cookie blocking, HTTPS, private tabs, etc.

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13. Onion Browser

Onion Browser

Onion browser is basically an extension of the Tor family. It is definitely one of the most advanced private browsers in terms of privacy. Unlike most other private browsers on this list, Onion doesn’t come with those normal sets of privacy features. Instead, you can expect professional-level privacy from the browsers that further allows you to access the darknet as well.

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14. TOR Browser

Tor Browser

This is probably the only web browser on the entire list that features both VPN + TOR. If you are a more frequent VPN user, TOR is the ultimate option for you. It creates layers of IP addresses and forms a tunnel-like network hiding your actual identity. TOR comes with military-grade protection and is powerful enough to block pop-ups, ads, and provide clean browsing to the users.

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15. Ghostery Private Browser

Ghostery for iOS

Ghostery Private browser brings together all the required features in one platform. The best thing about this is, it is a very lightweight application and runs effectively on any iPhone. It does a satisfactory job in terms of privacy, blocking pop-ups and ads, and your security settings.

However, compared to other private browsers, Ghostery seems to fall a little short as per its features. Moreover, the browser acts pretty slow than most others on the list. But the overall performance is considerable for an iOS web browser.

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So, now that you have seen such a variety of browsers for iPhone, hopefully, you have found your ideal one too. However, these browsers can be differentiated into two categories: the mainstreams and private browsers. Still, each one comes with a certain specialty that makes them unique in their own way. On that note, it all depends on personal preferences. So, comment below your favorite browsers for iPhone and what is its specialty.

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